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Issue of December 2002 
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Multimode Wireless Router

The D-Link DI-764 a dual-band router is a device that combines three networking hubs in one: a four-port Ethernet switch, an 802.11b access point, and an 802.11a access point. It enhances performance over standard wireless products with its 802.11b and 802.11a turbo modes. The DI-764 satisfies small and home businesses looking to build a hybrid wireless network.

Features: A user can set up Internet-accessible virtual servers on the home network and use them to offer e-mail or file-sharing services to friends and family.

If you have trouble running certain Internet applications, you can also place one computer in a DMZ outside your firewall with unrestricted access.

It also offers filtering capabilities. The configuration screen for filters lets you deny Internet access to certain MAC or IP addresses. You can even enable the filters to work during certain days and times of the week. Connections to specific URLs or domains can be blocked, but the filters work for only outbound connections.

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The DI-764 includes the standard WEP encryption levels built into most 802.11 products.

The 802.11b interface gives you a choice between 64-, 128-, and 256-bit keys, and the 802.11a interface lets you choose between 64-, 128-, and 152-bit WEP encryption.

Users can enable and configure the DI-764's firewall via the Web-based configuration tool. Using the firewall rules, one can allow or deny specific kinds of traffic based on IP address, protocol, and port range.

With its support for 802.11a and 802.11b, built-in firewall protection, and three-year warranty, the D-Link AirPro DI-764 multimode wireless router will appeal to small-business folks looking for an all-in-one wireless solution.

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Off CST Road, Mumbai-98
Tel: 22-26526696
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