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Issue of September 2002 
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Shelf Space - New Products & Services

Cisco switch integrates data, voice and video

The Cisco Catalyst 6500 series of switches have several new security modules added to its switching platform. The Catalyst 6500 series brings data, voice, and video integration onto a single platform for fully integrated communications in the access, distribution, and core layers of the network. It supports Ethernet and Fast Ethernet switching modules that offer physical interface flexibility, and supports wire-speed, switched connectivity for unshielded twisted-pair (UTP), shielded twisted-pair (STP), and fiber-optic cable.

Features: Fast Ethernet enhancements delivered by the 48-port Inline Power 10/100 BaseT Ethernet switching module offers the network administrator centralized power control, which translates into greater network availability. Deploying the switch with UPS systems in secured wiring closets, network administrators can ensure that building power outages will not affect network telephony connections.

The new security modules for the Catalyst 6500 are:

  • Multi-gigabit IPSec VPN acceleration module provides high-speed encryption for an enterprise's infrastructure.
  • The SSL module provides a high-performance SSL security processor for privacy sensitive data, offloading all encryption, decryption and secure processing for Web based applications and e-commerce websites.
  • The Network Analysis Module (NAM) delivers integrated traffic monitoring capabilities for full visibility into applications, hosts, conversations, VoIP and QoS. The NAM adds intelligence to the network infrastructure to understand how the network resources are being used. This information is critical to better utilize the resources, detect anomalies and isolate network problems.

The Firewall Module offers exceptional performance integrated stateful inspection up to layer 7, extending security from edge to internal networks, helping implement end-to-end security policies for the network.

The Cisco Catalyst 6500 series is scalable to 256 Gbps of switching bandwidth using a cross-bar switching fabric architecture. Up to 528 fabric-enabled 10/100 Fast Ethernet ports or 264 fabric-enabled 100FX ports can be supported on a single 13-slot chassis.

Cisco Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd.
2nd Floor, The Great Eastern Center
70, Nehru Place, New Delhi-19
Tel: 11-6442996, Fax: 11-6233207

J.D. Edwards 5 goes beyond ERP

In its 25th year of operations, J.D. Edwards & Company launched the fifth generation of its collaborative enterprise solutions. Its new product, J.D. Edwards 5, is a suite of applications that goes beyond traditional ERP.

J.D. Edwards 5 includes seven product lines: ERP, CRM, SCM, Supplier Relationship Management, Business Intelligence, Collaboration & Integration, and Tools & Technology.

The solution can be delivered with tailored consulting, education and support services.

Features: The ERP applications are designed to improve a company's internal operations and provide the groundwork for collaborative commerce.

J.D. Edwards CRM will help a company manage its entire customer lifecycle, from customer acquisition to post sales and service support. This module includes Sales Force Automation, Marketing Automation, Partner Relationship Management, Field Service, Customer Self-Service and Advanced Order Configurator.

The Supply Chain Management (SCM) module comprises fully-integrated planning/forecasting and fulfillment applications. Working together, J.D. Edwards supply chain products deliver enhanced productivity and efficiency for product-driven industries.

The Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) offerings go beyond strategic sourcing and e-procurement to optimize the relationship between enterprises and their suppliers.

J.D. Edwards Business Intelligence enables companies to extract important information from the data shared among customers, partners, and suppliers. Its purpose is to help a company monitor its business activities, identify sources of value and measure the level of value delivered.

J.D. Edwards Collaboration & Integration capabilities enable a company to evolve its collaborative commerce strategy over time as business needs change.

The Tools & Technology module provides the infrastructure for its collaborative enterprise applications, speeding development, deployment and maintenance. The toolset gives a business the ability to understand, implement, use and change J.D. Edwards software to keep their technology infrastructure in step with dynamic business requirements.

J.D. Edwards Software (India) Pvt. Ltd.
DBS Business Centre, Raheja Chambers
213 Nariman Point, Mumbai - 21
Tel: 22-230 9233, Fax: 22-204 7489

IBM launches security service for SME

IBM India launched ServicePac, a security service for small and medium sized businesses, as well as individuals. ServicePac combines Norton Internet Security 2002 software with access to IBM's security help-desk service for incident management and troubleshooting support related to virus and security issues.

Features: Software: Norton Internet Security 2002 (NIS) from Symantec.

Embedded Security Subsystem (ESS) chip on select IBM ThinkPad and NetVista PCs, provides hardware-based security for Internet and network-based communications. The ESS chip generates encryption keys preventing unauthorized viewing over the Internet, it also eliminates the need for alternative communication ID keys like key fobs, which are easily lost.

Rapid Restore PC, a software exclusive to IBM, provides one-button backup of a user's hard drive to a hidden partition on the drive to enable quick recovery from OS crashes and viruses, reducing loss of data and support requirements.

Slimline 20 Gb external drive reduces the risk of PC theft or disk failures. 20 Gb USB external pocket drive with Rapid Restore utilizes IBM's patented alternate boot sequence technology.

IBM India Ltd
3rd & 4th Floor, IL & FS Financial Centre
Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai-51
Tel: 22-6962020/6533299
Fax: 22-6526638


Backbone of enterprise networking solutions

D-Link India Ltd recently introduced a series of layer 3 switches DGS 3308TG, DGS 3308FG, DES 3326S and DES 6300. The layer 3 switching incorporate IP routing which is fast as it is processed by the on board ASIC chips and not by the CPU as in routers.

Features: DGS 3308TG switch provides 6 Gb copper ports and 2 GBIC slots, 16 Gbps switching fabric capacity, supports 16 Mb packet buffer memory and SNMP and web based management.

DGS 3308FG switch provides 6 Gb fiber 1000 Base SX Ports, 2 GBIC slots, 16 Gbps switching fabric capacity, supports 16 Mb packet buffer memory and SNMP and web based management.

DES 3326S stackable switch provides stackable 24 N way 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet (RJ-45) ports, plus optional 2-port Gigabit Ethernet modules, 8.8 Gbps switching fabric capacity, supports 8K MAC address, 16 Mb packet buffer memory, auto negotiation 10M/100M speed function, full/half duplex operations and SNMP and web based management. It also supports broadcast storm control function, port mirroring, port trunking and enables traffic classification and prioritization and management functions. It also provides stacking functions and can have six devices in a stack.

DES 6300 switch is a high port density chassis switch with redundant power supply designed for the department and campus/enterprise. It provides 6 open slots for flexible configuration. In the management module, the switch provides 10/100 port-96 (Max), 100 base FX port (48-port Max SC) (72 port Max MTRJ), GE copper 1000 BaseT port-12 (Max), GE fiber1000 Base SX/LX ports-12 (Max). It supports 64K MAC address per system and SNMP and web based management, 8 Mb buffer memory per module, auto negotiation full/half duplex operations, support broadcast storm control function, port mirroring, port trunking and enable traffic classification and prioritization and management functions.

D-Link India Ltd
D-Link House, Kurla-Bandra Complex Road
Off CST Road, Mumbai-98
Tel: 22-6526696, Fax: 22-6528914
For new products and services contact:

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