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New Products & Services

Hitachi Data Systems announced the availability of a SAN (Storage Area Network) starter kit. The kit includes a rack-mounted Thunder 9200, fiber switch technology, storage management software and services needed to design and build a SAN. Hitachi says the product can offer customers an easy way to purchase, implement, and support new or existing enterprise SANs.

Customers can create consolidated storage pools that maximize efficiency and minimize management complexity while enabling storage to grow independently of servers. This can result in cost savings.

The company claims that at the heart of the kit is Thunder 9200 which has a fiber architecture that delivers a system bandwidth that is up to four times greater than competitor offerings. The Thunder 9200 scales in a single configuration from 36 GB to 7.2 TB of capacity and is packaged in a flexible rackmount or deskside configuration.

Hitachi felt that the combination of high scalability, high performance, and advanced Java-based GUI management capabilities makes the product ideal for applications like e-commerce, data mart/data mining, messaging, and Web servers. It also serves as a storage consolidation for NAS (Network Attached Storage) and SAN in NT/2000 and Unix environments.

Hitachi Data Systems
101-1st Floor, Shah Sultan Complex
No. 17 Cunningham Road
Bangalore - 560 052
Tel: 080 - 2088 292 / 93
Fax:080 - 2088309
Website: www.hitachidatasystems.com

Symantec Corporation has launched Norton SystemWorks 2002, Norton CleanSWeep 2002, and Norton Utilities 2002.

These products aim to extend the functionality found in Windows XP and keep the OS running at high performance levels. The company said that the products have features like intuitive interface, scheduled automatic system checks, automatic safeguard against viruses, advanced system recovery tool, and the ability to permanently delete all traces of selected files/folders to clear free space.

Norton SystemWorks 2002 also includes full versions of the newest releases of Norton AntiVirus 2002 and GoBack 3 Personal Edition. Norton SystemWorks 2002 Professional Edition includes all the products in Norton SystemWorks 2002 as well as Norton Ghost 2002 and WinFax 10.0 Basic Edition.

Norton CleanSWeep 2002 aims to improve a PCs performance by safely and easily removing unwanted programs and Internet build-ups on Windows systems. It uses Internet Sweep technology to remove unwanted cache and cookie files that are automatically downloaded when surfing. It also removes unnecessary ActiveX controls and browser plug-ins.

Norton Utilities 2002 helps to optimize Windows XP and provides problem solving tools. It detects, prevents, and repairs hardware and software problems to give the user good control over the system.

Symantec India
Suite 801, Sunteck Centrako
MMTC Bldg, C-22,
Bandra-Kurla Complex
Bandra (E), Mumbai-400051
Tel: 22-6520658, Fax: 22-6520671
Website: www.symantec.com

Avaya has introduced the Avaya MultiService Networking Infrastructure (MSNI) Solutions. They provide the foundation for applications that combine voice, data and video over IP networks, including CRM (Customer Relationship Management), VOIP (Voice over IP), unified messaging, distance learning and collaborative video. The Avaya CajunRules Policy Manager enables the total management of your network according to your business guidelines and principles of operation; it works across all Avaya's LAN switches and existing networks.

The Avaya Cajun product family offers network infrastructure from desktop, wiring closet, to the backbone, to the WAN. Avaya's SYSTIMAX SCS (Structured Connectivity Solutions) reduce downtime by offering customizable copper and/or fiber connectivity solutions for the networks that integrate voice, video and data.

Avaya Virtual Private Network (VPN) Portfolio aids to shorten time to market and improve scalability for service providers delivering managed VPN services to new customers. According to the company they offer a full spectrum of applications and infrastructure needed for total voice/data convergence, along with extensive experience helping businesses become more customer-centric.

Tata Telecom Ltd.
Matulya Centre, A Block, 249
Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel (W),
Tel: 22-4930492, Fax: 22-4930644
Website: www.avaya.com

Compex Systems Pte Ltd unveiled its latest product in the HomeNet series—TH102-A HPNA-to-Ethernet Gateway and NetPassage 16 from its Parallel Broadband NetPassage Series.

