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Infrastructure Strategies 2002


Shopping for Servers
Buying servers may seem like risky business, especially since it involves big spending. But by taking the right steps IS managers can make cautious decisions and choose the right solutions to ensure return on server investment. by Brian Pereira

Server Outlook: 2003 and beyond
It seems all the technological developments for servers center around cost savings and simplified server management. Here's a round up of current server trends. by Brian Pereira
The server metamorphosis
Servers have evolved tremendously over the last 30 years. The evolution is influenced by changing business requirements and applications rather than technological developments. by Minu Sirsalewala
Server Showcase
There are so many options available when it comes to choosing commercial enterprise servers. Each vendor has a different way of classifying its servers. Here's a look at how vendors are positioning their power boxes at enterprises. by Brian Pereira

Oracle's upgrade call
Oracle in its annual business applications conference AppsWorld, urged its customers to move to a new version of the company's software soon, or lose support.

Intel software fine-tunes Linux code
Intel announced new software to help programmers speed up Linux programs running on Intel Xeon and Pentium 4 processors.
Other News Briefs
Towards online banking
The RBI has drafted certain Internet banking guidelines that have to be followed by banks about to venture into online banking. Here's what banking CIOs need to do. by Soutiman Das Gupta

Wireless LANs becoming imperative
The era of wireless LANs has finally set in. The technology is now mature enough to be put to business or commercial use. by Milind Kamat

New Products & Services

> Security Watch
Security watch
Read about the latest developments in security every month in Security Watch
> Secured View
Secure physical infrastructure too
CIOs should not be content with only a good data security frame work. They should also devise a good physical security infrastructure - by Avinash Kadam

Vendor Voice: Identity Management
Identity Management - Managing Digital Identities
People access multiple corporate applications and e-business interfaces and have a unique user name and ID for each. Identity Management practices can enforce policies regarding access to electronic resources without compromising a userís identity. by Surendra Singh


> Digital Certificates
'e-Governance presents lots of potential for Digital Certificates'
SafeScrypt's Managing Director, K. Dasaratharaman comments about the acceptability of Digital Certificates in India. And Scott Khan, Regional Director, Verisign Hong Kong, talks about emerging applications. by Brian Pereira

> Storage Technologies
'Our goal is to simplify storage'
Dave Hitz, Executive VP Engineering and founder Network Appliance, tells Network Magazine how he survives in a highly competitive market. by Brian Pereira

> Standard Charteredís CRM
Banking on customer relations
Standard Chartered Bank was looking for a tool that would help it analyze the huge volumes of data captured by its OLTP systems - by Soutiman Das Gupta

> BSE implements intelligent switching architecture
Combining networks intelligently
BSE - The Stock Exchange, Mumbai, had three separate communication channel networks: LAN, WAN, and VSAT. It combined them into a single Ethernet-based core backbone with the help of an intelligent switching architecture - by Soutiman Das Gupta

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