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New Products & Services

Alcatel has launched its first integrated Internet/voice/data services in a single 'e-communication appliance' for SMEs called Alcatel OmniPCX Office. OmniPCX Office is a pre-configured server that integrates communication services like telephony (circuit switched or VoIP), controllable Internet access, e-mail server, network security services, and 10/100 LAN switching.

The system according to the company is a modular solution as it can be built out, as enterprise needs evolve. The system exists in three different data form factor models. It can be mounted in a 19" data cabinet, with choice of hardware and software for which installation and configuration can be reduced. An enterprise may have a need for only voice solution for the present but can upgrade to VoIP solution when the need arises.

Alcatel says that OmniPCX integrates all components needed like routing capability, certified firewall for enterprise security, an e-mail server for internal and external communication, proxy server for Internet usage control, cache server for performance and cost-optimized access and VPN server for secure remote access to LAN resources via the Internet.

Alcatel Business Systems (India) Ltd.
49, 100 Feet Rd., Koramangala IV Block
Bangalore 560 034
Tel: (080) 5536114 Fax: (080) 5536338
Website: www.alcatel.com

Onward Novell Software India Ltd, announced the availability of Novell Small Business Suite 6. According to the company, the product provides software that can help small businesses network with its customers by integrating their local networks with the Internet. This can create a unified network, which can be managed easily and cost effectively.

Novell Small Business Suite 6 provides core networking and storage capabilities to small businesses with 50 users. The suite includes Novell NetWare 6 with its 'access anywhere' features like Novell iFolder, iPrint and NetWare WebAccess. Novell says that these features allow file, print, directory, e-mail, and other network resources to be accessed and managed from any desktop, any device, in any location.

The suite also collaborates with Novell GroupWise 6, desktop management with Novell ZENworks for Desktops 3.2, and network security through Novell BorderManager Enterprise Edition 3.6. Partner products Tobit FaxWare, Network Associates VirusScan and NetShield, and FatPipe Internet Software provide additional collaboration, security and broadband features.

Onward Novell Software (I) Ltd.
62 MIDC, 13th Street, Andheri (E)
Mumbai 400 093
Tel: (022) 8342244
Fax: (022) 8342223/8311277
Website: www.novell.com

National Semiconductor Corporation has introduced Utopia-LVDS (Low-Voltage Differential Signaling) bridge for telecom applications. UTOPIA stands for Universal Test and Operations Physical Interface for ATM.

The company says that this single-chip solution designed for broadband access equipment, ATM switches, 3G base stations and xDSL access-concentrators, provides Utopia Bus Level 2 serializer/deserializer (SerDes) for transmitting data over LVDS links as long as 16 meters.

DS92UT16 UTOPIA-LVDS bridge aims to transport flow control information, extended 64-byte cells and an embedded communications channel across the LVDS link. The extended call support with built-in address translation enables the bridge to address up to 248 PHY (physical layer) ports for expanded functionality. Utopia Level 2 serves in access systems with data rates from 1 Mbps to 622 Mbps.

Natsem India Designs Pvt. Ltd.
2nd floor, Leela Galleria
23, Airport Road, Bangalore 560 017
Tel: (080) 5253351/2 Fax: (080) 5253374
Website: www.national.com

Trend Micro has announced the availability of the latest version of its antivirus and content security solution for Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 called Trend Micro ScanMail for Exchange V.3.8 and eManager V 5.1.

These versions are antivirus and content filtering solutions designed to protect Microsoft Exchange environments of any size against viruses, spam, and other unwanted messages. The solution helps prevent new virus outbreaks from infiltrating the Microsoft Exchange 5.5 environment.

The company says that eManager enables immediate blocking of viruses in an e-mail message or file attachment, before an updated virus protection is available. It also allows administrators to scan message content and attachments passed to and from the Exchange 5.5 environment. The product uses a filter called Active Message Filter to control previously infected e-mail from reaching its customers or business partners.

Currently registered ScanMail for Exchange customers can upgrade to ScanMail for Exchange V3.8 free of cost.

