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Issue of July 2002 
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Shelf Space - New Products & Services

Broadband access
WANLANd Datacom (India) Pvt.Ltd, has launched X1200, a broadband access router from BinTec Communications AG of Germany. The X1200 router can be used for WAN access over ADSL/cable modem/cable Ethernet or ISDN, remote access, as a fax gateway, LAN routing, and as a secure VPN gateway.

A RISC CPU drives the router and is capable of meeting current and future processing speed requirements. It has a fast Ethernet LAN interface, a 10BaseT port for connecting to an ADSL modem, cable modem or Ethernet, an ISDN BRI interface, and a serial console interface.

The router also has built-in support for DNS cache and proxy, QoS, H.323 proxy and gatekeeper for VoIP, multiNAT, scheduling, and support for mobile dial-in and bandwidth on demand. Optional features like VPN (PPTP or IPSEC with dynamic IP addresses on both sides) for secure connectivity are also available.

WANLANd Datacom
58, Ardeshir Dadi St., C.P. Tank
Mumbai-400 004
Tel: 22-3828246/3863589
Fax: 22-3871790

Cisco Systems announced the launch of its Cisco Aironet 1200 Series AP (Access Point) and 5 GHz IEEE 802.11a radios. The series allows single and dual radio configurations for operation in both the 2.4 and 5 GHz unlicensed bands. It also offers field upgradability to modify the configurations with user requirements. The solution offers an AP platform that is designed to provide a migration path to higher performance wireless networks.

According to Cisco Systems India, the Cisco Aironet 1200 Series AP protects the existing customer investment in Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11b) networks while delivering a seamless migration path to Wi-Fi5 (IEEE 802.11a) and emerging technologies like IEEE 802.11g.

The 1200 Series AP provides an additional slot for an 802.11a radio module. The radio modules can be upgraded to support future technologies like 802.11g as they become available. It supports the operation of two 54 Mbps radios simultaneously and a 10/100 Ethernet interface with a 200 MHz Power PC processor and expanded memory capacity. It can also evolve to support new software features, as they become available.

The radio module and client radio solution can integrate with CiscoWorks, WaveLink's Mobile Manager and Avalanche. It supports in line power over Ethernet as well as local power.

Cisco Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd.
2nd Floor, The Great Eastern Center
70, Nehru Place, New Delhi-110019
Tel: 11-6442996
Fax: 11-6233207

Plug-in UPS
Socomec Sicon a France-based company has launched MODULYS UPS inspired by Aeronautics. The system enables construction of evolved systems made up of plug-in modules, that can be easily replaced or inserted while the system is operating. This aims to allow continuity of services without interrupting the operating status.

It is designed to meet specific requirements of various type of users like e-business, telecommunications, ISP, and ASP. The modular design of the system allows it to expand from 1.5 KVA up to 18 KVA. The system can be upgraded for both power and autonomy by simply adding new modules.

Nsicon India Pvt Ltd
49, Cubbon Road Cross
Tel: 80-5591843
Fax: 80-5597217

Carrier-Class Gateway for ASPs
VegaStream has launched Vega 100, a carrier-class gateway, which provides a fully integrated IP communications network for service providers and larger multi-site corporations. According to the company it allows up to 60 ports on a single unit and is a cost-effective way to adopt VoIP into the integrated network of an expanding organization. It is available with either SIP or H.323.

Specifically designed as CPE (Customer Premises Equipment), Vega gateways run on an embedded platform. According to VegaStream, its 'plug-in and go' dedicated hardware omits the need for any configuration at the user-end. By using Vega 100 to host PBX services, ASPs can provide scalable IP telephony services to an expanding end-user client base.

It also enables multi-site corporations to use their IP network to make calls between different sites. The Vega 100 reroutes all calls down the WAN and LAN, and makes use of spare bandwidth, which often lies on internal data networks.

114, Ansal Bhawan, 16, K.G. Marg
New Delhi-110001
Tel: 11-3317087,3718020
Fax: 11-3713141

Power Amp
Tyco Electronics introduced M/A-COM AM52-0024, a power amplifier that operates at 2.4 GHz. It works on single +3.3 V supply resulting in eliminating negative supply circuitry.

It is a single supply power amplifier for WLAN (802.11b) and other 2.4 GHz wireless applications. The saturated output power is +27.5 dBm with a supply voltage of +3.3 volts. The input power is -2 dBm. The frequency range is specified from 2.4 GHz to 2.5 GHz and can go up to 2.7 GHz (for MMDS applications). AM52-0024 comes packaged in a small MSOP-8 exposed paddle package as a low-cost power amplifier for 2.4 GHz wireless applications.

Tyco Electronics Corporation
Maruthi Industrial Estate
Hoody Rajapalya
Whitefield Main Road
Tel: 80-8410200-09
Fax: 80-8410210

UL.TI.MATE Solutions
Krone has launched Ultim8 (Ul.ti.mate) Solutions, a wire termination block, exceeding Category 5e and proposed Category 6 (Draft 11) requirements. It has been designed to support Gigabit Ethernet transmission speeds. It is primarily a data system component, but can also be used for voice applications. The product is a wire termination block that uses patch cords to quickly enable moves.

The center port design enables isolation of a circuit for testing in either direction without moving wires. The solution offers patching and cross connect options that provide the flexibility required to make changes or tests. The patch cords are available in lengths of 4, 7, 10, 15, 25, and 50 feet. According to Krone these specific lengths offer better electrical performance at critical wavelengths and frequencies.

