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Your little black book

The book is a hands-on guide for administrators who want to migrate from Windows NT and earlier versions of server software to Windows 2000 Server. It can also be referred to by administrators who want to install Windows 2000 Server in their enterprises' networks and those who already have the server installed and running.

NT administrators will remember Microsoft's Zero Administration initiative in the form of a toolkit in 1997. The book can be viewed as an extension of the initiative which had reasonable success among its installed base. The book boasts that the reader will be empowered with the ability to decrease TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and introduce hassle-free management. Whether that actually happens is a million-dollar question. But at least one can expect to gather a substantial amount of OS (Operating System) administration knowledge.

An explanation of the Microsoft Management Console kicks off a study of three new fundamental technologies in the software. They are Active Directory, Group Policy, and IntelliMirror. A section on security configuration, management, and analysis talks about creating and using security policies, making analyses, and backups. The book is sprinkled with screen shots of the management terminal, and at places the configuration steps are explained in easy numbered steps.

The information in the book revolves around the three new fundamental technologies mentioned above. But in order to have a complete grip over the OS's management one needs to go beyond that.

It is however a handy aid for administrators who would like to get over the teething problems of a newly installed Windows 2000 Server. This is because they can combine their experience and knowledge with information in the book to derive a possible solution. But they should surely keep other Windows 2000 Server books in their bookcases as well.

Title: Windows 2000 Server Configuration & Administration Little Black Book
Author: Robert E. Simanski
Publisher: IDG Books India (P) Ltd
Price: Rs. 169/-

To crack a code

The book is aimed to help you program WAP, Bluetooth, and 3G content for multimedia applications. It's meant for software developers and programmers who want to upgrade their skills and understand the secrets behind professional quality applications. And it will teach you only the basics of the specific technologies.

The matter is code-intensive and has less emphasis on theory. Each program is explained in reasonable detail in order to provide insight into the implementation of the technology in a real-world situation. The book however does not provide a comprehensive tutorial of specific technologies. It provides only command summaries.

The objective seems to be to put the reader on a path of wireless communication and help develop software that provides content and applications on wireless networks. The book begins with WAP content development using technologies like WML, WML script, JSP, Servlets, and Cold Fusion. It moves from a discussion on Bluetooth to a detailed discussion of 3G. Emphasis is placed on developing applications for Bluetooth and 3G networks.

The book helps develop mobile applications like airport and shopping mall kiosk applications using WAP and Bluetooth; file transfer and chat applications using Bluetooth; 3G applications for animation, music download, and advertisement and database information retrieval using Brew; and Voice messaging, audio broadcasting and audio video broadcasting using JMF.

Cracking the Code - WAP, Bluetooth, and 3G Programming comes with a CD-ROM which is handy. It contains over 1000 lines of source code, 15 ready applications, Forte from Java 2.0 Community Edition, a Java 2 development kit, a Nokia Active Server Professional edition, and evaluation versions of HomeSite and ColdFusion Studio Enterprise. The book is one of the firsts of its kind and seems an elaborate affair. A handy tool for developers looking to grab a share of the WAP, Bluetooth, and 3G market when it booms.

Title: Cracking the Code - WAP, Bluetooth, and 3G Programming
Author: Dreamtech Software Team
Publisher: IDG Books India (P) Ltd
Price: Rs. 399/-

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