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Cover Story - Licensing Policy
A suitable software licensing policy
Software vendors offer licensing policies catering to the differing requirements of various organizations. So what's on offer and how does one pick the best policy? by Brian Pereira
Cover Story - Licensing Policy
A customer-centric software contract

Software vendors offer enterprises various software licensing options. Still, IS managers feel software contracts have certain shortcomings, and vendors aren't paying too much attention to customer considerations. by Brian Pereira
The truth about software licensing
Which is the most appropriate software licensing policy for an enterprise? This is a question that puzzles many IT heads. Deciding on the right software licensing policy has always been an onerous task.

Case Study: ICICI Centralizes Applications
ICICI centralizes applications for 'anywhere' banking
When anytime, anywhere banking came to our country, ICICI Bank had to move away from the branch-centric model and make its services available nationwide. The solution was to centralize its applications. by Minu Sirsalewala

Case Study: Cyquator's Internet Data Center
A watchful eye on your IT infrastructure
The demand for IDCs increases as enterprises outsource non-core but business critical functions. Cyquator's world-class IDC is geared to address this requirement. by Gaurav Patra
 CIO Speak

CIO Speak: IT Budgeting
Global slowdown and the art of IT budgeting
Recession is not all that bad, and it makes companies stronger. But how can an IT manager stretch the buck in a constrained IT budget? by Probir Roy


New Products & Services
INTEGRATED SWITCH - Cisco switch integrates data, voice and video || COLLABORATIVE ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS - J.D. Edwards 5 goes beyond ERP || SECURITY SOLUTIONS - IBM launches security service for SME || LAYER 3 SWITCHES - Backbone of enterprise networking solutions

Preventing the fragmentation of Linux
Will Linux go the Unix way and become fragmented? There are various versions of Unix offered by Sun, IBM, HP and others.
Other Briefs
- Preventing the fragmentation of Linux
- Red Hat, Microsoft to support AMD's 64-bit chip
- A helping hand to banks
- 'Software is really for end-to-end automation'
- Integrated connectivity


Security watch
INTEGER OVERFLOW - There is an integer overflow present in the xdr_array() function that is distributed as part of Sun Microsystems XDR library. This leads to remotely exploitable buffer overflows in multiple applications, leading to the execution of arbitrary code.

Principles of Wireless Networks - A unified approach
With an exponential growth in the wireless network space, close to one billion people subscribe to cellular services and close to 200 billion, exchange GSM short messages.

Secured View: Information Security Management
Why Information Security is important for your organization - Information is the crown jewels of business. Your business partners want to know if you have done enough to protect your information assets.

Secure your Web server
From past incidents, we see that people usually get real serious about security only when their websites are hacked.

IS 2002 provides insights into managing IT infrastructure
'Infrastructure Strategies 2002' a seminar hosted by Network Magazine in three cities, received overwhelming appreciation from the CIO/CTO community of India. The seminars were held in Mumbai, Bangalore, and New Delhi on July 23, 24, and 25. The event was jointly hosted by Computer Associates and Samsung.
Vendor Voice: Storage
Data Protection and Recovery options
Data protection and quick recovery are critical requirements for enterprises that have important business data growing at a fast pace within their data centers or remote locations. Here are some options for data protection and recovery architectures in distributed and centralized storage configurations. by Anal Jain
Focus: Ethernet MANs
Rolling out Ethernet MANs
Ethernet is an old technology and the carriers may be hesitant to adopt it. But there are some key benefits of implementing an Ethernet service over a Metro network. by Ong Boon Kiat
WLAN: An invisible alternative
A WLAN solution is an attractive alternative, especially in places where it's difficult to install a wired LAN infrastructure. WLANs provide mobility, are easy and fast to deploy; secure, reliable, and invisible.
Focus: Web Services
Web Services: Which platform?
In the past few months, the IT industry has been collectively licking its chops over IT's next magic bullet, Web services. It heralds true ubiquity in applications that run over the commonest of Web protocols—http and TCP/IP. Choosing a Web services framework? Here are the key considerations. by Ong Boon Kiat

Wireless on the menu
Le Royal Meridien hotel added a new item on its menu of guest services for obvious reasons. The idea is to attract customers, have an edge over competitors, and push up its bottomline. It introduced WLAN in its premises so that its guests can have Internet access everywhere in the hotel including the lobby, restaurants, and the poolside. by Minu Sirsalewala

Focus: Integrated Messaging
Integrating Messaging
Messaging is not just about e-mail these days, but includes a variety of analogue, digital and wireless platforms. A look at the basics. by Graeme K. Le Roux

Wireless MAN for rural development
Pravara Village IT Project (PRAGATI) is a classic example of how new technology can narrow the digital divide. Thanks to this project the rural communities of Ahmednagar district in Maharastra are able to compete with their urban counterparts…wirelessly. by Akhtar Pasha

Special Feature - Storage
A storage architecture for your enterprise
As the volume of data generated in business grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage data and storage subsystems. A storage architecture is the solution, but how do you choose the right one for your enterprise?

WLAN Implementations in India
Here's how Wireless LANs and Wireless MANs have been implemented in various industries/sectors in India. by Brian Pereira

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