Issue of February 2002  


Cover Story
Speak Easy
The VoIP market is set to explode once the telecom sector opens up and IP Telephony is legalized in April 2002. Some enterprises have already deployed this technology and are leveraging its benefits. by Brian Pereira

VoIP set to explode as Telecom opens up
VoIP: Packaged voice and more

Case Study
A warehouse of possibilities
Godrej Soaps wanted to extract more value out of the well-formatted ERP data it had collected over the years. It implemented data warehousing and OLAP tools and applications to mine additional benefits and also paved the path for future e-commerce initiatives. by Soutiman Das Gupta
Other Features  

Location-based services
Mobile Phone, Locate Thyself!
The inner workings of location-based services and devices. by CK Mah

Tooling Up for Security
There is no shortage of security tools for enterprises today. But as many IS managers have learned, these tools often come with disclaimers. by Graeme K. Le Roux

The Universal Mobile Device
The Universal Mobile Device
How do we bring broadband to mobile phone? CK Mah muses on the technologies that could make this a reality


Building power-ful enterprises
Power equipment specifications figure at the bottom of the procurement priority list among many enterprises worldwide, feels Torgny Sandberg, Managing Director, Emerson Network Power-Telecom, South East Asia/India. But in order to heighten sensitivity to customers' needs one must prevent power downtime to help maintain continuity of service.

A DWDM in the metro
Metro Optical Networking is gaining significance due to the ever-increasing demand for bandwidth and diminishing fiber availability. With an exponential rise in data traffic, especially for innovative and sophisticated communication services, service providers need to deliver services in the right way at the right price.

Storing data over networks
Are you facing the challenge of preserving data? Here are a few guidelines for choosing an appropriate Network Attached Storage (NAS). by Mahesh Rathod & Suryakant Naik

A planned escape from disaster
There are some things that people wakeup to only after experiencing the consequences that result from not being earnest. More specifically, I'm referring to Disasters and Backups.


Ethernet on steroids
Ethernet has evolved to meet the increasing demands of packet-switched networks. Now see what Gigabit Ethernet has to offer. by Mahesh Rathod

Resurgence of the mainframe
Despite the much predicted demise of mainframes, these 'Big Iron' number crunchers still form the central IS platform in many organizations. by M Ganesh


CAT 6 Cabling
Is CAT 6 out of the bag?
I guess the honest answer to the title of this article is, "We're working on it." Most manufacturers promote CAT 6 "compliant products" like cables, jacks, patch cords, and test equipment in the market place.

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