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Issue of February 2003 
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New Products & Services

Norton SystemWorks 2003
Symantec India is now offering the Professional Edition of Norton SystemWorks 2003, which offers advanced problem-solving solutions to help maximize PC performance. It is a suite of utilities to protect your PC from viruses, optimize performance, diagnose and fix problems, recover from disasters, clean out Internet clutter, and keep dial-up Internet connections active. The SystemWorks suite includes Norton AntiVirus, Norton Utilities, Norton CleanSweep, Norton Ghost and GoBack Personal Edition.

Features: The One Button Checkup feature runs a series of maintenance checks on your PC, with reporting and problem solving. LiveUpdate proactively keeps the SystemWorks suite updated, by periodically checking with the Symantec website. Process Viewer is similar to the Task Manager feature in Windows XP, and displays all currently running programs to help you diagnose software problems. Performance Test provides diagnostic and benchmark reports on the overall system and its vital components.

  • Norton Antivirus: This utility has been enhanced and now scans for viruses in instant messaging attachments. Exclusive Worm Blocking technology detects and stops new worms even before virus definitions are created for them.
  • Norton Utilities: Finds and fixes system problems, including hard drive problems, software errors, and hardware configuration conflicts. It also optimizes file storage for faster hard drive performance.
  • Norton CleanSweep: Removes files that are no longer required, including old software applications and the files associated with them.
  • System recovery: A new product GoBack 3 Personal Edition by Roxio provides recovery from system crashes, failed software installations, and other serious PC problems.
  • Web Tools: Web Cleanup deletes unneeded files left over from Internet sessions, including cookies, cached files and history logs.

Symantec India
Suite #801, Sunteck Centrako,
MMTC Bldg., C-22 Bandra Kurla Complex
Bandra (E), Mumbai-400 051
Tel: 22-26570658, Fax: 22-26570671

IBM WebSphere Application Server
IBM India has announced the availability of a new WebSphere infrastructure software, IBM WebSphere Application Server, Version 5, and its development environment, WebSphere Studio. WebSphere is Internet infrastructure software, or middleware, for creating, running and integrating e-business applications across a variety of computing platforms. It is built on open technologies such as Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE), XML, Eclipse and the new Web services standards. WebSphere will also serve as the underlying universal platform for all of IBM's on-demand software, integrating with DB2, Tivoli and Lotus.

Features: WebSphere version 5, enables companies to access any application, process data or devices across and beyond their business, all within a self-managing, self-calibrating environment. The autonomic features lay the foundation for grid computing, which allows companies to improve operating efficiencies, increase availability and maximize computing resources by sharing computing power across heterogeneous networked systems. WebSphere's new autonomic features include: Self-configuring features to boost responsiveness. WebSphere can interact with other IBM software, including Tivoli and DB2, to help make the overall system run better, reduce the cost of database administration by automatically detecting, diagnosing and resolving problems related to data.
Self-healing, to build resiliency: WebSphere can analyze problematic patterns that indicate future glitches, all while applications are running. Applications or server clusters can be updated without having to stop the system.
WebSphere is J2EE 1.3-certified and is J2EE 1.4-ready since it supports the majority of technologies that will be part of future releases of J2EE. J2EE is the standard for industrial-strength Java applications.

IBM India Ltd
3rd & 4th Flr, The IL & FS Financial Center
Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai-400 0051
Tel: 22-56962020, fax: 22-56526638

DiviNet access Technologies has introduced Remote Access Metropolitan Network (RAMNet), a broadband access technology. The solution offers a single-point access mechanism for services based on digital video and audio through Customer Premises Equipment (CPE). The CPE allows users to access all the services through RAMNet. The product is targeted at homes and large business houses (SOHO). It is also for the hospitality, corporate and IT sectors, to provide them high speed, low latency connectivity, supporting multiple services.

Features: The CPE enables subscribers connected to RAMNet to get access to various broadband services like video on demand, on-line chatting, SMS and e-mail. It provides interfaces to link multiple devices like TV, Computer and music system. RAMNet offers services to corporates like private networks, bandwidth-on-demand, e-commerce, online promotions, and online trading of shares. It also provides broadband access mechanism with speeds ranging between 64 Kbps and 10 Mbps for information, communication and entertainment. It can be directly connected to the ISPs, eliminating the need for acquiring E1-R2 lines.

DiviNet Access Technologies Limited
1st floor, Shivdatta plaza
Paud Road Kothrud, Pune-411 038
Tel: 20-5284696, Fax: 20-5284796

Veritas Storage Reporter
Veritas Software Corporation announced the availability of Veritas Storage Reporter, a Storage Resource Management (SRM) tool that provides a detailed view of enterprise storage usage.

Features: The product offers IT managers control over storage management and its associated costs, including the ability to 'charge back' individual departments for storage use. The reporting capabilities of Veritas Storage Reporter complement Veritas SANPoint Control, a single console software solution that delivers simplified management and automated provisioning of storage in mixed vendor environments. The solution also allows organizations to track and plan storage usage by users, departments, applications, file types or geography.
Veritas SANPoint Control and Veritas Storage Reporter are key components of the Veritas Adaptive Software Architecture designed to reduce the complexity and costs of managing storage environments. Veritas Storage Reporter is available as a stand-alone offering and will be integrated into Veritas SANPoint Control by mid-2003.

Veritas Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Unit 217, 'B' Wing, Bonanza, Sahar Plaza Complex
Andheri (E), Mumbai-400 059
Tel: 22-56950227, Fax: 22-28303025

ICICI Infotech has introduced EssentialServer to meet NAS, integrated data backup, recovery and storage on the LAN requirements of an enterprise. The box is available with options to add 80 GB to 900 GB of multi-platform data storage and file sharing on an integrated solution that includes data backup, recovery and storage/file sharing.

Features: The box provides for multi-platform file sharing in any network environment. It includes client-side backup software for Windows and Macintosh users that automatically backs up local files. The built-in tape drive and CD-RW, along with integrated and optimized backup software eases data backups. The server's NAS model provides data storage and multi-platform file sharing. Depending on the requirement, it also allows the user to select from a scale of 80 GB to 900 GB with either SCSI or EIDE drives—and RAID levels 0, 1, and 5.

ICICI Infotech
Tower No.5, 3-6th floor
International Infotech Park
Vashi, New Mumbai-400 705
Tel: 22-55910627, Fax: 22-55912475

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