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Issue of December 2003 

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The SecureSynergy Security Strategist Awards 2003

The SecureSynergy Security Strategist Awards 2003 was the second group of awards at TS 2003.

The philosophy of the award is that every age introduces fresh opportunities, challenges and uncertainties. And the Information Age is no different. Along with promises of better and more efficient business processes, enterprises also had to quickly realize the wages of these changes—security initiatives that deliver a heightened, unrelenting, and constantly evolving state of vigilance.

To lead an enterprise through this veritable maze requires a keen mind, a mind proficient in more than just technology; a mind expertly adept in the art of training, enforcing, skillful negotiating and strategic planning. A mind on which an enterprise must stake its trust, well being, and even its future.

It is only befitting that these rare individuals are rewarded for their outstanding leadership thought in the field of Information Security. As the first ever awards of its kind, Security Strategist Awards 2003 recognizes these pioneers who have made a lasting contribution to our businesses, our lives and our economy.

The Award symbolizes the vital role the Security Strategist must play as the gateway to the enterprise.

The SecureSynergy Security Strategist Awards 2003 were presented to three CIOs of companies in three categories.

1. In the BFSI category, the award went to S B Patankar, Director Information Systems, The Bombay Stock Exchange.

2. In the non-BFSI category, the award went to Mani Mulki, General Manager - Information Systems, Godrej Industries Limited.

3. In the SME Category, the award went to Nandu Bhatt, Manager IT, Zip Telecom Ltd.

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