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New Products & Services

IBM devices for your storage
IBM has released a series of storage devices and an Ultrium Tape Drive.

IBM's TotalStorage Network Attached Storage 300G is an appliance that connects clients and servers on an IP network to a SAN (Storage Area Network). This can bridge the gap between a LAN and SAN. It performs high-speed block and file protocol conversions to enable transfer of data to clients in a distributed environment. The product uses standard network protocols like CIFS (Common Internet File System) and NFS to integrate and manage information. According to IBM, the 300G series can reduce the requirement for direct fibre channel connections to servers and clients that require SAN access, resulting in significant cost savings.

The highlights of the series are optimized performance, superior backup management, ease of use, and fibre channel speed when configured with Tivoli SANergy. The product also features dual engines to ensure continuation of critical processes, and access to multiple SAN storage devices to enable flexible configuration and growth.

IBM Fibre Array Storage is designed to support growing data storage requirements. The software allows 16 storage partitions and 128 logical units. The FAStT Storage Manager software expands management functions and diagnostic and monitoring capabilities.

The IBM FAStT200 Storage Server provides RAID (Redundant Array of Indepen-dent Disks) solutions for workgroups and departmental Intel-based servers. It provides 18 GB storage that is scalable to 730 GB in a compact 3U size with a maximum system capacity of 2.1 TB. It is available in single and dual controller models.

The IBM TotalStorage Network Attached Storage 300 series is an integrated collection of subsystems assembled into a single appliance. It is designed for use in the enterprise and departmental environments that have file-serving requirements across Windows and Unix clients. IBM claims, the NAS products provide you with one more building block to increase the flexibility, efficiency and effectiveness of your storage networking solutions and deployments. Since the products are based on an open-system design they will be scalable in heterogeneous and non-heterogeneous network environments.

IBM's 3580 Ultrium Tape Drive leverages Linear Tape-Open technology to handle backups, save/restore, and archive data. The product has a capacity of up to 200 GB with compression. As your storage requirements grow, you can choose the IBM 3583 Ultrium Scalable Tape Library or the IBM 3584 Ultrascalable Tape Library. It has a sustained data transfer rate of up to 30 Mbps (compressed).

Contact:IBM India Ltd
23rd Floor, Express Towers,
Nariman Point,
Mumbai 400021
Tel: 022-2322020
Fax: 022-2022496

Securing with Symantec
Symantec Corporation, the providers of security and antivirus solutions has launched CarrierScan, an antivirus solution for ISPs and ASPs in India. The CarrierScan Server integrates antivirus scanning and repair capabilities into services like e-mail, network-based storage, data caching, and other Web-based file transactions. Applications running on an IP network can pass the files for scanning to the server. The server scans the files for malicious viruses, worms, and Trojan horses in all major file types including mobile code and compressed file formats.

According to the company, the virus definitions and engines can be updated without any interruption in virus scanning; it can also accommodate growing scan volumes, additional servers, and automatic load balancing across multiple servers. The product can run on Sun Solaris, Red Hat Linux, Microsoft Windows NT, and Windows 2000 platforms.

Contact:Symantec India,
Suite 801, Sunteck Centrako,
MMTC Blgd, C-22, Bandra-Kurla Complex,
Bandra (E) Mumbai 400051
Tel: 22-6520658
Fax: 22-6520671

Ways to get alerts
Ways, a technology company involved in the development of platform independent solutions for the Internet and mobile economy, launched its enterprise-class, multi-channel Alerting Solution called Ways Alerts. Ways Alerts enables an enterprise to send critical and time-sensitive information to its end users like customers, business partners, and employees, wherever they are.

The software will continuously monitor all applications and databases in the organization. When a pre-defined event occurs in the system, Ways Alerts detects it and sends personalized alert messages to the concerned parties. The end user has the flexibility of selecting relevant alerts, define events and conditions triggering these alerts, and even choose the mode of delivery like fax, pager, e-mail or SMS messages on mobile phones.

A few examples of alerts; alerts on stock price movements, process and transaction status updates like cheque payments, reservations, package dispatches and delivery, and general updates on weather and cricket scores. The solution has been designed to enable people without a technical background to define and manage alerts. The solution has been developed using Java and is therefore platform independent. It can be deployed on any J2EE compliant Application Server like WebLogic, Websphere, iPlanet, and JBoss. The alerting solution uses industry-standard technologies like XML, JMS (Java Messaging Service), EJB (Enterprise Java Beans), and JSP (Java Server Pages) for easy scalability and robustness.

