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New Products & Services

RAD Data Communications will soon release the additions to its LA-110 family of IADs (Integrated Access Devices) and a new G.SHDSL (Symmetric High Bit Rate Digital Subscriber) modem. The LA-110 is an ATM IAD that allows service providers to offer voice, LAN, and data over a single access line to small and medium-sized businesses.

It is possible to connect it to the existing DSLAMs (Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer) over ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) or G.SHDSL and is interoperable with voice gateways. It has the capacity to support four analog or four ISDN S0 voice channels or one sub-E1 port, one data port and an additional 10/100BaseT LAN port. It can also support up to 2 Mbps on the uplink.

According to RAD LA-110 will offer ATM multiservice and management capabilities that guarantee QoS and traffic shaping. These will allow carriers to offer SLA service to their customers.

It can support AAL1 for CES (Circuit Emulation Service) and DB-CES (Dynamic Bandwidth CES) over a fractional E1 interface. Along with AAL2 for voice traffic and AAL5 for data traffic, LA-110 offers services over ATM that include Ethernet and IP in accordance with RFC1483, and Frame Relay inter-working in accordance with FRF.5 and FRF.8.

The ASMi-52 modem uses ITU-T G.991.2 standard SHDSL technology which enables carriers provide voice and data services over long distance copper infrastructure. This is suitable for both data and voice networks. It has the capacity to support symmetric data rates up to 2.048 Mbps.

MRO HOUSE, P. B. No. 3203
14, 1st 'D' Main Road
Ganganagar, Bangalore - 560032
Tel: 80-3332951
Fax: 80-3333415

HP India recently announced the launch of its new midrange storage solutions which include NAS 8000, SANlink and SANmaster solution, HP Disk System 2300 and 2405, HP Surestore Tape Autoloader 1/8, and HP Surestore Switches.

The NAS 8000 supports Windows, Unix and Linux clients and is meant to help enable IT managers increase departmental and site storage without bringing down servers or disrupting client access to network data.

The HP Surestore SANlink is a SAN solution that moves and controls information. The HP Surestore SANmaster information system provides remote monitoring and can help manage your enterprise's storage network.

The Surestore Disk System 2300 is an Ultra 160 SCSI storage system that enables improved system uptime through hot-swappable components as well as fully redundant power supplies, fans, and bus control cards. According to HP, the Disk System 2300 improves productivity by ensuring that system users can always access data stored on the system, even during upgrades and repairs.

The Disk System 2405 is targeted at midrange to enterprise customers who require a scalable, reliable and high-performance 2 GB fiber channel storage system. It can be deployed as a disk system or be used as add-on storage for the HP Surestore Virtual Array 7400. Each enclosure can hold up to 15 drives, providing over 1 TB of capacity.

The Surestore Tape Autoloader 1/8 provides 320 GB of cost-effective, easy-to-install, automated data protection for small to medium sized businesses. The 1/8 occupies only 2U-rack space and comes with Omniback II backup software.

The FC 1 Gb/2 Gb Entry Switch 8B is a low-cost switch that provides fiber channel connectivity to a NAS, SAN or cluster environment.

HP claims that its storage virtualization strategy allows customers to increase the efficiency of their data by optimizing underutilized storage resources. And HP's FSAM (Federated Storage Area Management) strategy gives customers the ability to increase the storage efficiency by ten times.

Hewlett-Packard India Ltd
The Metropolitan, 2nd Floor
Samrat Business Centre
Bandra Kurla Complex
Bandra (E), Mumbai 400051
Tel: 22-6541111
Fax: 22-6541122

AudioCodes has introduced a range of enterprise VoIP Solutions that comprise OEM Analog VoIP Gateway Subsystems, PCI VoIP Communication Board, and Digital Media Gateway Subsystem.

The MP-104/108/124 OEM Analog Gateway system provides the technology for connecting legacy telephone systems with a new IP-based PBX architecture. It connects IP-PBX systems with analog telephone sets, modems and fax machines. The subsystems span a range of configurations from 4 to 24 ports and comply with new VoIP protocols like H.323, MGCP, MEGACO and SIP. It also supports dual 10/100BaseT Ethernet ports. MP-104 supports four extensions or trunk lines and is best suited for SMEs and branch office solutions. MP-108 supports eight telephone sets or PBX analog trunk lines and MP-124 can support 24 extension lines.

Next in the series is AudioCoded TP-240 PCI VoIP Communication Board. This is a solution for trunking gateways to the PSTN and integrated gateways for IP-PBXs. It also serves as an all-in-one communication server, unified messaging server, voice mail server, and IVR (Interactive Voice Response Units). TP-240 provides 128 ports for voice, fax or data.

It uses AudioCodes' VoIP DSP (Digital Signal Processing) chips and utilizes G.168 compliant echo cancellation, lost packet interpolation, and jitter buffer control. Other features include G.723.1, G.729A, GSM-FR, and proprietary NetCoder voice compression. The board supports G3 fax relay/bypass, modem relay/bypass, silence suppression, and DTMF detection/generation.

