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Issue of August 2002 
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Shelf Space - New Products & Services

- VoIP - Compressed Voice Systems
- VoIP - Platform for voice-related applications
- Switches & NICS - A Switch and NICs with firewalls
- Router - Secured routing at branch offices
- Multiplexer - Multiplexer for SANs
- NOS - Enterprise-class Linux

Compressed Voice Systems

MRO-TEK Ltd. has launched CVS (Compressed Voice System) to enable carriers to provide quality voice services.

Features: The CVS is a high-density voice/fax compression system designed for PTTs (Post, Telegraph, and Telecommunications) and alternative carriers.

The solution extends PSTN service over wireless links.

It increases the capacity of a T1 or E1 line by up to 12 times.

CVS increases line capacity and saves 90 percent of leased line cost by compressing 360 voice channels over an E1 line and 288 over a T1 line.

P.B. No.3203, 14, 1st 'D' main road
Ganganagar, Bangalore-560032
Tel: 80-3332951 Fax: 80-3333415

Platform for voice-related applications

Convergence Generation CG 6500C, a product from Mistral Solution's partner NMS communications, has been launched recently.

Features: The CG 6500C platform enables deployment of an increased number of applications within large-scale network environments in a quick and cost effective manner.

It provides a platform for value added services like conferencing, voice portals, prepaid calling, virtual personal assistants, and voice-activated dialing.

It has the capacity to pack into a single-board platform up to four times the trunk capacity and up to three times the processing power of other platforms.

The platform offers support for scalable, high-capacity applications requiring 120 ports or more, including media servers supporting up to 480 ports of IVR, VoIP gateways with up to 360 ports per slot, and IP media servers running NMS PacketMedia.

In addition it offers integrated PSTN interfaces, telephony protocols, comprehensive IVR functionality, full-duplex cancellation, speech encoding, fax processing, fast Ethernet interfaces, packet protocols, low-latency media streaming, and full support for the PICMG hot-swap standard.

Mistral Solutions Pvt. Ltd
#629, 1st Main, Domlur Layout, Bangalore-560071
Tel: 80-5356400 Fax: 80-5356444

A Switch and NICs with firewalls

3Com has released two switches, and a 10/100 Mbps NIC. The new switches are SuperStack 3 Switch 4225 and 4250 and come with 24 and 48, 10/100 Mbps Ethernet ports respectively.

The switches are available with 3Com's Network Supervisor software, which can be used to map IP devices attached to the switches and to monitor traffic utilization on the devices.

Features: The switches include IEEE 802.1Q VLAN traffic tagging capabilities along with 802.p traffic prioritization. They have two auto-sensing 10/100/1000 Mbps ports for connecting to a network core. The ports can be used either for network up-links or for stacking switches in a wiring closet.

3Com has also introduced the 3CR990 family of NICs along with an embedded firewall and the 3Com 100 Secure Fiber-FX Network Interface Card.

Features: The embedded firewall works with the NIC to extend the protection of the perimeter firewall, bringing tamper resistant security to desktops and servers.

The firewall filters traffic originating from inside the corporate LAN or across the Internet.

The NICs claim to implement end-to-end LAN security with standards-based IPSec encryption to provide good network performance, management intelligence, and data security.

Features like processing offloads and fiber-optic compatibility help make the desktop run faster, more secure, highly available and easier to manage.

3Com India Ltd.
1116-1120, 11th floor, International Trade Tower
Nehru Place, NewDelhi-19
Tel: 11-6236510, Fax: 11-6293179

Secured routing at branch offices

Enterasys Networks launched XSR-1800 series (X-Pedition Security Router 1800 series), security routers for enterprise branch offices.

Features: The XSR-1800 series combine a suite of IP router features, a broad range of WAN interfaces, site-to-site and remote access VPN, and a policy-managed distributed firewall.

It offers non-blocking, dynamic multi-point switching fabric and custom ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) which deliver wire-speed switching and routing of layer 2, layer 3, and layer 4 flows at Gigabit speeds, on all ports, all the time.

The routers are interoperable with other standards-based routers and switches. The XSRs use routing code from existing X-Pedition LAN gear, VPN software from its Aurorean line of VPN gateways, Enterasys' Dragon intrusion-detection software, and a firewall.

The boxes have dual 10/100 Ethernet ports and can be fitted with T1 or basic-rate-interface ISDN cards for connecting to the Internet or a Service Provider.

Enterasys Networks
6th floor, Rocklines Centre
54, Richmond Road, Bangalore-560025
Tel: 80-5599024/052 Fax: 80-5599080

Multiplexer for SANs

Cisco has introduced a MAN platform called the ONS 15530, which is a DWDM (dense wavelength division multiplexer) optimized for SAN applications.

According to Cisco, users usually have to dedicate a separate wavelength for each ESCON channel because a single ESCON channel operates at 200 Mbps. This uses less than 2 percent of the available bandwidth in a 10 Gbps wavelength.

Features: ONS 15530 can multiplex up to 40 ESCON (Enterprise Systems CONnection) channels over one 10 Gbps wavelength.

ONS 15530 supports SONET/SDH, ATM, and optical fiber. It also supports up to thirty-two 2.5 Gbps or 10 Gbps wavelengths on a single fiber pair.

The other DWDM features include an optical supervisory channel used for management and performance monitoring, and four-channel optical add/drop multiplexer modules, which let the systems be configured in point-to-point, ring, and mesh network topologies.

Cisco Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd.
2nd Floor, The Great Eastern Center
70, Nehru Place, New Delhi-19
Tel: 11-6442996 Fax: 11-6233207

Enterprise-class Linux

Red Hat India, announced the availability of Red Hat Linux Advanced Server, the first enterprise-class Linux OS in India. A recent TCO analysis by IDC shows that Linux reduces per-user costs by almost half in Internet/intranet/extranet environments when compared to RISC/UNIX solutions. In collaborative computing these savings can exceed 75 percent.

According to the company the launch of the Advanced Server has received support from software vendors like Oracle and Veritas, and from hardware server platform providers like Compaq, Dell, and IBM.

All of these technology leaders have agreed to ensure enterprise application availability, performance optimization and integrated technical support for the product.

Features: The Red Hat Linux Advanced Server products claim to allow large companies to accelerate their migration from costly, proprietary OSs to Linux running on Intel-based server systems.

Each copy of Red Hat Advanced Server will include a one-year subscription for managed services, secure configuration, asset management, and ongoing centralized maintenance though a single intuitive Web interface.

Red Hat India
133, Mittal Towers, 13th Floor, B wing
Nariman Point, Mumbai-21
Tel: 22-2845343

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