Technical Consultant - India
Trend Micro
107, 1st floor, Madhava Bldg
Bandra Kurla Complex
Bandra (E), Mumbai 400 051
Tel: (022) 6590346/0355 Fax: (022) 6590354Website: www.antivirus.com

Thin (server) is in
Compaq ProLiant BL e-Class Server, an architecture engineered for enterprise, which can pack 280 blades into a standard 42U rack has been launched in India. According to the company ProLiant BL is designed to address the needs of space-constrained enterprises and service providers. ProLiant Essentials Rapid Deployment Pack software allows automatic configuration and installation of operating systems and applications.

The company says that the new server is based on a modular architecture and consists of a single Intel Ultra-Low Voltage Pentium III processor, up to 1 GB of ECC memory, 30 GB of disk storage, and two 10/100 Ethernet connections. Customers can also deploy 20 ProLiant server Blades in a 3U enclosure. A 3U chassis supports hot-plug power and cooling, network connections, and intelligent embedded technology that enables customers to manage both Windows 2000 and Linux operating systems within the same enclosure.

The Blade server provides a choice of network connectivity, cable reduction, efficient setup and management. It can co-exist with traditional servers and storage, and will be compatible with future generation of ProLiant BL e-Class servers.

Compaq Computer (India) Pvt. Ltd.
92, Industrial Suburb II Stage,
Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore 560 022
Tel: (080) 3097785/3374785
Fax: (080) 3374601/3374395
Website: www.compaq.com

Embarcadero Technologies have introduced a range of database tools that enable organizations to build optimize and manage critical enterprise systems. These tools support Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, and IBM DB2/UDB and mainframe databases running on any OS.

According to the company the products offer database life-cycle management tools that cater to specific phases of database management like DB Artisan for Database Administration. This can maximize the availability, performance, and security of databases throughout the enterprise. DB Artisan enables database administrators to concurrently manage Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, and IBM DB2 databases from a single graphical console, and create dramatic productivity gains for both experienced and novice database professionals.

A tool called ER Studio for Database Modeling & Analysis Tool enables easy design of databases. It provides an environment for reverse engineering, building logical and physical models, reporting & documentation capabilities, and addresses every day needs of DBA's, Developer's and Data Architects in designing and maintaining large complex database applications.

Another tool called Rapid SQL for Database Development along with Web programming support provides an environment for creating, editing, versioning, and deploying server side objects residing on Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, and IBM DB2 Databases.

Free 15 day trial versions of these products can be downloaded from www.kcp.co.in/technologies.

Ramakrishna Buildings
KCP Technologies Limited
2 Dr. PV Cherian Crescent,
Egmore, Chennai 600 008
Tel: (044) 8204152/8278187
Fax: (044) 8255762
Website: www.kcp.co.in

Fifth Generation (India) Ltd has introduced a system for encoding and decoding electronic file for non-suspicious and secure communication. The products and services range is called the BlackHole range. It uses cryptography and can convert encrypted e-mail attachments into images of the users' choice.

The company says that the product uses dual plus key logic whereby the sender encodes e-mail attachment into an image of his choice and sends it to the desired recipient. At the other end, only the desired recipient will be able to decode the encoded image file to extract the actual file. The encoding procedure also uses cryptography algorithms to provide additional security.

There is also provision for decoding the image even if the recipient has not installed a BlackHoleMail decoding module. The product also ensures that a third party which has the same encoding/decoding system installed cannot decode the intruded encoded image file.

The company offers two shrink wrap versions of the products:

1) BlackHole v2.0 - to camouflage files/folders within a system.

2) BlackHoleMail - to encode/decode e-mail attachments into images to provide non-suspicious and secure communication for the Intranet and Internet.

Fifth Generation (India) Ltd.
1A Jamasji Apt. Sleater Rd,
Grant Rd. (W), Mumbai 400 007
Tel: (022) 3882592
Fax: (022) 3877393
Website: www.blackholemail.com

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