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Issue of December 2003 

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Gartner's top 10 predictions for APac in 2004'

1. We are on the cusp of the most fundamental change to business since the Internet.

2. Massive vendor consolidation will enable or cause 'burn and churn' through 2005.

3. ICT market makes slow but steady recovery.

4. Global delivery is mainstream and an irreversible megatrend.

5. Linux makes headway mainly at the cost of Unix— not Microsoft.

6. Telecommunications and mobility.

7. The connected economy opens the door to new dependencies and threats.

8. Reverse brain drain helps Asia growth and competency.

9. Security focus will move to intrusion prevention and vulnerability management.

10. Innovation continues with three megatrends:

i. Connected Society (wireless, wearables, Wi-Fi, ultra-wide band, smart phones, location-based services).
ii. Smart Networked Objects (RFID, MEMS, smart dust, digital ink, embedded computing).
iii. Semantic Connectivity (Semantic Web, XBRL, automatic tagging, affinity profiles, information extraction).

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