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Issue of August 2003 
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Shelf Space
New Products & Services

HP Integrity rx5670

The HP Integrity is a 4-way server available with 1.3 GHz or 1.5 GHz Intel Itanium 2 processors. It can have up to 96 GB of DDR memory. HP claims that the Integrity series provides unmatched system performance gains through the use of the HP Scalable Processor Chipset zx1. HP zx1 Chipset is claimed to boost the power of Intel Itanium 2 processors by lowering memory latencies and increasing memory and I/O scalability. The performance achieved through the Intel Itanium processor and the accompanying zx1 Chipset is claimed to be further enhanced when HP Integrity rx5670 servers are used in a clustering solution. The servers provide a choice of HP-UX, Linux, or Windows cluster solutions. Applications currently based on HP's PA-RISC, IA-32 Windows and Linux are binary compatible with HP Integrity servers.

Hewlett-Packard India Pvt.Ltd
Chandiwala Estate
Maa Anand Mai Marg
New Delhi-110 019
Tel: 011-9628 123123
Fax: 011-26826030

Wireless access
Krone TereScope 155 Protocol Independent Series

Krone's TereScope 155 Protocol Independent Series is a flexible wireless solution for the enterprise marketplace. This is claimed to be an inexpensive, secure way to connect or expand an existing network. The TereScope 155 Protocol Independent systems offer alternatives to leased line, with claimed data rates from 10 to 155 Mbps, at distances up to 3.75 Km. The Optical Access Fusion RF backup system can be added to the TereScope 155 Protocol Independent products to offer a claimed availability of 99.999% in all types of weather, including heavy fog and rain. The last mile applications include not just last mile connectivity but mesh network environments, LAN/MAN environments, temporary or permanent installations, disaster recovery, and backup to fiber. Claimed to be operating at data rates of 1.5 Mbps to 1.25 Gbps, TereScope solutions provide scalable wireless alternatives to leased lines. Krone claims that TereScope systems can be deployed in one day, without right-of-way or government permits for installation. The TereScope Series is targeted at campus environments and enterprises having geographical hazards for connectivity. However, the TereScope requires line of sight connectivity.

Krone Communications Ltd
Bangalore‚ India
Tel: 80-2251904 Fax: 80-22516 93

Access Control
BioEnable BioAccess

BioEnable's BioAccess is a compact, standalone, fingerprint-based access control terminal. It is intended for low-end access control applications like electronic door locks, car locks, safes, industrial automation, and security systems. BioAccess can activate or deactivate any device after fingerprint verification. BioAccess can store upto 140 fingerprints making it suitable for homes, offices, and other access control applications. It has an optical scanner with a resolution of 500dpi. Matching types of both 1: N and 1:1 are available, but 1:1 is recommended. The manufacturers claim that BioAccess uses lesser number of components than other access control systems and does not allow PC or network connectivity. It is claimed to be a ready to use, easy to install device. The manufacturers claim that any electrician can install BioAccess with an electromagnetic lock using the instructions provided with the product. BioAccess can be used for access control by airports, defense agencies, data centers, homes, server rooms, offices, lockers, and safes. The terminal has a dimension of 100(W) X 195(H) X 45(D). The product is also available in different sizes and casings.

BioEnable Technologies Pvt Ltd
C4/1, Raksha Lekha Society,
Koregoan Park, Pune-411001
Tel: 9120-6127374 Fax: 9120-6127374
Website :

eScan 2003

eScan 2003 is the latest offering from MicroWorld Technologies Inc. The Corporate Edition of eScan 2003, includes the eScan Management module. This module allows system administrators to remotely administer a vast network of clients. It also allows administrators to remotely install eScan, deploy upgrades and updates, and view details of eScan activity. The eScan 2003 Enterprise Edition can perform real time Virus Scanning at desktops, servers and gateways, including scanning of SMTP, POP3, and HTTP traffic. The Enterprise edition comes with MailScan for MailServer, which is claimed to provide real time antivirus and content security for mail servers. Other features include AntiSpamming, Productivity Control to restricting access to non-productive website during work hours, and pop-up filters. Remote access file rights, provides restriction of creation and modification of specific file types in a user specified folder. Microworld claims that extensive reporting of security breaches in the network to a single management console is possible with eScan 2003. Automatic deployment of virus signatures and security policies across the enterprise is also possible from a single management console. The Privacy Control feature ensures that Internet history files will be cleaned at regular intervals. Other features include automatic daily Internet update, NetBIOS Firewall, and 24-hour free online telephonic support.

Microworld Technologies Inc,
Plot no 80, Road no 15
MIDC, Marol, Andheri (E), Mumbai-400 093
Tel: 22-2826 5702 Fax: 22-2830 4750

Web-based Messaging
IBM Lotus Workplace Messaging

IBM Lotus Workplace Messaging is a Web-based messaging solution. The solution is claimed to help organizations cost-effectively extend enterprise messaging to workers without a dedicated workspace or current e-mail access. Lotus Workplace Messaging is targeted at 'deskless' workers within an organization, such as factory floor workers, shop assistants, airline employees, and other workers that typically do not have access to e-mail. This set of users tend to send and receive a lower volume of messages compared to traditional office and knowledge workers, and they require a solution that is easy to use and needs little or no training. IBM claims that Lotus Workplace Messaging can help deliver on all of these end-user needs while helping to maintain the high level of reliability, availability, and scalability. Built on open standards, Lotus Workplace Messaging is claimed to be able to easily integrate with existing messaging infrastructure. Specifically designed to fit efficiently alongside standards-based directory and high-function messaging environments, Lotus Workplace Messaging runs on the IBM WebSphere Internet infrastructure software and uses IBM's DB2 Universal Database to help deliver high scalability and overall performance. With support of standards like LDAP v3, Lotus Workplace Messaging can integrate with IBM Lotus Domino and other standards-based messaging infrastructures to give customers the ability to quickly respond and adapt to evolving business needs. The package includes IBM WebSphere Application Server, IBM DB2 Universal Database, and IBM LDAP directory. Currently available on Windows 2000 and IBM AIX platforms with language support for English and 7 other international languages. IBM Software Services for Lotus provides additional support, including technical services for installation configuration, knowledge transfer and capacity and network bandwidth planning around the new offering. Customers can also engage technical services to integrate this new solution into existing messaging environments as well as portal solutions customers may have already adopted.

IBM India Ltd
Golden Towers, Airport Road
Bangalore-560 017
Tel: 80-5267117 Fax: 80-5277991

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