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Case Study Special: An overview
Connecting theory to practice
A collection of eight case studies that talk about companies that re-modelled themselves into smart knowledge-driven enterprises ...
ABBís SAP consolidation and uniform messaging
Consolidating processes for timely information
Because of the diverse nature of its business operations, ABB India just could not continue using its legacy applications and error-prone communications system ....
RF links for maximum uptime
Within line of sight
EIPL had to ensure always-on communication links between its central office and operations offices in Mumbai. ...
>> LICís WAN/MAN network
Serving insurance policies on the Net
Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) has now made its services more extensive and accessible by extending its WAN to the far corners of the nation ...
>> TISCOís ERP implementation
An ERP and a steely resolution
Tata Iron and Steel Company Limited (TISCO) made a steely resolution to remodel itself from a product-driven to a customer-driven enterprise of the Internet economy ...
>> Hero Honda fine tunes its network
Revved up server architecture
Hero Honda has revved up its server architecture to provide dedicated platforms for storage, mail, backup, and database management ...
>> Godrejís Data Warehousing Initiative
A warehouse of value
Godrej Consumer Products Limited wanted to extract more value out of the well-formatted ERP data it had collected over the years ...
>> Orchidís hybrid network & SAP implementation
Improving the quality of decisions
A combination of a hybrid network and a SAP implementation across all its locations has enabled OCPL to grow rapidly ...
Refco-Sifyís storage implementation
Enterprise storage in harmony
There's nothing more important for an online exchange than to provide its customers 24x7 access, while sticking to the rigid regulatory norms laid down by SEBI.
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Tape Drives as alternatives
Dragons at the gate
Security for small businesses
'Shark' attack
Advisor for your products

ĎManage impact on your businessí
Sleuths in the network
Group aims to make it easier to fix bugs
Blades technology may move beyond ...


Security Watch
Read about the latest developments in security every month in Security Watch
WORMS AND OVERFLOWING BUFFERS - There is a self-propagating malicious code which exploits a vulnerability (VU#102795) in OpenSSL. The malicious code is referred as Apache/mod_ssl worm, linux.slapper.worm and bugtraq.c worm. The Apache/mod_ssl worm has already infected thousands of systems.

.Net and Web Service
'Web services first on corporate networks'
Microsoft says .Net is a framework for distributing Web services. But what exactly is .Net and how will consumers or businesses benefit from Web services? We caught up with Michael W. Platt to find out. Platt is presently working on the Microsoft .Net Enterprise Architecture Strategy as part of the .Net Platform Strategy Architecture Group.

Secure View: Security Policy
Writing an Information Security Policy
The importance of having an Information Security policy is now being acknowledged even by top management. But how do you go about writing an Information Security policy? by Avinash Kadam
In Person: Authentication
'Authentication crucial for limiting data access'
After investing in firewalls and anti-virus solutions, Indian businesses are now considering authentication and intrusion detection solutions. Richard Turner, Vice President, Asia-Pacific, RSA Security discusses the changing security market and trends in the Asia-Pacific region. by Minu Sirsalewala

- Security Planning & Disaster Recovery - The release of this book couldn't have happened at a better time. Many companies in India have lately realized the importance of having a disaster recovery and business continuity solution in place.
Will it rock? - Is your enterprise located on safe ground, or does it (literally) rock at times? In case you have plans to set up an enterprise facility at a location in India make sure you don't set it up in an earthquake-prone location.

Vendor Voice: Security
Defense against the Dark Acts
The Internet has interconnected the world and allows us to share ideas and resources instantaneously. Unfortunately, this same technology allows hackers and viruses to attack corporate networks. Assessing the security of an information system and network is a critical component of securing a system. by Agnidipta Sarkar


Focus: ATM Vs. Gigabit Ethernet
The LAN technology choice
ATM and Gigabit Ethernet have both evolved into mature and robust LAN technologies. Each has unique advantages that make it suitable for particular industries. Have you made the right choice for yours? by Graeme K. Le Roux

Reading the fine print
Network printers have become an indispensable component of the enterprise.Today, there are various types of office printers with different features. Here's some advice for choosing a printer that'll cater to your specific requirements. by Soutiman Das Gupta

Focus: Mail Servers
The Mail Server landscape
More than 70 percent of Internet traffic is e-mail which provides an easily available window to spread malicious content and breach security. A study of the available mail servers can help decide the right fit for your enterprise. by Seamus Phan

Network printers get smarter, flexible
Now that the Indian printer market has matured and Multi-Function Devices (MFDs) are more affordable, users have a wide choice of features and prices. by Soutiman Das Gupta

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