Compex's TH102-A is a 10Mbps HPNA-to-Ethernet Gateway integrated with bridging and routing capabilities between home phone line and Ethernet networks. This allows users to access Ethernet devices via home phone line network or configure to share broadband Internet access, with multiple HPNA-ready home PCs. Compex's TH102-A leverages PC networking through existing phone wiring in homes, without disrupting the phone service.

According to the company, TH102-A provides a cost-efficient home network to be setup using phone lines instead of network cabling or the more expensive wireless solution. Apart from sharing a single Broadband Internet account, Compex's TH102-A provides scalable Internet bandwidth via Compex's 'Parallel Broadband' technology. As your network expands, additional units of TH102-A can be installed to your network, delivering virtually a combined Internet bandwidth and providing fault tolerance with redundant links.

TH102-A HPNA-to-Ethernet Gateway enables other services like file and printer sharing amongst all computers on the network. If the TH102-A unit is operating in Router mode, features like Time-based Access Control and IP Packet Filtering, enable users to restrict and control the amount of time spent on the Internet. With Network Address Translation (NAT), TH102-A provides a firewall, thus providing security to your Home Phoneline Network. In addition, Compex TH102-A is designed with features such as Virtual Server, Built-in DHCP server and Web-based configuration interface. It also provides a user-friendly configuration interface which includes an option to save the configuration profile, which can be restored should the router settings be accidentally cleared.

NetPassage 16 Broadband Internet Gateway with 4-port 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Switch is a device to direct data in and out of your network, be it home or work, with or without wires, and to connect to broadband services. The NetPassage 16 features a Time-Based Control function that lets you keep a check on your Internet surfing time. It also supports dialup Internet connection using external V.90 56k analog modem, serving as a backup link. The 11Mbps wireless PCMCIA LAN card secured by 64-bit or 128-bit WEP (Wire Equivalent Privacy), enables you to share resources between the wired and wireless networks and surf the Internet wirelessly. It can also function as a Wireless Access Point, supporting Bridging to your existing wired Ethernet network. Incorporation of Pseudo VLAN (Virtual LAN) technology into the NetPassage 16 provides data privacy for wireless communication. The NetPassage 16 also includes other features such as hosting of Virtual Internet Servers, IP Packet Filtering and built-in DHCP Server.

Compex Systems Pte Ltd
# 08-01 PM Industrial Building
135 Joo Seng Road, Singapore 368363
Tel: 65-286-2086, Fax: 65-280-9947
Website: www.compex.com.sg

Cisco Systems has launched its latest generation of IP phones, Cisco IP Phone 7960. The phones are based on Cisco's AVVID (Architecture for Voice, Video and Integrated Data) platform. According to Cisco, the phones offer cost savings, as businesses have to invest in only one communication system for the desktop while delivering next-generation value-added services.

The Cisco IP Phone 7960 is aimed at addressing the needs of enterprise users. Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP3) standard directory provides user mobility within the office while retaining use of a direct dial number. Other services such as video conferencing, collaboration, value-added options like prioritizing calls received, calling party name and number, calls received, missed, dialed calls etc. are also provided.

According to the company, Cisco 7960 is designed for scalability. The features can keep pace with new changes through software updates to the phone's flash memory. The internal Cisco two-port Ethernet switch allows for a direct connection to a 10/100BaseTx Ethernet network via a RJ-45 interface with single LAN connectivity for both the phone and a co-located PC. The system administrator can designate separate virtual LANs (VLANs) (802.1Q) for the PC and Cisco IP Phones.

Along with the phone Cisco has also introduced a new IP Telephony solution. With an Interface Approval Certificate from TEC to its credit, Cisco's products can be connected directly to BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited)/ MTNL (Mahanagar Telephone Limited) networks to carry voice traffic from the internal enterprise PABX to anywhere in the world. Since an integrated PSTN voice and CUG Voice/Data architecture isn't legal, an enterprise needs to invest in a physically separate data network. The IP-based solution enable services such as video conferencing, collaboration, XML integration, application prioritizing calls received, calling party name and number, calls received, missed and dialed, extension mobility etc. According to the company the solution is backed up with standard CAT-5 LAN cabling. IP-PBX an open standards solution, gives enterprises the flexibility of selecting the vendor for application integration.

