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Issue of April 2003 
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APRIL 2003

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Seminar on Business Continuity

Infrastructure Strategies 2002

 COVER FEATURE - Enterprise Security

Information Security: A new approach
Due to factors like globalization and directives from regulators, certain Indian companies are now more serious about Information Security. But the rest are complacent and need to do a lot more than just solutions implementation. by Brian Pereira

Security in Indian Enterprises
The need for security is directly influenced by business dependence on IT and the budgets allocated for it. Therefore security solutions used are specific to the different verticals. by Minu Sirsalewala
Setting up defenses
There's an arsenal of tools, systems, services and processes to protect enterprise networks and its data. Are you using the right ones to secure your IT infrastructure? by Brian Pereira
Security gets more defined
As more enterprises open their networks to the outside world, it becomes imperative to deploy security solutions at various levels, and to continuously monitor these levels. To address this, security has evolved from point products to end-to-end solutions. by Brian Pereira

No 802.11g until it's certified
Centrino chip makes wireless standard
Microsoft's new licensing terms
Linux servers to host Office
Serial SCSI-ATA Drives Mix
Indian Satellite Communications market to top 110,000 installations
More storage drafts yet to come

Security: Thinking beyond technology
How do most Indian companies define information security? As per Infrastructure Strategies 2002 (IS 2002), a nation-wide survey of IT decision makers and decision influencers, more than 50 percent of the respondents equate information security with just anti-virus or firewalls.

Tracking hack attacks
Test and Management
"T&M should be considered as a key business tool"

New Products & Services

Security watch
Read about the latest developments in security every month in Security Watch

Secured View - Tightening access control
The first security barrier to an organization's IT infrastructure is the access control system. Here are some ways to improve or complement your access control mechanisms. by Avinash Kadam

NSEís disaster recovery initiatives
NSE - Not down in disaster
Even during a disaster, National Stock Exchange's critical trade and settlement operations continue normally, thanks to a well-devised business continuity management plan ... Here's a look at the exchange's DR operations. by Soutiman Das Gupta

CDSLís Network Upgradation
Upgrading a growing network at CDSL
CDSL built its network, attained technological maturity, and is now future-ready. by Soutiman Das Gupta

 xSP: Roltaís Connectivity Services
 VENDOR VOICE: Voice over IP

Rolta's helping hand to businesses
Rolta India Limited's ISP, IDC, and security services can give enterprises a helping hand to carry out their businesses. by Soutiman Das Gupta

Making the most out of VoIP
Businesses can deploy new technologies like VoIP and yet protect their investments in legacy systems, using integrated solutions. by Rajesh Tuli

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