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Issue of July 2003 
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Shelf Space
New Products & Services

Sun Fire V1280

The Sun V1280 is a midrange server available in a rack optimized form factor. Sun claims using this server can simplify IT maintenance, increase system uptime, and relieve applications constrained by Windows limitations.

Features: -

The V1280 can have up to 12 UltraSPARC III processors, 96 GB of memory and hot swappable CPU or memory boards that use Sun's Dynamic Reconfiguration (DR) technology.

The Sun Solaris Operating Environment (OE) along with the Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) software stack is used in the V1280. It is claimed that due to the binary compatibility from one to 106 CPUs, and a broad application support, the Solaris OE helps enterprises to easily deploy applications on Sun systems, right from the Sun Fire V1280 system, to the high-end Sun Fire 15K system.

Sun claims that the system has been designed to provide a secure, scalable and cost-effective platform for Wintel server consolidation and mainframe re-hosting. It also has capabilities to consolidate Windows database server applications onto a single Sun Fire V1280 system.

The V1280 supports Sun Cluster configurations to provide higher availability of data and services using automatic fault detection and recovery.

Contact: -

Sun Microsystems India
6th Floor, Divyashree chambers
Off Langford road
Shanthi Nagar
Bangalore-560 025
Tel: 80-2229 8989
Fax: 80-2223 1794

Network OS
Novell NetWare 6.5

Novell NetWare 6.5 combines a solid platform with business services and development solutions, that integrate with existing networks. It also has open source components, Web services, Virtual Office and business continuity capabilities.

Features: -

With NetWare 6.5 organizations can consolidate servers and systems into centralized, highly available Storage Area Networks (SANs). NetWare is also claimed to have the ability to set up business continuance clusters with complete failover capability between distant sites. Novell DirXML Starter Pack is included in NetWare 6.5, so enterprises can synchronize user information and reconcile directories in a mixed environment. In addition, Novell claims that cost savings of five to 10 percent of a customer's IT budget are achieved using Nterprise Branch Office to manage satellite offices.

The J2EE 1.3-certified Novell exteNd Application Server and development environment is included in NetWare 6.5 for organizations that require enterprise-class J2EE and Web services-based applications. The addition of the Novell exteNd Application Server allows all compatible J2EE applications to run on NetWare and also gives enterprises the ability to add secure Web services-based application development and secure identity management solutions with Novell exteNd and Novell Nsure.

NetWare 6.5's 'Virtual Office' makes all of a user's required business resources, including files, e-mail, calendars and printers, available through a Web browser. 'Virtual teams' can easily be created by users in any location without the help of IT staff. They can organize projects and share information through enhanced, real-time collaboration via a browser with colleagues in any other location.

Contact: -

Onward, India Office
62 MIDC 13 Street
Andheri (E), Mumbai-400 093
Tel: 22-2834 2244 Fax: 22-2834 2223

NAS Gateway
HDS NetApp Enterprise NAS Gateway

The HDS NetApp Enterprise NAS Gateway is a special-purpose NAS server that can attach directly, or through a Fiber Channel SAN fabric, to external Hitachi Freedom Storage systems, rather than relying on in-the-server storage.

Features: -

The HDS NetApp Enterprise NAS Gateway allows Hitachi Freedom Storage systems and NetApp storage solutions to consolidate disparate SAN, NAS, and DAS islands into a common open storage pool using the HiCommand Management Framework.

The Enterprise NAS Gateway is claimed to provide better storage asset utilization, consolidated storage resources, and simplified management.

Availability: -

The products within the HDS NetApp Enterprise NAS Gateway are included in the gFiler series. The GF940 and GF960 (and clustered versions) scale in capacity to 48 TB, attach to the Hitachi Freedom Storage Lightning 9900 V Series systems, and are available immediately. The GF825 and clustered version of the GF825 scales in capacity to 6 TB, attaches to Thunder 9500 V Series systems, and will be available by end-June, 2003.

Contact: -

Hitachi Data Systems
101, First floor, Shah Sultan Complex
17 Cunningham Road, Bangalore-360 052
Tel: 80-2208 8292/93 Fax: 80-2208 8309

CRM solution
Talisma WebCenter 5.0

Talisma has launched the latest version of their customer service management (CSM) suite for customer service centers. Talisma WebCenter 5.0 is claimed to be a fully integrated platform for managing cross-channel customer interactions including real-time chat, collaboration and instant messaging.

Features: -

WebCenter 5.0 is the first customer service solution to integrate pre- and post-sales customer information, knowledge management and reporting. WebCenter also has features such as advanced, multi-contact queuing, routing, management and threaded interactions that provide agents with a fully integrated view of all customer communications—regardless of channel—within a single Outlook-style window. The foundation provides automated logging per single point of entry, eliminating the need to manually update diverse systems with interaction details and results.

WebCenter 5.0 integrates enhancements across the entire suite with improved real-time collaboration in the form of chat, instant messaging and collaborative Web conferencing. Enhanced analytics including trend analysis, packaged OLAP cubes and an enhanced dashboard are included in the solution. It also has integrated prospect management and campaign tools that manage the full lifecycle of customer experience.

It claims to have highly customizable and intuitive user work spaces; enhanced Phone Workspace with CTI framework; enhanced e-mail push routing; sub-interactions; script authoring and management; multi-lingual and media-based canned responses; desktop and application sharing; etc.

Contact: -

Talisma Corporation Pvt Ltd
Prestige Terminus 2
9 & 9/1, Airport Exit Road
Bangalore-560 017
Tel: 80-5229635/6/7/8 Fax: 80-5229842

SiiRUS Enterprise 1 QP

The SiiRUS Enterprise 1 QP from PCS is a 4-way Intel Xeon-based server. PCS claims this is a highly available and scalable server targeted at mission critical business applications and corporate data centers.

This server is based on the Intel SPSH4 platform. The 4-way CPU support is claimed to provide the performance required to eliminate bottlenecks in data flow, and for running performance intensive applications.

Features: -

Key features of the server include hot plug PCI support, 24 GB memory, and 8 expansion slots. PCS offers the entire SiiRUS range as one-way and two-way Xeon based servers. The servers are certified for Linux, Windows, NetWare and SCO Unix. Other features offered include onboard Ultra 320 SCSI and single, or dual Gigabit Ethernet port. The entire range is PCI-X ready.

Contact: -

Patni Computer Systems Ltd.
55, SDF II, SEEPZ, Andheri (East), Mumbai-400 096
Tel: 22-2850 3721 Fax: 22-2829 2764

For new products and services contact Minu Sirsalewala at

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