Cisco is amongst the few companies in India to offer an entire IP-based, multi-box solution with various scalability options, comprising of combinations using AS5300, Catalyst 6500, Cisco 3600, Catalyst 2900XL, integrated with Cisco Call Manager software, Cisco IP IVR (Interactive Voice Response), Cisco IP AA (Automated Attendant) and the Cisco range of IP Phones.

Cisco Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd.
IL&FS Financial Centre, 2nd Floor
C 22, G Block, Bandra-Kurla Complex
Bandra (E), Mumbai-400051
T el: 22-6533430, Fax: 22-6533703
Website: www.cisco.com

Agilent Technologies Inc. has introduced new surface-mount technology (SMT) voltage controlled oscillators (VCOs) for high-speed 40 Gbps fiber optic communication systems. It synchronizes data and voice communication systems to operate at US-standard SONET or European-standard STM transmission rates.

The VCOs perform multiplexing (MUX) and demultiplexing (DEMUX) clocking and enable manufacturers to meet the low-jitter performance specifications necessary for line cards in network routers and long-haul communication systems. According to the company the ultra compact size of these surface-mount VCOs will enable network equipment manufacturers to design more tightly integrated boards and line cards for 40 Gbps systems.

The VCOs also use Agilent's silicon bipolar and GaAs PHEMT technologies, and operate at 5 V bias with a 0 to 5 V tuning range. They are also available at slightly higher frequencies for systems using forward error correction (FEC), and can be packaged with SMA/K-connectors.

Agilent Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.
Chandiwala Estate
Maa Anandmai Marg, Kalkaji
New Delhi-110019
Tel: 11-6826415, Fax: 11-6826421
Website: www.agilent.com

Global E-Secure has launched a suite of e-security services and solution for banks. These security solutions aid Indian banks to comply with the guidelines, issued by the Reserve Bank of India to all scheduled commercial banks for computer-automated systems and Internet banking.

It offers services right from conducting IT security audits and risk assessment, to security architecture design & policy development, implementation and integration services to conducting post-implementation audit and control.

Global E-Secure also offers SmartCard and Token based two-factor authentication solutions for secured access mechanisms. It integrates well with systems supporting symmetric (SKI) or public key-based (PKI) authentication, data confidentiality and integrity. The services enable firewalls, Intrusion Detection and antivirus systems to protect access gateways, check for loopholes in the network and provide reliable access to authorized groups. According to Global E-Secure, the company will also provide facilities management through its Security Managers covering network, server, database, operating system and desktop administration and vendor, disaster recovery and backup.

Global E-Secure Ltd.
AB-01, Neelam Center,
Hind Cycle Rd, Worli, Mumbai 400025
Tel: 22-4614670, Fax:22-4614671
Website: www.globalesecure.com

InnoMedia IP VideoPhone, an IP-based desktop videophone is a compact system incorporating InnoMedia's audio and video processing technology. The phone is being marketed by TataNet as a low cost video conferencing solution. It is compatible with existing video conferencing standards like H.323. With a 4-inch TFT LCD display, the phone has CIF (Cells in Frame) and QCIF (Quarter Common Intermediate Format) video resolutions. The CIF resolution offers 352x288 pixels at up to 15fps (frames per second) and QCIF resolution 176x144 pixels at up to 30fps. The other features include high frame rate >15fps, video out connectivity to TV, VCR or projector, PAL (Phase Alternation Line) and NTSC (National Television Standards Committee) format support for input; NTSC only for output.

TataNet Nelco Limited
Wallace Compound
Tukaram Javji road
Grant Road (W), Mumbai 400007
Tel: 22-3808786/3801787, Fax: 22-3800858
Website: www.innomedia.com

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