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Issue of September 2002 

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Secure your Web server

From past incidents, we see that people usually get real serious about security only when their websites are hacked. IS managers acknowledge the fact that no security solution is 100% foolproof. In Cyberspace, no one is invincible and even Internet giants get hacked. Need proof of that? See the reports on But the Web can also present threats to end-users—even to the casual surfer who browses websites or checks e-mail. The many incidents of cyberstalking are proof of that. In this scenario, anyone who connects the Internet needs to implement a security solution.

But before setting out to do that, one needs to know about the risks and threats, security basics, various security solutions and how to implement these. The updated 2002 edition of this book offers this sort of information, but it is not designed to be a primer on Web security. Instead, it tells how to enhance security, privacy, and commerce on the Web. The audience that will benefit from this book are ordinary users, Web administrators (Web masters), and those who publish information on the Web.

The content is quite insightful for top management too. For instance, a section informs about the various kinds of Biometrics solutions and the limitations of some of these systems. And if you always thought higher bit numbers meant stronger encryption, you'll discover that a 128-bit RC2 key is stronger than a 1024-bit RSA key. This kind of information can strongly influence decisions on security solutions procurement. In fact, IS Managers normally turn security consultants for similar advice.

Title: Web Security, Privacy & Commerce
Author: Simson Garfinkel
Publisher: O'Reilley & Associates
Price: Rs 500

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