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MARCH 2003



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Infrastructure Strategies 2002


The Linux question
When the Linux kernel was written by Linus Torvalds, many thought that the new open source OS was just hype.

Linux - The India story
Linux: Do you really need it?
Romancing the penguin
Painting a coat of Linux
Banking on Linux
Linux in enterprises - A brief look

AMD set for 64-bit computing this year
CIO’s discuss key issues at Nasscom
Linux seeps into devices
iSCSI is finally an industry standard
CommunicAsia2003 summit to address business survival
Knoppix boots straight from a CD

 IN PERSON - Grid Computing
‘Grids can give business a competitive advantage’
Grid Computing projects have traditionally been associated with Scientific Research. But grids can also add value to business. Michael Monty, Business Development Executive, Grid Computing Business, IBM (ASEAN/South Asia & ANZ) brings us up to date with developments on the grid computing front. By Brian Pereira

Overcome Wireless Insecurity
Wireless LAN security is one of the impediments to implementing WLANs in an organization. But here are some basic guidelines to secure wireless LANs. by Milind Kamat

New Products & Services

Security watch
Read about the latest developments in security every month in Security Watch

> Secured View: Communications and Operations Mgmt.
A cautious approach to information exchange
Our dependence on various media and devices for communication and information exchange with the outside world is increasing. So we need to take adequate steps to protect our infrastructure from the security hazards posed by such media and devices. by Avinash Kadam

> HDFC Bank’s unified network management
Looking through the window
HDFC Bank improves services by implementing a management tool to streamline its network and monitor it through a single window. by Minu Sirsalewala

> AWC’s LRE Network
A combat-ready network
The Army War College has deployed networking solutions to deliver training applications with real-life war environment, in preparation for future warfare. by Minu Sirsalewala

 xSP: Cyquator Technologies Ltd.
 VENDOR VOICE: Enhanced Backup

Cyquator - Infrastructure outsourcing for enterprises
Cyquator Technologies Limited has a world-class data center which offers a range infrastructure outsourcing solutions bound with strict SLAs. by Soutiman Das Gupta

Vendor Voice: Enhanced backup
Enhancing backup with disk-based systems
When it comes to data security, the goal is to provide the highest level of protection without sacrificing the usefulness of critical data. Here's how Enhanced backup products address this requirement. by Sunny John

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