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Issue of August 2002 
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Cover Story: BCP Strategies
Polyester film without breaks

Garware Polyester has a network which is spread across many locations nationwide and relies heavily on the IT infrastructure for its critical business applications. A look at the BC solutions which aim to offer profits without breaks. by Soutiman Das Gupta

Garware Polyester Limited is a ISO:9001:2000 company and the largest manufacturer of polyester film in India. It has 5000 employees and is spread across many locations nationwide.

R.N. Bhave, President - Systems and Audit, of the company said, "BC solutions are very vital for our organization. Especially because the business and operations processes rely heavily on the use of the IT infrastructure. The network has been designed to not allow any single point of failure. There are redundancies at every critical level," said Bhave.

Areas of concern

  • Network security
  • Power solutions
  • Backup

Network Security
The various locations of the company's network are protected with multiple firewalls. Authentication policies have been defined at various levels to ensure that no unauthorized person can access the network data.

The application servers which are the heart of the operations are kept in separate geographical locations. "In an unlikely event of failure at one location, the operations and functions at other locations are not affected," promised Bhave.

Power solutions
The network systems are protected from power failure with the help of UPS systems. The UPSs allow adequate time to backup operations before diesel generator sets take over. Critical network devices and desktop PCs have individual UPS systems to insure against accidental data loss.

A standard backup procedure on tapes and other media is followed routinely to offer data availability especially in an event of server failure. Most backup devices are programmed to function automatically. The backup tapes and media are stored offsite and in fireproof cabinets.

An extra layer of continuity solutions has been deployed on servers which run mission-critical applications and functions. They have redundant hot-swappable power supply modules and disk drives. Standby servers ensure immediate availability of LAN applications. And backup provide continuous connectivity with the other locations.

Soutiman Das Gupta can be reached at

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