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Issue of December 2002 
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A fairy tale of storage

The other day, correspondents at Network Magazine bumped into (by mistake) their longtime enemy, 'Storage Goblin' a.k.a S-Goblin.

Here are the nasty things he wished would happen to storage networks in India in 2003.

The S-Goblin's soliloquy

May your servers buckle under stress
May your NAS keep going down,
May your SAN keep acting up
May your storage administrator have a permanent frown.
May your RAID keep malfunctioning
May your disk subsystem creak,
May the Fiber Channel keep disconnecting
May the storage administrator freak.

So the Network Magazine correspondents called up the storage fairy for a counter-wish. The storage fairy had recently upgraded her VoIP network and was facing hardware interoperabililty teething problems. So it took them a day to get through to her. She provided a counter-spell.

The storage fairy's counter-spell

"May your servers load balance if under stress
May your NAS have high uptime,
May your SAN keep humming merrily
And your storage administrator can relax this time.
May your RAID function at Level 5 as usual
May your disk subsystem purr,
May the Fiber Channel stay interface the way it did before
And the storage administrator perform without a slur.

……. and the storage administrator lived happily ever after.

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