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Issue of December 2003 

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Shopping for Cabling solutions

Here's a compilation of the various copper and fiber cabling solutions available in the market.


Avaya has a range of wiring solutions for businesses and homes, that are meant for voice, data, and video applications. Its SYSTIMAX Structured Connectivity Solutions comprises of:

GigaSPEED Solution

  • A fully integrated structured cabling solution including a range of cables, cords, outlets and patching hardware.
  • Every component works together to deliver electrical performance that exceeds ISO/IEC and TIA Category 6/Class E standards. NEXT is improved by a factor of 4.
  • 256 key electrical parameters for cable, cord and connectors are specified.


  • SYSTIMAX SCS PowerSUM Cabling was developed to provide a more robust cabling system than Category 5 due to the evolution of 100 Mbps applications that feature sophisticated encoding algorithms and required simultaneous signal transmission over two or more cable pairs in both directions (full duplex operation).
  • PowerSUM channel performance specifications exceed not only the current ratified and proposed standards in TIA and ISO for Category 5e cabling systems but are also capable of providing stable and continual performance up to 155.5 MHz.
  • SYSTIMAX channels that are comprised exclusively of PowerSUM passive products end-to-end are capable of delivering 1.0 Gb/s to the workstation in accordance with application standards and are eligible for the SYSTIMAX SCS 20-year Extended Product Warranty and Applications Assurance Program.

LazrSPEED Solution

  • The SYSTIMAX LazrSPEED Solution is a route to reliable LAN communications in the Gb/s range.
  • An end-to-end multimode fiber solution, it enables migration from 10Mb/s to 10Gb/s in premises networks.
  • It can unleash the full potential of your GigaSPEED XL UTP or PowerSUM UTP cabling network at a low cost.

OptiSPEED Solution

  • Standard multimode and single-mode fiber.
  • Lowest multimode fiber channel loss available, up to 50% less than other systems.
  • Lowest loss Small Form Factor Connector available in the industry - LC Connector.

VisiPatch System

  • The SYSTIMAX 110 VisiPatch System ensures quick, easy installation with low operating costs, enabling an organization to reduce labor and administrative expenses.
  • With the 110 VisiPatch System, a perfect cord connection is really the only option, ensuring minimum risk of downtime at all times.
  • The 110 VisiPatch System's revolutionary design ensures that IT professionals have greater control and management of an "organized" IT system, making it easier and quicker for them to do their job.

More information is available on or


D-Link has introduced its entire range of Structured Cabling Solutions (SCS) in the Indian market. It offers a range of copper and fiber products that conform to the prevalent standards like CAT 5e, CAT 6, single-mode and multimode fibers.

Its UTP and STP cabling portfolios include cables, information outlets, surface mount boxes, connectors, patch cords, modular patch panels, and keystone patch panels.

In addition, D-Link offers the latest fiber optic adapters and combination products to enable copper and fiber on the same platform.

D-Link positions is cabling solutions at verticals like Telecom, PSU, finance, education, defence, pharmaceuticals etc.

More information about D-Link's cabling solutions is available on


This vendor has a comprehensive range of cabling solutions, not just for LANs but also for other aspects of infrastructure like Telephone cables, CATV cables, switchboard cables, auto & battery cables etc.

Within the Structured Cabling segment, Finolex offers CAT 5e and CAT 6 solutions as well as fiber-based cabling.

Its UTP LAN cables comprise of:

  • The CAT 5 UTP LAN cables are 100 Mhz cable can support speeds up to 155 Mbps.
  • The CAT 5 E UTP LAN cables are 100 MHz cable can support speeds up to 1GBPS.
  • The CAT 5 E + UTP LAN cables, 200 MHz can support speeds higher than 1Gbps.
  • The CAT 6, 300 MHz cable can support speeds up to 2.4 GBPS.

Finolex also manufactures Fiber Optic cable, both single mode and Multimode , Armored cable as well as Unarmored dielectric cable.

