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New Products & Services

AvSoft Technologies has launched SmartCOP version 4. The software has features like centralized server management, e-mail filtering for viruses as well as unauthorized attachments, real-time scanning on modifications, integrity monitor for checking infection in the registry entries, Heuristic Scan for Macro viruses, VB Script/J Script/W Script viruses, etc.

The basic structure is based on server management, which obviates the need for monitoring each computer individually. Installation, configuration, scheduling a scan, viewing the history for a particular node and similar activities can all be performed from the server.

SmartCOP 4 comes equipped with Internet filter module, which can plug-in between the applications and the Winsock layer. The MailTrap utility of SmartCOP scans all incoming mails before they reach mail clients like Outlook or Netscape. Infected mails are quarantined and the clean ones pass through. A powerful e-mail content filter can block unauthorized attachments, embedded scripts, ActiveX components and Java applets. SmartTrap, a real-time scanner, monitors the hard disk at the time of modification or access, which ensures that no other computer in the LAN can send infected data to a SmartCOP protected system.

Additional features include an Offline Scanner, Quarantine module, InstaUpdate module (to download latest updates for individual desktops), a rescue disk creator, scheduler interface and an event notifier for network notifications. There is also a single-click update procedure available, which can download program patches/bug fixes, apart from the virus definitions.

The software provides the option to create rescue disks at the time of installation, as and when the user wants. It creates a self-booting and auto-scanning floppy which comes handy when the system stops booting.

The scanner technology is thread-based, which ensures the performance of the system is not affected by the scanning process, and other applications can run simultaneously without any overhead to the system.

The offline scanner (SmartScan) is available for free download from the SmartCOP website (

AVSOFT Technologies
C-7, Friends Colony (East),
New Delhi - 110065.
Tel : 11-6326015, 6326016
Fax: 11-6911432.

Cisco announced the availability of the PIX 506E and 515E platforms; enhancements for PIX 506 and 515 Firewall platforms. These products provide network security and VPN performance requirements for converged network deployments.

The upgrades affect the latest version (6.2) of the PIX Firewall OS, and extension of the SAFE Blueprint to support IP telephony. SAFE is based on Cisco AVVID (Architecture for Voice, Video and Integrated Data), enabling business to maximize security.

PIX 506E and 515E Firewall platforms provide enhanced capabilities designed for optimized security and VPN performance. The extra processing power has resulted in a two and a half times increase in firewall throughput. The PIX OS version 6.2 includes features like PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE) protocol, improved ISP compatibility in SOHO networks. This version also enables the firewall to act as hardware based VPN client, simplifying management of large-scale VPN deployments for small and remote office environments. To ease integration of existing networks, bi-directional or dual NAT (Network Address Translation) simplifies the integration of two existing networks that utilize overlapping IP address spaces. PIX administration has been enhanced by integration with the Cisco Secure Access Control Server (ACS), enabling multiple, customized levels of administrative access. New object grouping simplifies administration allowing network resources and services to be structured into logical groups thus streamlining network access control policies.

Stub Multicast Routing support in PIX OS version 6.2 allows customers to take advantage of IP multicast's bandwidth conserving technology, while securely deploying popular streaming multimedia applications such as video conferencing and e-learning.

Cisco Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd.
IL&FS Financial Centre, 2nd floor
C 22, G Block,
Bandra-Kurla Complex
Bandra (East), Mumbai-400051
Tel: 22-6533430 Fax: 22-6533703

AMD is getting ready to pound the competition with its AMD-8000 series chipsets and next generation processor architecture codename 'Hammer' which have just been introduced in the market. AMD says the new architecture is expected to improve the overall performance of future computing platforms. The chipset incorporates HyperTransport technology, which helps to diminish system bottlenecks, improve efficiency, and increase throughput for enhancing overall system performance.

The AMD-8000 series chipsets will include AMD-8111 HyperTransport I/O hub, the AMD-8131 HyperTransport PCI-X tunnel, and AMD-8151 HyperTransport AGP3.0 graphics tunnel. The chipsets for the Hammer processor are slated to be available in the fourth quarter of 2002, and are designed to provide the basis for AMD processor-based systems to serve the PC, workstation, and server markets.

The Hammer processor architecture is designed to provide unparalleled PC performance on 32-bit applications, while allowing a migration path to 64-bit applications. The architecture allows a seamless execution of both 32-bit and 64-bit code, and allows applications to meet the need for memory-intensive programs.

AMD's x86-64 technology is designed to support applications that address large amounts of physical and virtual memory, like high-performance servers, database management systems, and CAD tools. The x86-64 technology integrates into the current computing and support environment, and is designed to enable enterprises to deploy high performance 64-bit capable systems.

