Issue of March 2002  


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The 64-bit question: Will enterprises bite the bait?
The 64-bit platform has been around since the late 90's when Digital Equipment (now a Compaq company) introduced its Alpha systems in the country. Ever since, large enterprises deployed servers, operating systems, middleware and applications at the backend.

Shopping for 64-bit solutions
McKinley is the one to watch

Case Study
Shifting to high gear
Network you can bank on


Other Features  

IPSec and MPLS: Which VPN is right for you?
The office fax machine is a very busy beast, receiving over tens of junk faxes everyday.

Firewall Configuration
Firewalling: Plan before you leap
The firewall is probably one of the most misunderstood, misused and wrongly configured element of networks today.

i-mode in Asia
The i-mode phenomenon
i-mode is the new platform for mobile phone communications that has revolutionized the way nearly one-fifth of the people in Japan live and work.


Value-added broadband
Broadband service providers in India have to add value in the form of services along with traditional bandwidth access.

Top 50 Websites for IT Heads
Surf easier for online networking resources with our 50 choice pickings from the Web. by David Chin & Ong Boon Kiat
Base Station Not Required?
Despite widespread deployments, 802.11b, wireless base stations are still expensive. Here's how you can use a Unix (Linux or BSD) computer as a base station to serve a small wireless network. by Seamus Phan

Getting ready for a "Converged" tomorrow
In a volatile world of communication technologies, the 10th Convergence India 2002 international conference is set to chart a course for the industry as it turns the spotlight on 'Next Generation Convergent Communications'.


The next-generation IP
The Internet has experienced a phenomenal growth in a short span with more than 450 million users connected to it worldwide.

The storage question
Storing and managing data is an important business need for an enterprise. P. P Subramanian shares his thoughts on the various storage alternatives enterprises have


Routes to escape
In the February 2002 issue of this magazine I spoke about disaster recovery and how to plan an escape route.

Routing data
Routers are key to your organization's WAN strategy. Here are some tips on buying these layer 3 boxes. by Mahesh Rathod

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