OptiNet offers you the entire range of copper and fiber components. These components are manufactured by. Leviton Voice and Data, USA and marketed by Finolex. The copper components range from CAT 5, Gigamax CAT 5 E & Extreme CAT 6. The fiber System is called the Opti-X system.

More information is available on


KRONE offers PremisNET for structured in-house cabling applications. These solutions can be used in private buildings, industrial complexes or small-business requirements.


Krone PremisNET GLOBAL LEADER is a comprehensive and future oriented Category 6 communications infrastructure for leading corporations and businesses wanting the most advanced network available. GLOBAL LEADER, using TrueNet technology, provides GIGABIT at maximum throughput, is the highest performing fixed network solution available on the market and allows for all future technologies operating above one gigabit.

By utilizing finely tuned cabling components, TrueNet eliminates many of the most common causes of re-transmissions in data networks ensuring that KRONE can guarantee Zero Bit Error Rate Performance.

The premium GLOBAL LEADER solution is for the organization that needs to future proof its network with bandwidth capability to support 10 Gigabit. KRONE's OM3 50um enhanced multimode and OS1 9um single-mode cable and connectivity components are incorporated in the premium GLOBAL LEADER cabling solution.


The Krone PremisNET Enterprise solution is designed for small and medium-size companies. It combines copper and fiber optic components with wireless LAN and free space optic solutions.

KRONE's PremisNET ENTERPRISE solution meets all the needs of today's Category 5 networks, providing bandwidth up to one GIGABIT on copper and optical components and 11 Megabit on wireless. ENTERPRISE, built upon the HIGHWAY, HIGHLIGHT and HIGHBAND product portfolios, is backed by KRONE's comprehensive twenty-year warranty.

The ENTERPRISE solution, designed to support applications that require bandwidth to support 1 Gigabit transmissions, comprises OM1 and OM2 cable and connectivity products.

Krone also offers AccessNET cabling solutions for the telecommunications industry. More information is available on


Molex offers end-to-end structured cabling solutions for both copper and fiber optic media. The product solutions range from workstation solutions, horizontal area, backbone area, campus area, and administration area. Molex offers the latest technology in intelligent patching through the Molex Real Time System, which builds intelligence into the structured cabling system.


Premise Networks, a division of Molex, offers the PowerCat 6 end-to-end solution that includes Category 6 patch panel jacks and patch cords. The new patch panels and wall outlets incorporate the innovative DataGate PlusTM jack.


PowerCat FTP - Enhanced Category 5 System comprises of cables, patch panels, patch cords, and jacks (MOD-clip, Euromod, FTP).

Molex's PowerCat FTP cable, has been designed to support high-speed data transmission systems such as gigabit Ethernet. This cable is part of the PowerCat System range of products, that have been designed based on the PowerSum principle of crosstalk measurement and testing.

Real-time Patching Systems

In addition, Premise Networks also offers Real-time Patching Systems. This intelligent connectivity management system comprises of intelligent patch panels, patch cords, integration strips. Cable and physical layer management hardware and software provides IT managers with real-time cabling infrastructure information, monitors moves, adds and changes and facilitates automated network mapping and works orders. Configuration of the system is simple and integra. Self-learning port identification reduces setup time. Scalability of the system is unlimited and it can be managed locally, remotely. or via Web connection.


Xpress-Lock is a new field terminable MT-RJ connector. It maximizes field efficiency with minimum termination time (less than 2 minutes), total flexibility and superior design features. This end-to-end Xpress-Lock MT-RJ connectivity solution comprises of a connector, patented shuttered adapters and an adapter plate.

More information is available on or

Copper Solutions

PANDUIT offers solutions for all twisted pair copper cabling applications. Systems are designed to exceed the latest industry standards, providing assurance of network reliability. The PANDUIT solution will support emerging technologies, including Voice over IP and Gigabit Ethernet.

Mini-Com Modules exceed the latest TIA/EIA-568-B requirements for maximum performance and reliability and are designed for fast moves, adds and changes. Multiple module colors allow color-coding for network segregation to accommodate your specific network strategy.

