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New Products & Services

Oracle Corporation and Sun Microsystems announced the availability of Oracle9i Real Application Clusters Certified Configuration on the Sun Fire 280R server system with Sun StorEdge T3 Arrays. The solution can be integrated with Sun Cluster 3.0 with the help of VARs (Value Added Resellers). Customers can purchase an Oracle certified, pre-installed, pre-tested and optimized Oracle9i Real Application Clusters hardware and software solution, from a single reseller source, thus reducing acquisition and deployment time.

The Oracle9i Real Application Clusters Certified Configuration powered by the Sun platform can reduce the complexities of implementing software and hardware in an e-business infrastructure. Customers are no longer required to contact separate organizations for integration, support and maintenance, enabling a reduced total cost of ownership. Contact:

Sun Microsystems India Pvt. Ltd.
6th floor, Divyasree Chambers,
Off Langford Road,
Bangalore 560 025
Tel: 080-2298989
Fax: 080-2231794

VERITAS Software Corporation has introduced VERITAS Cluster Server 2.0, which is a server clustering tool. The company said that the product has new workload management features that are designed to reduce the cost and complexity of deploying and managing large clusters of servers. It supports a wide range of OSs (Operating Systems) and hardware platforms. It can enable an organization to manage the performance and availability of large server environments using few IT resources.

VERITAS says that the intelligent workload management capability of the product allows you to set up procedures to eliminate downtime and optimize application workload across servers. It can be accessed from a centralized console that provides a common management interface across diverse platforms. This can help companies reduce costs by streamlining administrative tasks.

VERITAS Cluster Server 2.0 can support cluster configurations of 32 servers to make it easy for companies to consolidate resources for large clustering applications like Web services.

The product can be integrated with VERITAS Global Cluster Manager and VERITAS Volume Replicator, as a part of a disaster recovery solution. The products can work together to maintain business operations and access to critical applications when data centers are migrated to remote locations for disaster recovery purposes.

The product also works with databases like Oracle, Sybase, and DB2.

VERITAS Software,
Unit No. 217, “Bonanza”,
Sahar Plaza Complex,
M. V. Road, Andheri (East),
Mumbai - 400 059.
Tel: 022-830 3025

Computer Associates International announced the availability of CleverPath Enterprise Content Manager (ECM) along with a number of new portal-centric solutions. CleverPath ECM is a solution that addresses the growing need to store, manage, control, and access diverse digital assets across the enterprise.

CleverPath ECM is an extension of CA's CleverPath Portal that aims to simplify content management across the enterprise using the Portal interface. It supports content types like data, images, multimedia, presentations, spreadsheets, documents, email, and text. It also offers a collaborative environment to streamline the digitizing, storage, management, reuse, and distribution of digital assets to users through multiple channels.

CleverPath ECM is delivered with a set of standard plug-ins for media types like Word and PDF documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, JPEG images, MPEG and Quicktime multimedia, and MP3 audio.

CA has released CleverPath Portal Release 3.5 to offer support for wireless devices, including WAP-enabled phones and PDAs. These wireless capabilities give organizations the flexibility to extend the information and applications on their Intranet and Extranet portals to mobile professionals around the world.

CA has also released CleverPath OLAP 5.0, CleverPath Reporter 4.0, and CleverPath Forest & Trees 6.5 that can be integrated with CleverPath Portal to enable developers to utilize enterprise-wide information assets. CleverPath Forest & Trees 6.5 supports double-byte languages, like Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.

Computer Associates India Pvt Ltd.
Sarjan Plaza, 3rd Floor,
100, Dr. Annie Besant Road,
Worli, Mumbai - 400018
Tel: 022-4980720

Quantum ATL has released a couple of Tape libraries called P7000 and P4000.

The company claims that P7000 has a fourth-generation design that revolutionizes how IT professionals solve their requirements for high performance coupled with a rational investment. The P7000 offers high capacity, density, reliability, flexibility, and good ROI (Return On Investment). It features hot-swappable drives, power supplies, fans, and redundant AC controllers. It requires no preventative maintenance so that you can spend time running your operation instead.

P7000 has optional integrated Fiber Channel, Gigabit Ethernet or SCSI interfaces and a future-proof storage through its advanced Prism Storage Architecture. It supports over 16 Super DLTtape or LTO Ultrium tape drives and 679 cartridges. Quantum claims product performance can scale up to 1.73 TB/hour and a capacity up to 149 TB. An expansion option allows P7000 system growth to over 500 TB of capacity or 7 TB/hour of throughput.

The P4000 storage system aims to offer cost-effective, high performance storage for an enterprise data center. The product comes equipped with high-availability and reliability, providing continuous access to business-critical information. The P4000 is offered with optional integrated Fiber Channel, Gigabit Ethernet, or SCSI interfaces and superior library management.

It supports over 10 Super DLTtape or LTO Ultrium tape drives and 322 cartridges. It can reach a performance level up to 1.1 TB/hour and a capacity up to 70.8 TB. The expansion option allows P4000 system growth to over 500 TB of capacity or 6 TB/hour of throughput. In addition to providing all of the features and functionality desired for data center operations, the P4000 claims to deliver the lowest total cost of ownership, by being optimized to provide savings in service, installation, power consumption cooling requirements and floor space.

Tel: 080-3532610Website:

Sybase has released Financial Fusion Server, an enterprise-class platform and middleware for Financial Fusion Wireless System. This solution is aimed at unifying financial services the world over.

The Financial Fusion Server is the foundation of all Financial Fusion e-finance solutions. Financial Fusion Server provides connectivity to both internal and external systems, facilitating all aspects of online banking, electronic trading and straight through processing. It's built with a Java-based design framework and provides an e-finance infrastructure that integrates institutional e-trading, online banking and brokerage, Web and wireless applications, Unix and NT, multiple languages, currencies, and geographies on a single platform.

The product is application server and database independent. It can scale to many users and is JavaBean and XML-enabled. A feature called Device Detection and Delivery can be set up to optimize the user experience during each work session, based on the specific access device and browser being used. The system detects the access device and configuration, then delivers the appropriate interface template. Extensions of HTML technologies, such as XML, are also deployed.

Financial Fusion Server provides fusion of full Web and wireless functionality and access from any device. It lets you offer complete transactional capability and content from your website to your wireless customers. FFS Wireless is available as an ASP, outsourced or on-premise solution.

The product has a dynamic template framework for Java. It has a Java dynamic page engine that allows Financial Fusion applications to achieve true device independence. The dynamic template framework for Java separates the presentation layer from the business logic, so that multiple devices can access and utilize the same underlying business components. With the growing adoption of JSP (Java Server Pages) by most commercial application servers as required by the J2EE standard, Dynamic Template Framework for Java leverages JSP features while remaining a flexible, independent entity.

Sybase India Ltd.
India Branch Office,
202-203, Makhija Chambers,
Turner Road,
Bandra (W), Mumbai 400050
Tel: 022-6550258
Fax: 022-6906001

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