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Issue of October 2002 
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Shelf Space - New Products & Services

Tape Drives as alternatives
Dragons at the gate
Security for small businesses
'Shark' attack
Advisor for your products

Storage solutions
Tape Drives as alternatives

Exabyte Corporation introduced a tape drive called VXA-2. This is a replacement to Direct Data Storage (DDS) technology especially for users who are outgrowing the limited capacity and performance of DDS tape drives. It delivers complete read and write compatibility with VXA-1.

Features: The VXA-2 drive can record 160 GB to a single cartridge at a data transfer rate of 12 Mbps (at an average 2:1 data compression ratio). It delivers twice the data rate and four times the storage capacity of DDS-4.
It provides three interface options including Ultra2 Wide SCSI, IDE/ATAPI, and FireWire, providing support for a wide range of computing platforms and OSs.

The drive offers four cartridge capacities giving users an option to match their storage needs and manage their cost of ownership. According to Exabyte compressed capacities of 40 GB, 80 GB, and 120 GB are achieved with the same V6, V10, and V17 VXA tape brand cartridges available for use with the VXA-1.

The VXA offers reliability based on the read/write architecture with an Internet-like packet format, designed for 100 percent data restore.

VXA tape drives are certified for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and is also an ECMA-certified tape standard.

High-capacity LTO
Exabyte Corporation also announced the availability of its new LTO automation product, the Magnum20 LTO Tape Library. The Magnum20 packs up to 8 IBM LTO tape drives and 148 Exabyte LTO cartridges into a 20u rack-mount space.

The Exabyte 110L LTO Tape Autoloader provides small office and remote location sites with desktop, entry-level automated storage capability. For larger-sized networks with higher capacity and performance needs, Exabyte offers the 221L LTO Tape Library, which is available with either SCSI or native Fiber Channel interfaces.

Features: The product offers 8-way partitioning, remote management, and direct fiber channel attachment avoiding the complications and saving the costs of intermediate routers and bridges.

Magnum20 and LTO tape technology meet the capacity, performance, and budget requirements of mid-range and enterprise-class users.

With up to eight LTO tape drives, Magnum20 Library capitalizes on the speed and capacity advantages of IBM's LTO technology.

Bar code scanning is a standard feature providing enhanced media management and faster access to data.
A five-cartridge entry/exit port is available for secure loading/unloading of data cartridges.

The standard remote management features allow users to conveniently conduct any operation available through the library's LCD panel from a PC at their desk, three buildings away or half way across the world.

A unique library partitioning feature allows users to create as many as eight mini-libraries within a single Magnum20, maximizing flexibility and efficiency. Users can easily configure and expand storage capacity from 100 GB to 29.6 TB and performance from 54 GB per hour to 864 GB per hour without the cost and inconvenience of rearranging rack space and components or installing additional library modules.

Redundant power supplies, IBM LTO tape drives, and Magnum20 interface cards are field installable by the user, and provide simultaneous support for multiple servers in a mixed SCSI and Fiber Channel environment.
Flexibility and ease of use are key features of the Magnum20 LTO Tape Library.

Exabyte Corporation
No. 32, 1st left cross, Sundernagar,
Gokula Post, Bangalore-560054
Tel/Fax: 80-8386808

Intrusion detection systems
Dragons at the gate
Enterasys Networks has introduced a suite of security solutions called 'Dragon'. Dragon an Intrusion Detection Solution (IDS) minimizes vulnerability in any point solution. It looks for security breaches across all security technologies. The product line consists of three separate tools: Dragon Sensor, Dragon Squire and Dragon Server. The Dragon IDS comes with a range of Enterasys support services.

Dragon Sensor
A Network IDS (NIDS), Dragon Sensor monitors network packets for computer criminals, employee misuse, and network irregularities. When an event is observed, it can send pages and e-mail alerts so you may take action to stop the event and record it for future analysis.

Dragon Squire
It is a Host-based IDS (HIDS) that watches system logs for evidence of malicious or suspicious application activity in real time and monitors key system files for evidence of tampering. It is also tuned to prevent high load levels and minimize any negative impact to a server's performance.

Dragon Server
It manages multiple Dragon Sensors and Dragon Squire engines and includes advanced visualization, correlation and alerting capabilities. By aggregating all alerts into one central database, the Dragon Server updates and relays disparate attack information with a variety of Web-enabled reporting and analysis tools and customizable alerts via e-mail, SNMP or SYSLOG messages.

Features: Enables enterprise-wide security monitoring using encrypted secure Web interfaces. Provides both Web and command-line administration to monitor network IDS, HIDS and firewall protection in one integrated system.

  • Minimizes the impact on monitored servers.
  • Provides more than 3,000 continuously updated signatures to monitor single and follow-on attacks.
  • Documents and analyzes attacks for follow-on action
  • Monitors usage forbidden by company policies, such as pornography, gambling or job searching.
  • Monitors 50 Dragon Sensors and 500 Dragon Squires from a single console.

Enterasys Networks
6th floor, Rocklines Centre
54, Richmond Road, Bangalore-560025
Tel: 80-5599024, Fax: 80-5599080

Security for small businesses

McAfee Security introduced the small business edition of its Active Virus Defense and Active VirusScan product for customers in India. These editions are fine-tuned for small and medium businesses with up to 100 employees or end-nodes.

