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Issue of May 2003 
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Special Feature: Cabling
Case Study: Cognizant picks up CAT 6

Cognizant Technology Solutions provide application outsourcing services and enterprise consulting solutions to Fortune 500 and blue-chip companies in the US and Europe through a streamlined on-site/offshore development model. To meet the stringent quality standards it has set for itself, Cognizant decided to go in for a state-of-the-art connectivity solution. The CAT 6 standard had just been ratified at that point of time. Cognizant picked Krone's PremisNET CAT 6 solution for its Kolkata operations.

PremisNET comes with TrueNet Technology offering a Zero Bit error guarantee, over and above the CAT 6 standard. The new CAT 6 KM 8 Jack from Krone, offering cable management at the conductor level, was also used in this deployment. The 3,300 node installation was completed in 50 days by Network Solutions, Kolkata. Anandamoy Mitra, Regional Manager- East, Network Solutions says, "The transition has been smooth with zero defect. We could handle the integration with good support from Krone's side including training of our engineers."

The backbone of the installation is on OM3 fiber, generally 50m multimode fiber cables is used in such deployments. The fiber connectivity was made using SC connectors and pigtails. Cognizant and Krone both preferred splicing to normal connectorisation in order to have a backbone with low losses. Sliding Polycarbonate Fiber Patch panels were decided upon, to facilitate easy maintenance and faster scalability.

Horizontal connectivity was on Krone PremisNET CAT 6 cables with TrueNet Technology. The tape filled cables offer an impedance matching of 100 +/- 3 ohms, which is 100 percent more than what the new CAT 6 standards require (100+/- 6 ohms). Over 200 kilometres of CAT 6 cabling was used in this deployment.

The outlets were the new PremisNET KM 8 CAT 6 jacks. The new Krone KM8 CAT 6 jack with the cable manager ensures that each wire follows an exactly prescribed path maintaining all necessary electrical parameters, and guaranteeing that the termination stays perfect. Bala K Chandran, Managing Director, Krone Communications Ltd says, "Using this jack installers will greatly reduce installation defects and rework time, avoiding major problems when customers start to try and use the system for applications faster than 1 Gbps." Krone has developed a conductor management system for the KM8 CAT 6 jack that results in well-controlled terminations throughout the entire structured cabling system exceeding Category 6 standards.

D S Nagendra, Country Sales Manger, PremisNET, KRONE Communications Ltd says, "We were able to offer the CAT 6 solution to Cognizant almost immediately after CAT 6 was ratified by the standards body. Krone's bonded warehouse in Bangalore also helped in the fast deployment and on time delivery."

Company: Cognizant Technology Solutions
Location: Kolkata
Vendor: Krone
SI: Network Solutions
Nodes: 3,300

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