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A bouquet of connectivity services

There are various solutions for enterprises considering additional bandwidth or new connectivity solutions. Take your pick. By Brian Pereira

An organization may need a connectivity solution either for Net access or for internal LAN/WAN point-to-point connectivity. Broadly, connectivity solutions are either wired or wireless. Further, one can choose between 'always on' or 'on-demand' connectivity. With the former, you get a static IP address and the latter offers a dynamic IP address. Static IP address (or fixed IP) is suitable for businesses that need 24 x 7 access to the Internet, or to other points on their internal networks. In other words, it's ideal for Web servers, messaging servers, FTP servers or for giving internal or external entities round the clock access to certain information on the company servers. With on demand access you get a dynamic IP address that changes each time you log on to the Net (as in dialup connectivity). This is suitable when you need to connect to the Net at periodic intervals. On demand access is for individuals who need to check mail or surf the Web periodically or for organizations that need to synchronize databases or upload information to a Web server on a scheduled basis.

Of course, one can use a mix of both types of connections for instance, always on connections can be used for messaging, while on-demand can be used for video conferencing.

While wired connections such as leased lines are used as primary links, wireless solutions are used as backup links, for connecting remote locations (VSATs) or for short range connectivity (RF links).

Here are the various broadband connectivity options for either corporate Internet access or point-to-point connectivity:

Let's take a quick look at each connectivity option and understand how it can be best applied.

Leased Lines: These are terrestrial and dedicated circuits that are used for point-to-point connectivity. Enterprises use leased lines for interconnecting their offices or branches. These circuits are also used for connecting an enterprise network to an Internet service provider (for gateway services), or to VSNL (for international private leased circuits).

Leased lines circuits can be bought in capacities of 64Kbps (henceforth written as 64K) and multiples. Typically, enterprises use 64K links to interconnect offices and 2Mbps links for connecting locations that exchange high volume of data.

Providers: BSNL, VSNL, MTNL. In addition many Internet/broadband service providers buy leased lines and lease bandwidth to corporates (see table of services).

ISDN: Integrated Services Digital Network is a digital circuit for carrying voice, video and data simultaneously. These characteristics make ISDN suitable for point-to-point video conferencing. You can also connect G4 fax machines, PCs, telephones and video conferencing equipment to an ISDN line.

Computers are connected to an ISDN line via special devices called terminal adapters.

There are two flavors of ISDN: the BRI-type and PRI-type. Basic Rate Interface (BRI) segregates the phone line into two B-channels and one D-channel. The B-channels can be used for two simultaneous voice calls, or one for data and one for voice or both for video or data. The D-channel is a control line used for signaling. With Primary Rate Interface (PRI) you get 30 B-channels and one D-channel.

With ISDN you get bandwidth of 64- or 128Kbps.

Providers: BSNL, VSNL, MTNL, Bharti Broadband.

Ethernet connectivity: This is a natural extension for 10/100 Mbps Ethernet corporate networks and an inexpensive connectivity option. It does not require extra equipment/infrastructure like routers, modems, or dedicated phone lines. Using Ethernet UTP cable and network interface cards, the corporate proxy server or Ethernet switch is connected to the service provider's switch at a remote point of presence (set up in the building or nearby). In this set up the corporate gets a dedicated line for Internet access.

Providers: RoltaNet, Cisco, others.

Cable: Using co-axial cable, the type that's used for cable TV, service providers can offer corporates always on Internet access as well as cable TV. There are service providers who offer only cable Internet services. On the other hand, regular cable TV networks have upgraded their equipment (amplifiers) for Internet access. Since cable offers always on Internet access, you can connect a corporate Web server to the Internet via a cable network. Further, multiple users in your organization can share the cable connection.

To transmit data over co-axial cable, you will need to purchase either a cable modem (approx. Rs 7,800) or a cable router (approx. Rs 35,000). Some service providers offer this equipment on a rental basis.

Providers: Hathway Cable and Datacom, Siti Cable Networks, others.

DSL: Digital Subscriber Line is a connectivity option that presents broadband Internet access over regular (copper) telephone lines. A DSL modem facilitates simultaneous voice and data transmission over the same line. It does this by splitting the copper line into two frequency ranges. The frequencies below 4 kHz are reserved for voice, and the range above that is used for data. So one can also make voice calls while simultaneously transmitting data over a DSL line.

There are various flavors of DSL (HDSL, VDSL, SDSL, etc) but ADSL (Asynchronous) is a popular standard.

Apart from the service provider's switching equipment, you will need to use special DSL modems. DSL offers download speeds up to 1.5Mbps that's 25 times faster than 56K dialup modems.

Providers: DishnetDSL, others.

Fiber optic/ Optical Ethernet: Fiber optic networks are future ready and can address large bandwidth requirements. At present there are few service providers offering fiber connectivity. However, several are setting up their nationwide fiber optic networks.