Features: The Active VirusScan Small Business Edition is a virus detection and removal solution for desktops that are a major source of infection. It provides a corporate desktop security available for protection against viruses, Web attacks and e-mail intrusions. It comprises of VirusScan software for desktop protection, NetShield software for file server protection and ePolicy Orchestrator management console for advanced, anti-virus policy enforcement. By employing investigating technologies called ViruLogic that has the intelligence to know what characteristics viruses exhibit and Virtran, a virus specific scripting language that detects and cleans new viruses, VirusScan offers protection from the newest threats.

The platforms supported include Windows XP, 2000, NT4.0 and 9x; Linux, HP-UX, SCO, AIX and Solaris. Its scanning capabilities deliver high-speed scans of all files in real time, supporting all major file compression formats.
The Active Virus Defense Small Business Edition uses a wide array of technologies to keep PCs free from viruses and other malicious code. It also guards systems from infection via diskettes, Internet downloads, e-mail attachments, networks, shared files, CD-ROMs, online services, and more. In addition to VirusScan and NetShield, the scanning engine also comprises of, GroupShield and WebShield software, all managed by ePolicy Orchestrator technology.

Webshield E-ppliance offers Internet protection and GroupShield protects e-mail servers. It also protects against mobile code attackers (e.g., hostile ActiveX or Java applets) and scans inside popular compressed file types. Other features offered by Active Virus Defense that update your anti-virus software are Enterprise Secure Cast and Anti-Virus Informant.

'Shark' attack
IBM has introduced IBM TotalStorage an Enterprise Storage Server (ESS, code named "Shark") Model 800 and 800 Turbo option in database and transaction processing. The server uses technology features from IBM's Project eLiza and is powered by IBM's copper microchips and 2 Gbps Fiber/FICON data transfer rates.

The new IBM TotalStorage ESS enables 'on the fly' configuration and management capabilities to help lower TCO.
The Model 800 is available with a variety of disk drive options. In addition to standard 72.8 GB drives, IBM offers 15,000 RPM disk drives in both 18.2 and 36.4 GB capacities. The higher-speed drives can increase random read and random write data throughput workloads and achieve improved service time advantages.

ESS is designed to work with a variety of hardware and software technologies, such as Windows NT, Unix, Novell NetWare, the entire IBM eServer family, and variety of interfaces, including Fiber Channel (FCP and FICON), Ultra SCSI and ESCON.

Features: 'Smart' software technology, introduced as part of IBM's Project eLiza initiative to create intelligent IT systems capable of managing, protecting and healing themselves automatically.

Improved remote copy performance for disaster recovery and unplanned business disruption--now up to 125 per cent faster than the previous model.

'Turbo' configuration that handles up to 150 percent more workload, an expanded 64 GB internal cache, increased internal bandwidth, Redundant Array of Independent Disk (RAID) Level-10 data mirroring and striping for performance in demanding applications.

The Model 800 features technologies that are designed to enable the system to help increase storage administrator productivity, improve data availability and reduce TCO.

These technologies include predictive failure analysis and pre-emptive RAID reconstructs, which are designed to monitor the system and to detect potential problems or system errors before they occur.

ESS also provides intelligent cache management and I/O prioritization, helping to optimize its performance based on varying service level demands.

With its advanced 2 Gbps host adapters (supporting FCP and FICON, long wave or short wave), Model 800 can be the backbone for high-performing SANs, to build storage networks that enhance the performance, extend the distance, improve the sharing and reduce the costs of their computing infrastructure.

The higher performance adapters are also compatible with existing 1 Gbps SAN solutions.

IBM's Peer-to-Peer Remote Copy (PPRC) and new PPRC Extended Distance (PPRC-XD) data backup software for mainframe and open systems servers is now increased by up to 125 percent compared to the previous model. PPRC-XD creates a copy of customers' production data at a remote site, making that information available in the event of an unplanned business disruption.

IBM India Ltd
3rd & 4th Floor, IL & FS Financial Centre
Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai-51
Tel: 22-6962020/6533299, Fax: 22-6526638

Network tools
Advisor for your products

Cisco Systems launched "Product Advisor" an Internet-based application aimed at streamlining network design and implementation for its customers and partners.

Cisco offers an array of Internet infrastructure products and solutions. To help customers and partners derive the optimum network design with the required Cisco products, the Cisco Product Advisor assesses their needs and requirements before recommending a solution. The product is a guided-selling tool that recommends the ideal Cisco products and solutions--based on the network requirements of the customer.

Features: The Cisco Product Advisor tool will help customers who are not familiar with the scope and scale of Cisco's product line. Earlier, customers had to sift through datasheets, the product catalog, and other sources to find the product that best meets the customer's needs. The Product Advisor now eases this decision making process.

The Product Advisor also has exponential benefits for Cisco's partners and resellers. The tool makes it easier for partners to recommend networking solutions to customers.

The first version of the Product Advisor will contain the entire range of Cisco's routers and switches product categories. Firewall appliances, wireless products, access servers, and other product categories will be included soon.

Cisco Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd.
2nd Floor, The Great Eastern Center
70, Nehru Place, New Delhi-110019
Tel: 11-6442996, Fax: 11-6233207

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