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Issue of April 2003 
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Build knowledge in your network

Many organizations have recognized that they can benefit by tapping the collective knowledge of their personnel. And this can benefit almost every aspect of the business like helping to make smarter and faster decisions, and improving products and efficiency. However a company needs to lay a roadmap to build a successful knowledge management system that can capture and exploit the company's knowledge base.

The book covers a set of best practices, tools, and techniques for using conversation and online interaction to try provide affordable and effective knowledge-based benefits and solutions.

The authors offer guidance for collecting, capturing, and cataloging knowledge so that it can be used to improve efficiency and reduce costs in areas like internal procedures, customer relations, and product development.

Title: Building the Knowledge Management Network
Author: Cliff Figallo, Nancy Rhine
Publisher: Wiley-Dreamtech India Private Limited
Pages: 349
Price: Rs. 329

The biometric route

Biometrics has moved away from a concept level to actual reality in identity management. It is in this context that books like this make their need present as starting points to this hot technology.

Divided into four parts, the book takes the reader on a tour from biometric fundamentals to biometric standards and the issues involved. The first part on basics helps give the reader a good idea of what biometrics is all about. The topics discussed include benefits of biometric systems over traditional authentication methods; key biometric terms and processes; and accuracy in biometric systems.

The second part is all about the various types of biometrics technology. Starting off from finger scan technology, the journey passes through facial scan and iris scan to methods like voice scan. Biometric applications and markets are dealt with in the third part of the book. These chapters cover topics like categorization of the different types of biometric applications.

No technological discussion is complete without a look at the standards. The last part of the book covers the privacy and standards aspect of biometrics. Topics like privacy risks, design of privacy-sympathetic biometric systems and biometric standards have been covered in this part. The book is recommended for novices to biometric technology. The technology has been dealt with in an easy to understand manner.

Title: Biometrics
Author: Samir Nanavati, Michael Thieme, Raj Nanavati
Publisher: Wiley Dreamtech India
Pages: 300
Price: Rs 249

Internet Humour

Some inventions are just disappointing
Every now and then, a great invention comes along that transforms the world and makes our lives easier, if not better. The plane, invented a century ago, gave people the freedom to travel anywhere in the world, and, if necessary, drop bombs on them. The television, invented some 80 years ago, allowed people to invite a variety of guests who would inform and entertain them, but unlike real guests, would never expect any food. Some of these guests would even wrestle each other, saving people the trouble of visiting the zoo.

The Internet, invented more recently, gave people the ability to chat with strangers around the world, visit thousands of Websites and download pictures, while pretending to be working. Yes, thanks to the Net, millions of people with no athletic skill whatsoever have managed to become professional surfers. And not all of them work for the government. It's no wonder people get excited when they hear rumors of another great invention. They can't help imagining how it might improve their lives: "Perhaps it will allow me to drive my car while taking a nap. Perhaps it will allow my mother to send me delicious food by e-mail. Perhaps it will allow my cat to operate the lawn mower and my dog to do the dishes."

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