AMD Far East Ltd. (India)
Suite 206, Chintels Business Centre,
Chintels House,
A-11 Kailash Colony,
New Delhi 110 048, India
Tel: 11-6238620-29 Fax: 11-6281364

Siemens has introduced HiPath 3000 range of EPABX/KTS to enable enterprises ranging from SOHO to SMEs to implement new interactive convergence solutions such as VoIP, IP trunking, high speed Internet access, Net meetings and multimedia based CRM initiatives.

Siemens will also introduce its AC drives the MM4 series. The MM4 range of Variable Speed Drives include Operator Panels, Encoder Module, Device Net Module, EMC/RFI Filters, PROFIBUS Module, Input/Output Chokes etc. According to the company, MM4 can be integrated in normal communication landscapes without any difficulty.

The MM4 range includes MM4-Non Vector, General Purpose Converters (0.12 kW-11kW) and the MM4-Vector, High Performance Converters (0.12 kW-90 kW).

Sentron VL range of MCCBs (Moulded Case Circuit Breakers) designed with minimum parts and maximum modular use is yet another product from the company. There are two types of trip units: 'Thermomagnetic' trip unit and 'Microprocessor' trip unit. The former offers adjustable overload protection for systems up to 630A. The Microprocessor based trip unit in addition to wideband overload protection, offers the option of time selective short circuit and earth fault protection for systems up to 800A.

The CubicleBUS module permits simple connection of external accessory components to all intelligent components within the Sentron circuit breaker. The module includes, digital output modules, analog output modules, digital input modules as well as ZSI modules for zone selective interlocking.

In the enterprise communications market the company offers products and solutions consisting of IP-ready range of Hicom/Hipath EPABX/KTS, videoconferencing, mobility using DECT, VoIP,

Hipath ProCenter and portability of voice video and data over IP, and ISDN.

Siemens Ltd.
130, Pandurang Budhkar Marg
Worli, Mumbai-400018
Tel: 22-4987000 Fax: 22-4987500

McAfee Security announced a new application interface and e-business client software designed to work with the McAfee E-Business Server Solution. The McAfee solution, which enables customers to secure data transmissions using PGP encryption, enables any type of business to send and store encrypted data within the organization or across the Internet.

The McAfee E-Business Client software gives non-technical business end-users a simple installation and drag-and-drop interface to encrypt and send data. Use of E-Business Client software with E-Business Server solution allows corporate end-users to securely exchange data with multiple partners by using a self-configured pull down menu. Files encrypted with PGP can be sent via SMTP e-mail or FTP (file transfer protocol), and audit trails ensure that the data has been successfully exchanged.

Implementation of McAfee E-Business Server will offer Internet and IT developers new interfaces for the COM, Java or Perl programming languages. These native interfaces will enable businesses to protect customer and business data by integrating automated encryption within existing Visual Basic, Perl and Java applications, so that data is protected even in the event of a security breach on a vulnerable Web server. Developers of these applications can encrypt, decrypt, digitally sign, and authenticate data transmissions with simple commands within the developer language that they know.

The e-business server encrypts data as it is stored on the mainframe or server (including vulnerable Web servers), adding a layer of security that protects the data from internal or external attacks and other unauthorized access. With PGP's 128-bit minimum encryption and the PKI model, data is also protected during access and while in transit.

The E-Business Server solution is compatible with the COM, Java and Perl application protocol interfaces (APIs), and supports the AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Microsoft Windows NT and Windows 2000 platforms.

Network Associates (SEA) Pte. Ltd.
Emgeen Chambers, 4th floor
10, Vidyanagari Marg
Kalina, Santacruz (E)
Tel: 22-6935278 Fax: 22-6147078

Tellabs has introduced 3150 Performance Probe software package for voice-quality enhancement system to help wireless carriers optimize call quality. The software measures voice signals that route through the Tellabs 3100 Voice-Quality Enhancement system, enabling wireless carriers to cost-effectively monitor and optimize voice quality for customers. It can measure and display speech levels, noise levels, echo and delay every five seconds, enabling carriers to analyze, evaluate and improve voice quality performance in their network before customers complain. According to Tellabs, the softwares automated measurement function helps reduce operating costs by minimizing the time and resources needed to identify and troubleshoot voice-quality performance issues.

