Issue of June 2002





/Infrastructure Strategies 2002
Maintaining a fine balance
The days of carefree IT spending has given way to an era of regulated IT budgets, ROI focused investments and increased efficiencies.

/Coverged Networks
A strong case for Converged Networks
An all-in-one network not only offers savings in communications cost but also offers many value-added services.
/Bandwidth & Connectivity
Hungry for more bandwidth
Data-centric applications like ERP and adoption of converged networks is driving bandwidth requirements in the connected enterprise
/Enterprise Hardware
Enterprise hardware a must for expanding networks
Most enterprises continue to spend on hardware as they upgrade their networks to keep pace with expanding business
/Customized Software
Customization for improved processes, productivity
ERP, SCM, CRM, and data warehousing/data mining applications can streamline processes and increase productivity.
Storage: Disaster Recovery is the main focus
Though investments in storage have decreased, it will continue to be a focus area for many organizations
/Enterprise Software
Focused on Enterprise Software
Software gives one's business the edge and organizations are expected to spend more on Enterprise Software this year

Security: Reactive rather than proactive
While Indian enterprises aren't spending too much on security, the awareness and interest levels have certainly increased

Training, Recruitment, Consultancy, Outsourcing
Corporate interest in these areas is at an all time low. IT Heads want to invest in technologies that would provide them faster and more tangible benefits

> CA World 2002
Re-define, re-innovate, re-ach outs
Every company needs to redefine its vision, restructure and innovate in order to succeed. This is especially true in today's turbulent economy where enterprises are reconsidering every penny they spend on resources.

Wipro's Terranova: High-end technology simulation
Sun unveils Solaris 9
Intel believes that the platform makes a difference
IE patch flawed

Alternatives to WEP security
When it comes to implementing wireless LANs, security and interference have been major concerns. Bernard Trudel, Marketing Manager-VPN & Security, Cisco Systems, talks about emerging security standards and how to counter interference ....

> Managed Network Services
Managed services for enterprises
Every business should have an IT infrastructure that matches it's growth rate and keeps up with changes in technology to keep providing efficient service to the organization. A company can take the help of a Managed Network Services provider, which will help it offer its IT services better. by Dilip Kumar


> Focus: Enterprise Storage
Storage by Data
Which comes first: data or storage? A better way to understand this is by considering what data types your enterprise is using and then implement systems based on usage pattern. by Graeme K Le Roux

> Focus - WLAN Technology
Step up on spectrum
Given potential spectrum interference issues with 802.11b, should you consider moving to 802.11a on 5 GHz? by Dr Seamus Phan

> VSAT Connectivity
Connectivity: The VSAT way
VSAT is a secure and reliable medium to connect geographically dispersed locations. In a situation where other connectivity options are not feasible, VSAT offers two distant advantages: less deployment time and easy manageability ...

> Networked for Logistics Management
AFL moves to centralized applications
AFL is a leading integrated logistics provider with a client roster comprising Indian and international corporate heavyweights ....


> Select Technologies
ace - Innovative, Reliable and Cost Effective Networking Solutions
ace which by itself denotes leadership and reliability is also the first and largest networking brand, promoted by Select in India.

> New Products & Services
Unicenter Database Management solutions
UPS management
Server cabinets
WLAN and broadband
Sniffer enhancements
A raptor in the network
AMD's moves
Internet traffic scan