Fiber Solutions

PANDUIT offers a full line of innovative fiber optic connectivity products that meet the most demanding industry requirements for data and telecommunication applications. These products provide modular solutions for applications that include Local Area Network (LAN), Public Networks, Storage Area Networks (SAN), fiber-to-the-desk and 10Gb/s Ethernet.

PANDUIT fiber optic connectivity solutions include a diverse selection of fiber optic connectors, adapter modules, adapters, patch cords, cable assemblies and accessories for both single-mode and multimode applications to reduce your Total Cost of Ownership.

Outlet Solutions

PANDUIT offers a complete selection of communications outlets as part of the Pan-Net Network System offering. Work Area Outlet products provide a broad range of solutions that are easily installed and offer absolute modularity. All products provide an aesthetically pleasing solution that will compliment all types of work areas (office, schools, factories, etc).

A complete line of Zone Cabling products for workspace environments are also available, including open office architecture and industrial applications.


Panduit also manufactures a comprehensive range of related products such as connectors, cable ties, and other accessories.

More information is available on ELECTRONCS

Fiber Optic

The AMP NETCONNECT Optical Fiber Systems support gigabit and even ten gigabit speeds needed for critical backbone networks, while also supporting existing horizontal optical technologies.

AMPTRAC Intelligent Cable Management System: This AMPTRAC solution will turn any cabling system and its connected devices into an intelligent network, eliminating costly and time-consuming manual cable management.

With this set of tools, you can track and document all moves, adds and changes to your network from a centralized location as they occur. The fully automated system will optimize your asset utilization, maintain highly accurate documentation and prevent costly errors.


The new AMP NETCONNECT Category 6 System has been designed to keep pace with the evolving requirements of the Category 6 standard. The individual components of the system, as well as links and channels, comply with all of the proposed requirements of TIA/EIA-568-B.2-1 Transmission Performance Specifications for 4-Pair 100W Category 6 Cabling.


The AMP NETCONNECT Enhanced Category 5 cabling system exceeds TIA/EIA Category 5e performance requirements to give you the headroom you need to answer future networking demands today.

XG Fiber

The AMP NETCONNECT XG System is a high performance multimode fiber optic cabling system. It has been designed to meet the requirements of the 10 Gigabit Ethernet application, while still supporting all legacy LED and VCSEL applications just like standard 50/1250µm.

The system fulfills the specifications of IEEE 802.3ae for 10GBaseSR (10 Gigabit Ethernet serial transmission on MMF) and complies to the upcoming fiber type and link class definitions of the 2nd edition of ISO 11801. All system components have been designed and optimized to provide the best multimode system performance possible in order to ensure compatibility for the upcoming Gigabit and 10 Gigabit network applications.

MT-RJ Systems

The MT-RJ Optical Fiber Cabling System is designed to remove the last great hurdle of economical fiber networking: the size of the connectors and the resulting high price.

The MT-RJ connector is a little smaller than a standard phone jack, and it's just as easy to connect and disconnect. It's half the size of the SC connector it was designed to replace, so it offers twice the port density of traditional fiber connectors. And it's designed to fit into conventional RJ-45 faceplates and patch panel cutouts, minimizing the equipment needed for conversion to fiber.

Fiber networking is more cost-effective than ever. MT-RJ is the cabling system that's making it happen.


Tyco Electronics offers the AMP NETCONNECT products for quick and easy installation of high performance data center and storage area network applications. Combining pre-terminated cable assemblies and cassettes makes installation simple as lug-and-go mounting the cassettes, pulling or placing the cables, and plugging the cables into the cassettes.

Tyco Electronics also offers a full line of AMP NETCONNECT patch cords, enclosures and accessories for a complete end-to-end network.

More information is available on or

The information in this article was sourced from manufacturer websites and brochures. None of the products featured here were formerly tested by Network Magazine, nor have the vendor claims been verified.

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