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Issue of January 2004 

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More than just software

CRM has moved from its earlier stature as a doomsday word to a maturing technology. And there has been resurgence in the adoption of CRM solutions in the enterprise.

The major reason is the increased awareness of the need for business objectives to be aligned with the CRM solution being used. Another factor has been a realization of what CRM can and cannot do. This has saved many new CRM projects of the present from being a failure like the earlier ones.

CRM at the Speed of Light is more of a guide to companies as to how they can get CRM in place. It goes beyond the technical approach and focuses more on how to get actual CRM in place, than just a solution. The book covers the basics and strategies involved in CRM initiatives in detail before venturing into technology aspects. The different types of technologies involved have also been dealt with in a comprehensible manner. This is a good book to have in your CRM toolkit.

Title: CRM at the speed of light
Author: Paul Greenberg
Publisher: Tata McGrawhill publishing
Pages: 480
Price: Rs 395/-

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