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Issue of October 2003 

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New Products & Services

SMC6824M TigerStack III 10/100

SMC Networks has announced its SMC6824M TigerStack III 10/100 managed switch, slotted in the economy range of the switching spectrum.

The product includes a 24-port SMC6824M and its network enhancing add-ons; two optional slots for fiber and gigabit expansion, and an optional network protecting redundant power supply unit. The manufacturers claim that with ready to manage connections for 10 Mbps and 100 Mbps copper connections right out of the box, it can provide optional fiber connectivity via a choice of either 100BASE-FX or 1000BASE-LX, SX or ZX.

The 24-port TigerStack III also has built-in security including RADIUS authentication, TACACS+, SSH for secure Telnet sessions, SSL, and VLAN support with GVRP. The SMC6824M also comes with a management toolset that features EliteView management software, as well as support for QoS, rate limiting, RMON and Fast Spanning Tree.

SMC claims that the product allows upgrades to more features like SNMPv2 and IEEE802.1x pass through.

TigerStack III has a non-blocking 9.6 Gbps switching fabric backplane. The switch also allows up to 192 ports to be managed under a single IP, though it stacks up to eight units high.

SMC Networks
Fatimah Villa, Behind Sterling Apts
Off Church Road, Marol
Andheri (East)
Tel: 22 5696 2790
Fax: 22 5696 2794

Tape drive
StorageTek T9840C

T9840C tape drive from StorageTek is the latest version of StorageTek's T9X40 family of tape drives. StorageTek claims that with the 'fast access' T9840C, users get higher data access speeds, significantly increased data transfer rates, and double the capacity of T9840A and T9840B. Existing T9840 users can maximize reuse of T9840 cartridges in the new drive thereby doubling cartridge capacity.

StorageTek's T9840C has 40 GB/cartridge capacity (uncompressed), 30 Mbps data throughput, and a 12-second average data access time. Equipped with a native 2 GB Fiber Channel interface, the T9840C attaches directly to SANs for high-speed connectivity without the need for add-on adapters.

The T9840C also features StorageTek's proprietary VolSafe advanced WORM (Write-Once-Read-Many) technology designed to support electronic data storage regulatory mandates. It also features a data channel device that is claimed to enable higher densities and faster throughput.

StorageTek International Corporation
C/o DBS Business Center
26, Cunningham Road
Tel: 80 226 7272
Fax: 80 225 1133

Sidewinder G2

Secure Computing Corporation's Sidewinder G2 Firewall uses power-it-on deployment and SecureOS Unix as the OS. The manufacturers claim that the G2 Firewall and VPN gateway improves manageability and eliminates emergency security patches without sacrificing performance.

The product's tunable architecture covers a range of firewall mechanisms like stateful inspection, deep packet application filtering, intrusion prevention, secured servers, Strikeback intrusion detection, and automated response.

Secure Computing claims that since these firewalls are pre-installed and pre-tuned for ease of installation, they drop seamlessly into any IP network. The Sidewinder G2 Firewall provides firewall security at gigabit speeds with integrated high availability. Defining and deployment of enterprise security policy can be done with a mouse click using the Sidewinder G2 Enterprise Manager.

Sidewinder G2 Firewall's certified IPSec VPN is claimed to provide interoperability and performance together with the company's VPN client. SoftRemote allows remote access to the firewall.

TAS Integrators Pvt Ltd
B312, Crystal Plaza
Andheri Link Road
Andheri (W)
Mumbai-400 0 53
Tel: 22 5698 7659
Fax: 22 5678 7660

Storage Management
NetVault 7.0

BakBone's NetVault 7.0 is intended for use in NAS- and SAN-centric storage environments. The product features policy management and notification to provide data management that makes use of multiple protection options with various recovery time characteristics.

User level access allows NetVault administrators to extend control of NetVault to other end users. Granular support allows administrators to accommodate a wide range of user skill sets, and notification linkage ensures critical events aler-ting the appropriate personnel. Ad-vanced reporting is claimed to provide the ability to produce reports on all aspects of NetVault including job execution, media utilization and system operations. In addition to the twenty-nine pre-defined reports, users can define their own reports including correlations from NetVault's data gathering engine.

The product's modular architecture claims to help ensure data protection goals in two ways. First, it optimizes workloads for customers' environments. Second, BakBone's modularity means that the NetVault's core and all of its plug-ins can be developed independently of each other. This aims to ensure the fastest adaptations for new platforms, OSs, and databases as required by users.

NetVault 7 automatically morphs the backup and recovery commands and icons for any application it discovers on the network into the dynamically adaptive GUI. The device also claims to automate device discovery and configuration across SAN and NAS environments. Client Encryption is also available as an option that utilizes 128-bit ECB encryption mode for another layer of data security.

BakBone Software
A-202, Florentine, Hiranandani Gardens
Powai, Mumbai-400 076
Tel/Fax: 22 2570 6452

Server enclosure
Water-cooled Servers

Rittal India has launched its water-cooled server technology, which is used for cooling CPU's in high-density compact server rack systems. The manufacturers claim that this new system is designed to offer maximum flexibility, high safety, scope of zero-error, and ease of installation.

In Rittal's liquid cooled IT racks, water jackets are fitted on the CPU and heat sinks. These are responsible for the immediate heat dissipation at the precise point where it occurs. In the system, incoming and outgoing pipelines are integrated into the enclosure. In order to ensure a specific supply of liquid, these lines are interconnected with an external, central re-cooling unit.

A Rittal Computer Multi Control module is claimed to provide additional safety by monitoring the incoming, outgoing, nominal, and actual water temperatures as well as the flow-rate.

Rittal India Pvt Ltd
No. 23 & 24, KIADB Industrial Area
Veerapura, Doddaballapur-561 203
Bangalore District.
Tel: 80 762 2335
Fax: 80 762 3075

Banking Solutions

Bahwan CyberTek has introduced their Cuecent range of products for the Banking and Financial Services industry. The products are as following:

  • Cuecent CashSwitch: Inward-Outward Remittance Solution
  • Cuecent PaySwitch: Financial Service Aggregator
  • Cuecent FPMS: Financial Portfolio Management System

Bahwan Cybertek Pvt Ltd
#523, Koramangala
4th Block, 7th Cross
Tel: 80 25502690
Fax: 80 25502689

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