Tell Labs India Pvt Ltd,
6th floor, Industry House,
Race Course Road, Bangalore-1
Tel: 080- 2261807

DGE-500SX Gigabit Ethernet Adapter from D-Link is a high-bandwidth network adapter, providing up to 2000 Mbps full-duplex bandwidth capacity to support high-end servers. It delivers added performance to the network while working with the existing LAN infrastructure. Functions like VLAN filtering and hardware-based chip-level IP packet processing, provides added performance, flexible configuration and secure networking to users in a standards-based environment.

On-board verification of IP headers and TCP/UDP checksums for received data through CLIP (Chip Level Internet Protocol) offloads the server's overhead, making more server processing power available for the applications. The adapter uses Jato Technology Propulsion algorithms for improving system throughput.

It operates in 32-bit 33MHz PCI slot servers as well as 64-bit 66MHz PCI slot servers. It auto configures according to the different data path widths thereby assuring compatibility with various server configurations.

According to D-Link, servers with DGE-500SX Gigabit Ethernet adapters installed inside can connect to a fiber backbone through a D-Link Gigabit switch inter-connecting different departments, or directly to a department through a D-Link 10/100 Mbps switch with Gigabit support.

D-Link (India) Ltd.
D-Link House, Plot No.5
Kurla-Bandra Complex Road
Off. CST Road, Santacruz (E)
Tel: 22-6526696/6902210
Fax: 22-6528914

PANDUIT Corp. has introduced FIBERRUNNER 4x4 and 12x4 Routing Systems for fiber optic cable. The system provides effective routing, segregation and protection of fiber optic cabling between and around distribution frames, terminal devices and splice enclosures. The system has been designed to seamlessly integrate with other routing systems and products from the same company, like FIBERRUNNER 6x4 Routing System, FIBER-DUCT 2x2 and 4x4 Routing Systems and OPTICOM HD Fiber Distribution Products.

Panduit says this is a robust system that handles large capacity requirements and hinged and split covers, enabling fast and easy access to cable for moves, adds and changes. According to the company, for maximum versatility of application, FIBERRUNER system allows multiple spill-out options, including a spill-over fitting, a three sided trumpet for open access, inner duct transition to corrugated tubing, and transition to FIBERRUNNER 6x4 Routing System or FIBER-DUCT 2x2 or 4x4 Slotted or Solid Wall Duct.

PANDUIT India Bangalore Office
F1, Gem Plaza, Infantry Road
Bangalore, Karnataka India 560 001
Tel: 80-532 1079/80
Fax: 80-2899208

Network Programs through its Net Whisper family of products offers variety of VoIP solutions like Net Whisper (Gatekeeper) and Net Whisper (Terminal).

Net Whisper (Gatekeeper) is an H.323 gatekeeper application featuring policy-based control of H.323 VoIP zone. It allows organizations to set up robust and secure VoIP networks suitable for high-quality corporate use. Various features like flexible, rule-based dialing plan management to ensure full control over call routing, network security by authenticating users who want to access the VoIP system, user policy control for simultaneous voice calls in network, bandwidth etc, centralized voice mail, CDRs (Call Detail Records) for use by billing software, user-friendly GUI-based installation and configuration. It is currently available on Windows NT and Windows 2000 platforms.

Net Whisper (Terminal) is an H.323 compliant VoIP terminal application that provides a two way full-duplex one-to-one voice communication over IP networks.

It is based on ITU-T's H.323 standard for VoIP applications, and works with other H.323 compliant applications. According to Network Programs the application provides user-friendly, personalized, real-time, full-duplex IP based audio communication over private and public networks. The terminal application supports policy-based QoS (Quality of Support) feature that prioritizes audio traffic, improving sound quality. It optimizes valuable network bandwidth by using industry standard GSM audio codec. It is available on Windows 9x/NT/2000.

Network Programs (India) Ltd.
B-1-C, Sector - 10, NOIDA 201301
Tel : 118 - 4536622
Fax : 118 - 4536625

Aztec Software and Technology Services has launched J2CS, an application tool that converts Java to C#. J2CS is a cross-language compiler that converts a client's existing Java Applications to C#. The application has been built using Microsoft's .NET platform. J2CS converts a Java source tree to equivalent C# source. This tool gives developers the flexibility to work on the Java platform or to shift over to the .NET platform by converting to C#. It offers various transformations like mapping keyword and language constructs, global regular expression 'find and replace', JDK (Java Developer Kit) 1.3 support, etc. It enables organizations to expand their base to include .NET-based customers by converting their Java code rather than redesign and re-implement it in C#.

J2CS is currently in beta stage and available for download from

Aztec Software & Technology Services Ltd.
# 23, III A Cross
18th Main, 6th Block
Koramangala, Bangalore - 560 095
Tel: 80-5522892 Fax: 80-5521987

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