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Infrastructure Strategies 2002

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Addressing Storage Management Challenges
Spurred mainly by explosive data growth, enterprises have wisened up and moved to network-centric storage models to keep its data safe. But the real task is to manage the storage in spite of its challenges. by Soutiman Das Gupta

The standard way to storage
The storage industry has seen the emergence of too many standards, some of which are relatively immature. An enterprise should study the pitfalls of each and make a decision to go with the chosen one. by Soutiman Das Gupta
A 'policy' pill for storage ailments
Simply deploying storage hardware and software may not be the only way to protect your storage infrastructure from ailments. It's a good idea to bind it with a storage management policy which will lay down guidelines and workflow processes to make your storage infrastructure the healthiest link in your network. by Soutiman Das Gupta
More Gigabytes for the buck
With companies putting a squeeze on IT budgets, there's lot of pressure on IT managers to control storage infrastructure costs. It's the IT manager's responsibility to get more mileage for every buck spent on the storage infrastructure. And it's the smarter IT manager who manages to do it at the end of the day. by Soutiman Das Gupta
The real challenge begins now
When it came to Storage, you were preoccupied with deciding on storage architectures, protocols, media/storage devices.


Better Network Management with OSS
Wi-Fi getting new security standard
‘Indian hardware market growth positive’ predicts Gartner

Best practices award for BPCL

A new storage paradigm is born

VPN Solution Series
GSM Protocol Analyzer
Proxy Filter For Workstations
Multimode Wireless Router
Guarding The NAS Family

Secured View - Asset Classification and Control
Identifying and classifying assets
The task of identifying assets that need to be protected is a less glamorous aspect of information security. by Avinash K
Security Watch
Security Watch
Read about the latest developments in security every month in Security Watchadam


Storage Area Network Fundamentals
Organizations worldwide are facing ever-increasing information access requirements .....
A fairy tale of storage

Vendor Voice: IP-SAN
IP-SAN: A complete Storage solution
Traditionally, IP-SAN has been used for file services. But it is actually capable of much more. by Pramod S.


In Person: Application Infrastructure
‘Application Infrastructure makes enterprises more productive’
IT managers agree that managing corporate technology can be a nightmare, what with new applications constantly being developed and deployed. Michael F. Smith-Jr., Principal Technologist-CTO Office, BEA Systems, says one does not need dozens of solutions to manage these systems. by Minu Sirsalewala

Case Study: TI’s NAS implementation
Tackling a data explosion
Faced with the problem of managing exploding data storage requirements, Texas Instruments India chose to implement a combination of DAS and NAS. by Prashant L. Rao

In Person: Authentication and Authorization
‘There is a need to go beyond the password’
When it comes to conducting business transactions over the Internet, user names and passwords no longer suffice, says Deepak Prasad, director, Rainbow Technologies. by Gaurav Patra

Case Study: Call Center Solution
Building a call center
Manjushree Infotech wanted to enter the IT Enabled Services space and decided to set up a call center in Kolkata. by Soutiman Das Gupta


How Intel plans to conquer the highlands
It took 20 years for Intel to conquer the 32-bit processor platform. It is now moving to a different battlefield and hopes to gain supremacy for high-end 64-bit servers. Here's the battle plan. by Brian Pereira

Security Certification
Get Certified!
Protect your enterprise through audit and certification. by David Chin

The Building Blocks strategy
Keeping pace with rapidly evolving technologies is a challenge for Intel's channel partners. To make matters more complicated, the market for servers is becoming highly segmented. So Intel offers standard server building blocks, which have been engineered for specific platforms. By Brian Pereira

Blade Servers
The next cut
Second-generation blade servers provide the right mix of high rack density and computing power. Here's a look at the guises of blades to come. by Ong Boon Kiat

Blueprints for business solutions
Intel has its mind set on nurturing ecosystems, because it believes that's the path to driving wider adoption of Intel architecture in enterprises. It will use a set of Solution Blueprints to achieve this. by Brian Pereira

When do you need a wireless LAN?
WLANs have limitations and are not suitable for every situation. Graeme K. Le Roux describes when and how it can be best used

Putting its chips on Telecom
While the telecom industry goes through hard times, Intel surprises us by actively pursuing this vertical. It thinks it can repeat the success it enjoyed in the desktop and enterprise server space. The game plan and strategy remains the same. Can Intel succeed? by Brian Pereira

FireWire Networks
Streaming Unlimited
Can FireWire supplement Ethernet-based networks as a viable storage and networking system? by Dr Seamus Phan

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