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Go wireless with Convergent

Often wireless networking seems to be the only solution to extend intranet, internet or any other 'last mile connectivity' needs. Having 5 years pioneering expertise, the wireless team of Convergent Communications (India ) Private Limted [ CCIPL ], headquartered in Bangalore and having sales and support offices in 14 locations in all the regions of India, offers complete solutions for both fixed and mobile wireless access. The solutions address both indoor wireless Local Area Networks [ WLAN ] and outdoor wireless Metropolitan Area Network [ WMAN ] requirements. The team takes up projects on 'turn-key' basis, right from planning, designing phase to implementation and maintenance phase. The team is maintaining wireless networks all over the country covering more than 300 links, for both Government & Private organisations.

Wireless MAN front

Wireless MANs are used, to provide dedicated wireless connectivity solution

  • for a range of about 20-30 KMs
  • for primarily data communication applications like :

1. Extension of LAN from one site to other site [ Point-to-Point Link]

2. Linking multiple LAN sites to a central site [ Point-to-multipoint network ]

3. Linking multiple remote PCs to Central Site LAN

4. Extension of internet access

5. Linking LANs / PCs/ Terminals from 'difficult to wire' sites

Range of solutions are available from CCIPL to cater to the varying needs of customers, in terms of bandwidth [ 64 KBPS to 11 MBPS to 360 MBPS], coverage [from 100 Mtrs to 50 KMs], topology [Point-to-Point & Point-to-multipoint] and in terms of application [Voice, Data & Video]

Wireless LAN front
CCIPL offers Wireless LAN solutions suitable in office complex / home / small campus, to provide mobility [anywhere, anytime access], to extend wired LAN to the 'hard to wire' locations, to set up temporary networks and to access intranet and internet. Solutions are based on standard 802.11b & 802.11a.

Skill set - the key strength of CCIPL
Complementary to the product range, CCIPL has more than 100 man years in the design, implementation and maintenance of wireless networks all over India for both Government & Private sector organisations. CCPIL provides all the necessary services like feasibility studies, network design, site survey, network engineering, installation and commissioning & maintenance.

Research & Development
CCIPL has an R&D that designs and develops RF products like antennas, amplifiers, repeaters, and other supplementary products that would 'add value' to build wireless networks

Technical Education Services
CCIPL periodically conducts technical seminars and workshops in wireless networking. Immediate program namely 'Wireless Connect' is scheduled to start from 15th March 2002, that would cover the basics of all wireless technologies followed by 'hands-on workshop' on Wireless LANs & wireless MANs

For more details please contact:
Convergent Communications ( India ) Private Limited
108, Gavipuram Guttahalli, Off Bull Temple Road,
Bangalore - 560 019
Phone : 080-6612973-76 Fax : 080-6612977

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