A new trend here is the interfacing of Ethernet networks with fiber optic backbones. The technology is now available from vendors like Nortel Networks. Optical Ethernet is an extension of the LAN and it can be used for creating a MAN/WAN networking architecture.

Providers: Nortel Networks, BSES Telecom, others.

VSATs: VSAT or Very Small Aperture Terminal is a satellite based communications solution that is ideal for connecting remote locations. Since it bypasses infrastructure from other parties (such as the telephone company) it gives a company complete control over its communications network.

Besides offering the advantage of speed, VSAT networks can carry voice, video and data signals. A VSAT user needs a special dish antenna (with transceiver) that communicates with a satellite transponder.

VSAT technologies used in the country are: TDM/TDMA, SCPC/DAMA and PAMA (Permanent Assigned Multiple Access). In Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) multiple data circuits are combined into one circuit. This is done by assigning each circuit a fixed time for data transmission. With TDMA, all VSAT terminals communicate via the service provider's central hub (an earth station). DAMA or Demand Assigned Multiple Access technology assigns a designated frequency to each VSAT terminal. DAMA is based on SCPC or Single Channel Per Carrier a communications architecture that places one source of information onto a single carrier (frequency domain). Since SCPC/DAMA VSATs facilitate continuous communications with the satellite, they are ideal for interactive applications or high traffic requirements.

Providers: HECL, Comsat Max, HCL Comnet, Bharti BT, Telstra V-Comm, RPG Satcom, Essel Shyam, ITI, HFCL Satcom.

WLL: Wireless in Local Loop connects a corporate network to the PSTN network of the telephone company using radio frequency signals instead of traditional copper cables. It is ideal for connecting remote locations or offices in rural areas.

Providers: BSNL

RF links: Radio Frequency links can be used for connecting two offices over shorter distances. In such a case RF is more economical than leased lines. RF offers bandwidth as much as 1.5Mbps.

The RF equipment includes wireless transceivers and wireless modems.

Providers: Satyam Infoway, Bharti Broadband, others.

Wi-Fi: Another term for the IEEE-802.11b Wireless Ethernet standard. Wi-Fi is fast gaining in popularity as a wireless standard for connectivity on enterprise networks. It presents 11Mbps connectivity for network PCs, notebooks and other network devices. Wi-Fi is ideal for campus LANs or for wireless connectivity within the office.

Equipment costs are coming down. The equipment comprises of access point devices, Wireless LAN Cards in PCs/notebooks, and bridges.

Providers: Network integrators, equipment vendors.

Direct from Satellite: Direct broadcast satellite (DBS) technology and corresponding services have just been introduced in the country. DBS is ideal for connecting users at remote locations, or areas where there is inadequate communications infrastructure (rural areas). It can be used for high-speed Internet access or for extranet connectivity. From a remote location, users transmit information to a central hub at speeds up to 256 Kbps. Customers have the option of one-way or two-way satellite communications. The former is a more economical service that only downloads information via satellite. Uploads or requests for Web pages are made through the phone line (and a dialup connection). The service provider installs a small KU-band dish antenna at the customer premise for satellite communication.

HECL's DirecWay service for instance, is targeted at small businesses and individual users. This makes the service suitable for smaller entities such as dealers/distributors, suppliers to corporates, professionals, SOHO users and consumers.

Providers: HECL, Bharti Broadband

Enterprise Broadband Services

Service Provider




Bharti Broadband

Broadband Direct-from-satellite Internet service (Skymantra)

  • Leased lines
  • RF link
  • ISDN
  • VSAT services (PAMA, DAMA, TDM/TDMA)

VPN, Server Co-locationhosting, Web hosting solutions, Corporate Mail solutions, Broadband Interactive Terminals

Mumbai: +91-22-6907732/8446845 |
N.Delhi: +91-11-6810088
Kolkata: +91-33-2171276/77
Chennai: +91-44-8291882
Bangalore: +91-80-5271001 - 3

BSES Telecom

  • Fiber optic network
  • Broadband Internet

Web hosting, Server co-location, Web solutions,access (Powersurfer.Net)

Tel: +91-22-8252233/77
multiple e-mail IDs,


  • Internet access
  • Leased Lines
  • ISDN
  • WLL



  • Leased Line solutions
  • VPN

Fax over Internet, PC to fax (Calfax)
Corporate e-mail
(Calvox one)
Interactive Voice Response
solutions (Talk Sol)

Mumbai: +91-22-8262004
N. Delhi: +91-11-6261224 - 6
Kolkata: +91-33-3574724 - 28
Bangalore: +91-80-2384288
Chennai: +91-44-648-1921

Comsat Max

  • VSAT Connectivity
  • Broadband services
  • Internet VPN

Managed Connectivity,
Security solutions,
Enterprise Management,
Managed Enterprise
Data Centers

