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Inbox (April 2002)

VoIP for my Call Center

Dear Soutiman,
I read your article in February 2002, on VoIP. It is extremely interesting to note the benefits of VoIP. We are planning to start an International Call Center and are in advanced form of negotiation with vendors. Initially we were looking at PSTN Network but now believe we can use VoIP. We would like to know your views on the same.

Narendra Berlia

Dear Narendra Berlia,
Thank you for reading the article on VoIP. I am glad that the article has helped you decide upon VoIP as the communications infrastructure for your organization. The use of VoIP has indeed been deregulated and licenses have been given to a few ISPs. You can get in touch with these organizations and work out a suitable deal.

I wish you all the best in your Call Center venture.

VSATs please

Dear Editor,
I am a regular reader of Network Magazine and I find the articles extremely informative. I have in the past been able to gather knowledge about various technologies like optical MANs, Frame Relay MANs, and ERP from your magazine.

Can you please publish an article that will tell us about the technology and issues that come up when one wants to set up a VSAT network? I will be delighted to read about it.

Krishnan Raju
Senior Executive
Halo e-solutions, Vishakhapatnam

Dear Krishnan Raju,
Thank you for appreciating the articles in my magazine. I am glad that the magazine is able to help you increase your knowledge and provide a better understanding of technology. We certainly plan to publish a case study on an organization that has a VSAT network. And we also have plans to write a technology feature on VSATs. I have not decided on the month in which I will publish it, but I'm sure you will see it very soon on the stands.

Incidental buy

Dear Sandeep Ajgaonkar,
I purchased a copy of your March issue at Delhi airport out of curiosity. It was very informative and I plan to buy the issues regularly and soon subscribe to it. I suggest you try to publish articles on Linux to spread awareness and move users to a robust Server OS, cut down piracy and save costs.

With best wishes,
Head-EDP Systems & IT
Hi-Tech Plast Containers (India) Ltd

Dear Mr Rao,
Thanks for the feedback regarding the magazine. We plan to start a regular feature on Linux soon.

Simply NAS

Dear Sandeep,
I want to congratulate you and your team at Network Magazine on the excellent article on 'Storing Data over Networks'. I found it well written, and very succinct in explaining the fundamentals of NAS from a benefits perspective with a strong technical basis.

I have read a great deal about NAS over the years, and your article stands out as the clearest and most effective I've seen, as a positioning document for customers and sales people alike.

I hope you will publish more articles on enterprise storage in future.

David McQuarrie

Dear David,
Thank you for writing to us. I am glad that you have appreciated the article on storage. This month our cover story is on storage. The articles will cover an exhaustive range of issues related to storage and its solutions.

Hero Honda

Dear Soutiman,
Congratulations for an excellent article on Hero Honda's implementation of a world-class network. It was interesting to read how the company put together the elements in the network and made it a full functioning system, the way it stands today.

Chetan Kumar

Dear Chetan,
Thank you for appreciating the article. We shall be printing similarly descriptive articles in later issues of the magazine.

Two offices

Dear Sandeep,
The network in my office runs on Windows NT and I have installed eight workstations. I have deployed a hub which distributes bandwidth to the different workstations which are connected on a backbone LAN of 10 Mbps. Suppose I want to connect to another office of mine in a different part of the city, what do I have to do? The other office has a 10 Mbps LAN with 5 workstations.

Rajiv Mishra
Uttar Pradesh

Dear Rajiv Mishra,
There are various options for connectivity. You can use a dialup connection with remote access, an ISDN line, or a leased line. A dialup connection may be cheap but is not reliable. An ISDN link is much more reliable than a dialup, although it does have its share of downtime.

Since you have not mentioned details like whether the data is mission-critical, the amount bandwidth that you need, and the average size of the files you will transfer it's a good idea to seek advice from a systems integrator. The systems integrator can assess you needs and take a closer look at your infrastructure in order to decide the best solution.



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