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Issue of November 2003 

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New Products & Services


RSA Security announced its RSA ClearTrust v5.5 Web access management software. The new release of RSA ClearTrust software will allow users to take advantage of several new features such as Transactional Smart Rules for real-time dynamic authorization decisions, and incorporate various data sources into the decision process.

  • The new RSA ClearTrust Advanced User Management Module provides user self-service and approval workflow automation capabilities that help relieve administration workload, expedite deployment and lower total cost of ownership.
  • The RSA ClearTrust Federated Identity Management Module provides the first commercially available Security Assertions Markup Language (SAML) functionality for generating and consuming SAML v1.1 assertions, enabling customers to leverage identities across business boundaries to drive new relationships and business models.
  • Transactional Smart Rules extends the business rules and user properties of RSA ClearTrust software, enabling real-time dynamic authorization decisions based on attributes from multiple data sources, including databases, directories, XML, flat files or web services.

RSA ClearTrust software support for Microsoft platforms has been further enhanced to help ensure usability and platform coverage. This new functionality includes support for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and provides single sign-on capability to Microsoft applications via integration with the new Kerberos Protocol Transition and Constrained Delegation capabilities. RSA ClearTrust v5.5 web access management software is now available. The Advanced User Management and Federated Identity Management Modules will be available in the fourth quarter.

RSA Security
64 Free Press House
Nariman Point
Tel: 022 56374690
Fax: 022 56374691

Molex Cat 6 Real Time Patching System

Molex Premise Networks, a manufacturer of structured cabling systems, has launched a Category 6 version of its 'Real Time' Patching System. This intelligent connectivity system offers the ability to manage and monitor the physical network layer and associated IT hardware. Now available for Cat 5e and Cat 6 networks, Molex claims the Real Time system is the only monitoring system of its kind that can be retrofitted to legacy cabling systems, as well as new installations. This allows users to migrate to intelligent connectivity management throughout their organizations, regardless of the age and tenure of their existing infrastructure. The Real Time Patching System comprises intelligent patch panels, patch cords, cable and physical layer management hardware and software. It provides real time cabling infrastructure information allowing IT Managers to monitor moves, adds and changes easily. It also facilitates automated network mapping and work orders. Molex says the configuration of the system is simple and the integral self-learning port identification reduces set up time. Scalability of the system is unlimited and can be managed locally, remotely, or via Web connection, intended to support multimedia connectivity including copper, fiber, cross connect and coaxial connections. Additional management software expands the capability of the system, with modules available to support Network Asset Management, diagnostics and mapping to MAC address level and, the facility to use AutoCAD and Visio packages for planning and documentation.

Molex India Ltd.
Plot No. 6 A
Sadaramangla Industrial Area
Kadugodi, Bangalore-560 067
Tel: 80 8452911-20


Data storage major Quantum Corp. is now offering its MAKO PX720, an enterprise tape automation library. Quantum said this product is specifically designed to address backup and archive operations more reliably.

Quantum said MAKO provides management and redundancy features at no extra cost, to increase reliability and shrink downtime—through system monitoring and reduced failures.

The key features of this product are:

  • Reliability - Every MAKO system is equipped with redundant cooling and power systems. Moreover, advanced library management software is also provided, and performs enhanced component-level system monitoring to address potential failures before they occur. The enhanced robotics are engineered to reliably execute more than three million swaps before failure.
  • Flexibility - Customers can add or upgrade options to modify the library for changing environments. MAKO offers a comprehensive range of connectivity options including SCSI, Bridged FC, Native FC and gigabit Ethernet. MAKO automates market-leading half-inch, high performance linear tape drives to meet customers' needs and will support both DLTtape and LTO Ultrium tape technologies, including SDLT320, LTO2 and the soon to be available SDLT600 drives.
  • Library partitioning - MAKO can consolidate several backup environments into one library, simplifying backup management and providing cost savings to the customer. It can be configured to appear as multiple smaller libraries to consolidate diverse departmental backup environments into a single tape library.
  • "On-Demand" Growth - MAKO's performance and capacity is easily configured to meet any customer requirement. Performance on Demand (PoD), enables customers to increases library performance as needed by adding modular drive clusters containing up to four tape drives, redundant fans and power with failover capabilities and built-in management.

Additionally, Capacity on Demand (CoD) is also available to support growth of library capacity without unnecessary up-front investment. When requirements grow to exceed the capacity of a single MAKO frame, MAKO's CrossLink mechanism allows the library to expand to five linked MAKO frames that are centrally managed to support up to 100 tape drives and up to 3660 LTO2 tapes for a total capacity of 732 TBs native. A single MAKO frame can scale up to 20 DLTtape or LTO drives.

Quantum Corporation
C-207, Sapphire, Amrutha Halli
Bangalore 560092
Tel: 80 353-2610/363-5689
Fax: 80 363-6879

eTrust Security Command Center

Computer Associates (CA) announced the delivery of eTrust Security Command Center (eSCC), an enterprise security management solution that helps organizations mitigate risk by proactively managing the complexities of their security operations. This solution makes it possible for organizations to pinpoint and respond to critical security incidents in real-time.

eSCC aggregates, correlates and prioritizes the overwhelming quantity of disparate security data generated across an enterprise, enabling organizations to protect their information infrastructures with optimal effectiveness and efficiency.

eSCC gathers and integrates critical security data from CA's eTrust solutions and third-party products, including those offered by Check Point, Cisco, IBM, Internet Security Systems, McAfee, Microsoft, Nessus, Netscreen, Nortel, Snort, Symantec, Trend Micro and other companies. It appropriately prioritizes the most critical potential incidents and applies consistent policies.

The key features of eSCC are:

  • Improved security posture awareness through the identification of vulnerabilities that are often hidden by rising security data ‘noise’ levels.
  • eSCC helps streamline deployment and integration with the diverse security data sources found in today's highly heterogeneous enterprise environments. It integrates with CA's Unicenter to enable organizations to monitor critical security events in real-time.
  • Through its comprehensive monitoring functionality and advanced reporting capabilities, eSCC helps organizations achieve and maintain compliance with industry standards (such as BS7799) and government-mandated security policies and best practices.
  • Provides visualization and reporting of security data across diverse Information Systems from mainframes as well as distributed systems and network appliances.

Computer Associates
Sarjan Plaza, 3rd Floor
100, Dr. Annie Besant road
Worli, Mumbai 18
Tel: 022 24980720
Fax: 022 24981979

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