Mumbai: +91-22- 648666/6007607/8
N. Delhi: +91-11- 6991005/06
Kolkata: +91-33- 2872252, 2813973
Bangalore: +91-80- 227 5314/6138
Chennai: +91-44-8204984 - 86


  • DSL Connectivity
  • Leased Line solutions

Software Solutions & Services, Website
development, Mailing
Service, Shared/Dedicated
Web Hosting, Server
Co-location service,
Disaster Recovery Solutions, VPN Solutions, TurnkeyNetwork Solutions

Mumbai: +91-22-6440044, 6419522
Pune: +91-20-6305100 - 5110
Bangalore: +91-80-5323821 - 6
Chennai: +91-44-4313038
N. Delhi: +91-11-6814561/62
Hyderabad: +91-40-3237745, 3235925
Cochin: +91-484-383590, 383591
Coimbatore: +91-0422-211166, 2111252

Hathway Cable and Datacom

  • Internet access through cable (Various plans)

Multiple e-mail IDs,
Additional/Unlimited downloads, Bandwidth on demand, (64Kbps - 256 Kbps), Cable modem/router rental, Static IP (Gold package)

Mumbai: +91-22-4623300
Pune: 91-20-5532420
Delhi: 91-11-6160335
Chennai: 91-44-4908776
Bangalore: 91-80-5555625

HCL Comnet

  • VSAT Connectivity

    (Skyblaster, Skylinx)

  • Leased Lines
  • VPN
  • Wireless and Intelligent Network Infrastructure

Security, Network
Intelligence, Managed
Services, Internet

Mumbai: +91-22-6541984/85/86
Noida: +91-11-8-453-5071
Kolkota: +91-33-2821112/1122
Chennai: +91-44-3741884/85
Bangalore: +91-80-5097588



  • Direct from Satellite (DirecWay)

Enterprise Applications:
e-distribution, e-CRM,
HR management,
corporate training

Ashish Chowdhary
(Enterprise Solutions)
Tel: 916398834 / 8852Fax: 916398840

Hughes India Limited (HTIL)

  • SDH conventional
  • Leased Line
  • ATM Layer 2
  • connectivity (fiber)
  • Layer 3 IP over ATM
  • (fiber)
  • End-to-end connectivity solutions

High-speed Internet

Prakash Iyer
Tel: +91-22-4615132
hailesh Dudhani
Tel: +91-22-4615272


Internet Access
Leased Lines


Mumbai: 1600118844
N. Delhi: 1600111172

Rolta India/Rolta Net

High-speed Internet
access over Ethernet

Server Co-location service
Bandwidth on demand
(64K to 2Mbps)
Virtual LAN security
Network Management

Sandeep Ohri
(Vice President - Sales)
Tel: 91-22-832 6666
Fax: +91-22-822 7609

Satyam Infoway (SIFY)


Last mile RF
connectivity (Point to multipoint)

Managed Connectivity, Services (with SLAs), Web-based reporting, Tools and help desk

P J Nath
(Vice President - Sales &Marketing, Enterprise Solutions)
Tel: +91-44-254 0770
Fax: +91-44-254 0771



Internet Gateway
Leased Lines
Corporate Messaging

Video conferencing,
Managed Data Network
Services, Corporate Mail,
E-mail to Fax, VPN

N. Delhi: +91-11-3360540
Kolkata: +91-33-355 4018, 6505
Bangalore: +91-80-3412719
Chennai: +91-44-5387783

Note: While we have attempted to make this table comprehensive, it does not include all broadband services available in India.

Vendor solutions

Vendor name


Solutions for…



broadband solutions
IP over Cable
DSL and Long Range
Ethernet (LRE)
Aggregation and core
network infrastructure
solutions including
Gigabit-over-copper and
optical fiber for Metro and
Long haul optical networks

Broadband service
providers, enterprises

Shalini Singh
Fax: +91-11-6233207

Motorola India

End to end solutions for
voice, video, data services
over Hybrid Fiber
coaxial cable

Service Providers,


A K Sekhar
(Country Sales Manager)
Tel: 91-80-2283189


Nortel Networks

Optical Ethernet
connectivity solutions

Carriers, Service

KShipra Kumar
Tel: +91-80-5592088

Tejas Networks

Optical networking products


Tel: 91 80 226 7495
Fax: 91 80 226 7494

Texas Instruments

Advanced signal
processing-based silicon and
software platforms for
broadband communications


Srinivas Kasa
Tel: +91-80-5099594
Fax: +91-80-5298238

Unisphere Networks

Networking products for
IP-driven services
Data and voice products
Subscriber & Services
Application services:
Broadband Connectivity,
voice services

Service providers,

Shirish Kanetkar
(Country Manager, India)
Tel: 91-11-6207428
Fax: 91-11-747 4718/19

Brian Pereira can be reached at

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