TP-240 is a solution for transmitting voice and fax traffic over IP packet networks that allows enterprises to migrate from enterprise legacy systems to a new VoIP infrastructure.

MP-200 Media Gateway Subsystem is also a new offering which is a stand-alone digital gateway device, scalable up to four E1 or four T1 trunks for a total of 120 ports. It utilizes echo cancellation, voice compression, silence compression, and comfort noise generation. It can be used in a corporate VPN and in centralized VoIP applications like unified communication and digital trunks. The MP-200 also provides 10/100BaseT Ethernet ports for connecting to the LAN.

Telenet Systems Inc.
3655, 13 'F' Main
HAL II Stage, Indiranagar
Bangalore - 560 008
Tel: 80-527 7820
Fax: 80-526 0524

Rainfinity has introduced RainWall which is an OPSEC (Open Platform for Security) certified high-availability load balancing solution for Check Point VPN-1/FireWall-1 gateways and appliances. It includes a patented clustering technology, RAIN (Reliable Array of Independent Nodes). RainWall is designed to improve the reliability and performance of mission-critical applications. It clusters multiple VPN-1/FireWall-1 gateways to provide redundancy and increase capacity. It installs directly on the Check Point firewall, and does not require any additional hardware. RainWall eliminates the firewall or VPN gateway as a single point of failure when network downtime is not acceptable, thereby assuring continuous service availability.

On detection of failure it instantly shifts all traffic from the failed gateway to a healthy RainWall node in the cluster. As per company information RainWall distributes traffic across multiple gateways. The load balancing feature measures each gateways traffic load in real-time, and adjusts traffic flow to maximize total throughput. It scales linearly, increasing firewall and VPN capacity as nodes are added to the cluster, so you can grow without replacing existing hardware.

RainWall manages a set of virtual cluster IP addresses (VIPs) so the gateway's IP address is always reachable even when one or more of the VPN-1/FireWall-1 servers are not. Further, it offers an intuitive Web-based configuration wizard that simplifies the task of configuring multiple nodes. A Java-based console with encrypted communications allows monitoring and managing clustered nodes.

Select Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Select house, No.30, 16th Main
5th B-Cross, I.A.S. Officers Colony
BTM 2nd Stage, Bangalore-76
Tel: 80-6786481
Fax: 80-6786480

Veritas SANPoint File System is a SAN file system for Windows 2000. The file system allows computing nodes to directly access data at SAN speed as a result of which performance and scalability of SAN environment increases. As the system runs on Windows file system (NTFS) and gives clusters of Windows 2000 system shared direct access to disk, it bypasses the latency and congestion associated with retrieving data over servers connected to a LAN.

The file system can be used for data and storage intensive operations like multimedia editing, publishing and pre-press, and similarly loaded workgroup-computing environments. By making use of the Direct Disk Access (DDA) technology and industry standard network protocols, administrators can meet the growth in Web traffic by simply adding more low cost HTTP servers. The SANPoint file system also works with Microsoft Cluster Server (MSCS) and VERITAS Cluster Server (VCS) to enhance the availability of critical data.

VERITAS Software
Unit No.217
'Bonanza' Sahar Plaza Complex
M.V. Road, Andheri (E)
Tel: 22- 8303025
Fax: 22- 8303043

Unisphere Networks announced the availability of it MRX, a Multi-Service Edge Router. The MRX is designed to meet the requirements of service providers by integrating carrier-class IP routing, native ATM switching, MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) and IP services in a single platform, with capacity scaling from 40 Gbps to 320 Gbps.

According to Unisphere Networks a wide range of optical interfaces from OC-3 to OC-48 and Gigabit Ethernet, are powered by a field-proven operating system. MRX provides the ability to mix and match port speeds, native ATM, POS and MPLS protocols on a single line module. The MRX can be used in service provider edge applications like circuit aggregation and MANs (Metropolitan Area Networks).

The edge Optimized Architecture from Unisphere is based on custom-built ASICs, and Unisphere Networks' Edge Service Processors (ESPs), which provide wire-speed performance and power next-generation IP services. MRX enables service providers to offer both basic and value-added connectivity services.

Unisphere networks
409C, Pharpur Business Center
21 Nehru place greens, New Delhi 110019
Tel: 11-6474710
Fax: 11-6474718

Legato Systems announced the support of its products Legato NetWorker and Legato RepliStor for Network Appliances NearStore R100 solutions.

The combination of Legato NetWorker and Legato RepliStor with Network Appliance NearStore R100 will provide users with easy to deploy and manage solutions that scale quickly to meet the ever growing demands of today's enterprises and business customers at a competitive price point.

NetWorker will leverage the disk storage aspect of the NearStore R100 by protecting TBs of information quickly and efficiently. It will be possible to back up and recover data from the disk before moving to the tape.

Legato Systems India Pvt. Ltd.
1st & 2nd Floor - NSIC - STP EXT
PDTC, Okhla Industrial Estate
New Delhi-110 020
Tel: 11-6826846, Fax: 11-6929170

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