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Issue of August 2003 
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xSP: Security Service Provider

Security on a pipe

It may be a good idea to outsource your security needs, especially to avoid the capital and operational expenditure in procuring equipment, managing infrastructure, and hiring qualified personnel. A look at how a Managed Security Service Provider can help you. by Soutiman Das Gupta

An enterprise is only as secure as its weakest link. This is something all CTOs know very well, and is also what gives many of them worries and headaches. A breach in security can cause loss of revenue, time, and most important, loss of faith. Customers are likely to lose trust in case of a security breach.

It is very difficult to win back customer faith, but not so difficult to ensure that a situation where network security will be compromised, does not arise.

The best strategy is to build a rock-solid network defense and back it with a carefully laid-out strategy. But this requires a lot of capital investment, incremental and operational costs, manpower planning, and resource management. A good idea is to transfer these burdens to someone else.

Secure Synergy Pvt. Ltd. (NOC)
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Outsourcing security

Outsourcing security may be a good idea for organizations that want to dedicate its finances and other resources to its core business areas, rather than on complex IT systems that need a lot of dedication.

SecureSynergy is one of the first Managed Security Service Providers in India and delivers information assurance to an enterprise. The company aims to help enterprises focus on core business issues and facilitate complete outsourcing of design, implementation, monitoring, and management of their security infrastructures.

The service offerings are backed by a Network Operations Center (NOC) and a Security Operations Center (SOC) hosted at Level 3 data centers.


The biggest proposition from SecureSynergy is its promise to provide 'Always-On Security'. The company feels that very few enterprises in the world have the capabiliy, experience, and vision to chalk out a strategic offering in this sphere. In the 'Always-On Network' environment where even nanoseconds count, SecureSynergy aims to offer the 'Pipe Security Services'.

Let us now look at some of the areas of business offered by the company.

Managed security services

SecureSynergy's managed security services are available for a wide range of information security platforms including anti-viruses, patch management, firewalls, VPNs, IDS, authentication systems, and wireless infrastructures. These are available with a variety of coverage and response-time service levels. Select customers are offered 24x7 security incident escalation options.

Under the range of managed security services, the company offers a number of solutions.

VirusScan ASaP - This is an online anti-virus service that provides continuously updated protection against malicious code.

VirusScreen ASaP - This is a managed scanning system that scans all e-mail before it reaches a gateway (inbound) and as it leaves a network (outbound); thus, preventing e-mail-borne viruses from penetrating the network or infecting others that receive mail sent from an organization.

Desktop Firewall ASaP - This aims to be a complete firewall security service that monitors, controls and logs a personal computer's activity.

CyberCop ASaP - This is a vulnerability assessment service that provides detailed reports to help you quantify and qualify your network's security threats, and proposes fixes that can be implemented by your IT staff.

All SecureSynergy malicious code protection solutions are are backed by McCafee's AVIRT (Anti-Virus Emergency Response Team).

Security consulting

Maintaining effective security is a continuous process that identifies assets, analyzes threats, and defines acceptable levels of risk.

SecureSynergy aims to provide a range of vendor-neutral consultancy services in information security, business continuity, consumer privacy, and information survivability.

The consultancy services covers areas - from top-level policy, strategy and review to business impact analysis and risk assessment, specification of requirements and design of security, consumer privacy, business solutions, including web sites, firewalls, remote access, e-mail, encryption, and intrusion detection.

A well-equipped security simulation laboratory (Centre for Information Security and Assurance Technologies - CISAT) allows the company to evaluate technologies before rollout.

SecureSynergy Consulting services include:

Security Evaluation & Assessment Service: eValuate

Security Infrastructure Enablement: eEnable

Strategic Security Services: eExtend

Standards Compliance: eIntegrity

Managed Security Advisory: eContinuous

Comprehensive Security Management Advisory: eSource

Security Skills Transfer: eAware

Predictability management

The company believes that predictability is an amalgamation of reliability, availability, manageability, and scalability backed by performance management. To ensure that your infrastructure components function reliably, the company offers patch management and data protection solutions.

The company’s backup technologies aim to allow the enterprise the ability to capture files that are open and in use during a backup process.

SecureSynergy uses a family of tools for enterprise network fault and performance management.

There's also a range of tools to monitor, validate, and evaluate the network infrastructure operations from troubleshooting, capacity planning, and SLA validation to real-time and historical analysis.

A little training

SecureSynergy's Centre for Information Security & Assurance Technologies, offers learning opportunities through its own security awareness courses and also in network security through an educational collaboration with Network Associates' Sniffer University.

So the next you have to build a security setup in your enterprises, it may be a good idea to outsource the needs to a service provider, who has the technology and expertise. This provider will have a ready set of services and solutions, which it can provide at a fee, which is usually a fraction of the cost of building a similar infrastructure from scratch.

Soutiman Das Gupta can be reached at

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