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Issue of March 2003 
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Bridging the warehousing gap
If you have SAP BW (SAP Business Intelligence Warehousing) or are thinking of implementing it in your enterprise, this book is meant for you. Consisting of ten chapters, the book aims to equip the reader with the skills to design, build, analyze and administer SAP BW. It starts off with the history and the basic data warehousing concepts. SAP Business Information Warehouse architecture right from the components and services to the basics of mapping components are discussed in the next section. Information modeling and understanding business content follow after this. The basics of ETL (Extraction, transfer and loading) services, data storage services and that of information access, analysis and presentation have been dealt with in detail.
Analytic applications are very crucial when it comes to SAP BW. The architecture of these applications along with examples has also been covered in detail. The discussion ends with the most important topics such as SAP BW administration, performance planning and management. Administration covers topics such as process-oriented and system-oriented administration, as well as the security aspects.

Title: Mastering the SAP Business Information Warehouse
Author: Kevin McDonald, Andreas Wilmsmeier, David C. Dixon, W. H. Inmon
Publisher: WILEY Dreamtech India
Pages: 513
Price: Rs 399

Security engineering mantras
Security engineering as a discipline, is growing at a very fast pace. This book provides a starting point to effective security engineering. Divided into three parts, the book takes a detailed look at the basics of security. The discussion starts off with security protocols, passwords, access control, and cryptography. Important applications are dealt with in the second part. The concepts discussed include a wide range of topics right from routinely used systems such as banking, e-commerce, and telecom systems to cutting edge security concepts such as biometrics, emission security, and information warfare. Organizational and policy issues such as e-policy, management issues, etc are discussed in the third section. This book is a good read if you want to grasp security engineering basics without getting lost in the technical intricacies. Written in simple language, it is also a good reference for professionals who seek updates to the underlying technology.

Title: Security Engineering
Author: Ross Anderson
Publisher: WILEY Dreamtech India
Pages: 612
Price: Rs 499

Internet Humour

God and MPAA Denounce Human Genome Decoding - By Jason Simpson
The MPAA (Motion Pictures Association of America) now has God on its side, claiming that applications like DeCSS and the Human Genome Project grossly violate several clauses of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. "While you may physically own the cells themselves," God said, "You do not own the DNA code on them."

Linux Distributor Admits Falsifying Bankruptcy to Increase Sympathy Sales - By Ann Oneemuss
In a shocking announcement, Linux distributor Black Fedora (Nasdaq: delisted) admitted earlier today that the company falsified accounting records and understated its revenue by 60 percent. "We hoped we could drum up sales by convincing hard-core Linux zealots that we were about to go under," explained Black Fedora's Vice President of Creative Marketing. "In fact we have enough cash reserves to last at least three weeks."

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