Krone Communications Ltd.
43, Millers
Tel: 80-2251904
Fax: 80-2251693

Ready-To-Use Protocols Stacks
Wipro Technologies has announced the availability of a suite of MPLS (Multi Protocols Label Switching) and routing protocols. These stacks can be used in network equipment like edge routers and switches. The MPLS solutions include LDP (Label Distribution protocols) and RSVP-TE (Resource reServation Protocol).

With these ready-to-use protocol stacks, network equipment vendors can reduce their time to develop and accelerate time to market. The stacks offer a signaling mechanism to set-up a LSP (Label Switched Path) across the MPLS networks and are designed to be compliant with the IETF RFC's and drafts. They are also portable to any ROTS/Platform and can interact with any routing and forwarding modules.

The other feature include loop detection using path vector and hoop counts, support for ATM, Frame Relay, and Ethernet, and is available on Linux and VX works.

Wipro Technologies
Doddakannelli Sarjapur Road
Tel: 80-8440011
Fax: 80-8440256

A New Hat
Red Hat has released Red Hat Linux 7.3 for small networks and small businesses. The OS is designed for deployments ranging from games and personal productivity to file, print, and Web serving.

Version 7.3 adds new productivity tools, personal firewall configuration at installation, and video conferencing software to deliver services that individual users, educational institutions, and small businesses need for flexible Internet-based computing.

Key features included in version 7.3 are Evolution e-mail client and contact manager; MrProject open source project management software; Mozilla Web browser; and GNOME meeting video conferencing software. It also includes Apache 1.3 Web server; Firewall configuration; Postgre SQL relational database management system; KDE 3.0 open source graphical desktop environment for quick access to programs, utilities, and tools; XFree86 4.2.0 for improved graphic display and hardware support; and GNOME 1.4 with Nautilus File Manager.

Red Hat India
133, Mittal Towers
13th Floor, B Wing
Nariman Point, Mumbai-400021
Tel: 22-2845343

Multimode Fiber
Alcatel has introduced a 10 Gigabit Multimode GLight fiber with associated cable solutions and connectivity hardware which will increase current data speeds for LANs and SANs (Storage Area Networks). It is a graded index MMF (MultiMode Fiber) with a 50/125-micron core/cladding construction. The fiber is compatible with 10 Gigabit Ethernet transmission technology and can deliver up to 10 Gbps over distances up to 300 meters at 850 nm.

The 10 Gigabit GLight fiber offers applications for heavy data users with need for high-resolution, color, graphics, enhanced video, high-speed data and quality sound. Alcatel has used its FCVD (Furnace Chemical Vapor Deposition) process to manufacture the 10 Gigabit GLight fiber.

According to Alcatel this method guarantees superior geometry, uniformity, and purity of fiber, optimizing it for high-speed transmission via a new generation of low-cost VCSEL (Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting) lasers. The fiber is backward compatible to support protocols like Ethernet, Token Ring, FDDI, and Fast Ethernet.

Alcatel Business Systems (India) Ltd.
49, 100 Feet Road
Koramangala IV Block
Tel: 80-5536114
Fax: 80-5536338

E-Security with Alphanumeric Pin
Thales e-Security has further strengthened its solution WebPIN with the availability of alphanumeric PINs and on-screen, mouse oriented numeric PIN entry. WebPIN provides security and protection for banking, securities and other sensitive e-transactions by safeguarding user authentication and data confidentiality. The new enhancements support alphanumeric PINs (AN-PINs) of up to 20-characters in length and uses MD5 or SHA-1 to create a digest of the AN-PINs. They are protected using 112-bit key and TripleDES process.

According to Thales, WebPIN's 'clickable' PIN entry facility for the traditional four and six-digit PINs enables users to outdo 'Keyboard Sniffers' and 'Screen Sniffers' by avoiding the need to type the numeric PIN using a PC keyboard where it might be the subject of an attack.

The solution is platform independent and upgradable to PKI, it also supports the use of PINs for user authentication in keeping with normal ATM/EFTPOS transactions.

THALES Liaison Office
"Le Meridien" Commercial Tower
7th floor, Windsor Place
New Delhi-110001
Tel: 11-3715262/3716051
Fax: 11-3717803

Firewalls together
D-Link India Ltd. has launched two firewall products: DFL-500 and DFL-1000. The firewalls detect and prevent hackers and DoS (Denial of Service) attacks.

They include a complete range of options that control incoming and outgoing traffic, block or allow access for all policy options, control when individual policies are in effect, accept or deny traffic to and from individual addresses, and monitor standard and user definable network services individually or in groups.

The DFL-500 can be installed with a Web-based manager firewall setup wizard. It provides comprehensive protection and content control for SOHO networks.

DFL-1000 uses a high performance architecture, a dedicated co-processor, BIOS and OS firmware. This firewall provides solution for securing business networks.

The firewalls combine features like VPN, virus protection, secure configuration management, and content filtering. They can also be used to safeguard against viruses and support hardware assisted virus scanning and IP sharing.

D-Link (India) Ltd.
D-Link House, Plot no. 5
Kurla-Bandra Complex Road
Off. CST Road, Santacruz (E)
Tel: 22-6526696/6902210
Fax: 22-6528914

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