Contact: Ways India Ltd.
Tower 3, 5th floor
International Infotech Park
Vashi Railway Station Complex
Navi Mumbai 400703, India
Tel: 22-7812444/2550
Fax: 22-7812548

McAfee's security range
McAfee Personal Firewall is an online application service that offers Internet users advanced protection from system intrusion by hackers and other online threats. It protects your PC from malicious intrusion, prevents unauthorized access, and stops intruders from gaining access to your PC's files. The firewall works in the background and monitors all your network activity. It filters IP applications like TCP and UDP, NetBEUI, IPX, and ARP; system services and protocols that use Winsock like SMTP and HTTP; and OS services like ping, FTP, and Telnet.

The firewall only allows the transfer of authorized information. If an unauthorized action is attempted, the firewall lets you know that the packet has been blocked and lists the action that needs to be taken. It places itself beneath the OS at the network link layer.

According to the company, although the Personal Firewall is an extremely robust and full-featured security application, configuring and using it is easy. Configuration and management are handled through a central control panel that places vital information and controls within easy reach.

McAfee's ViruScan 6.0 detects and removes all types of known viruses from sources like e-mail attachments, Internet downloads, shared disks, CD-ROMs, and synchronization with your PDA. It also detects viruses, Trojans, worms, and destructive ActiveX and Java applets which get downloaded while browsing. The software comes with an integrated personal firewall that blocks hackers from gaining access to your system.

Other features include a HAWK (Hostile Activity Watch Kernel) that detects suspicious activity and eliminates malicious threats. The product has flexible scheduling options for automatic scanning, and quarantine of infected files to provide full isolation and added security. It can transmit suspicious files to AVERT (McAfee Anti-Virus Emergency Response Team—dedicated to uncover latest virus threats) to safeguard your PC from cyberspace viruses.

The company also has an ASP (Application Service Provider) model for delivering firewall services over the Web. The applications that make up the Personal Firewall are delivered to a user over the Web and it offers many advantages over traditional, user-installed software.

An automatic updating facility checks for updates automatically over the Internet thereby always providing you with the latest version. An annual subscription fee allows you to upgrade the firewall regularly from the Internet, irrespective of number of enhancements and improvements being added to it, at no extra cost.

Contact:Network Associates
Emgeen Chambers, 4th floor
10, Vidyanagri Marg, Kalina
Santacruz (E) Mumbai-400098
Tel: 22-6935278
Fax: 22-6147078

Ace servers from Acer
Acer has introduced a series of servers, Acer Altos G500, Acer Altos G610 and Acer Altos R500 for the SMEs and large enterprises.

Acer Altos G500 (AA G500) is a dual-processor server platform that can support up to 200 users and features the DDR (Double Data Rate) SDRAM. It can run enterprise applications, e-Business implementations, and remote office automation.

Acer Altos G610 (AA G610) is also a dual-processor platform catering to enterprises that have 150 to 250 workstations. Large enterprises can also use it as application servers.

Acer Altos R500 a 1U server targeted at environments that need high-density platforms, like application servers in ISPs and ASPs, load balancing servers in IDCs (Internet Data Centers), and front-end servers for e-business applications.

Contact:1st Floor,
George Thangiah Complex (E)
80 Feet Road, Indiranagar
Bangalore 560075
Tel: 80-5219520/21/22/23 Fax: 80-5219535

SNMP application
Avaya communications has introduced CajunView Suite, a comprehensive collection of SNMP-based applications to simplify complex task of enterprise switched network management. As part of Avaya enterprise management, the CajunView Suite provides end-to-end management of Cajun Campus solutions.

The CajunView Suite allows you to configure, monitor, and control the Avaya Cajun Campus family of products and optimize performance using a single integrated suite of applications. The suite can be used either in conjunction with the HP OpenView Network Node Manager or in standalone mode. This enables chassis views launched from the platforms and provides the user with hierarchical views displaying device groups, network status, alarm views, and event log views.

It provides management for SMON (Switch MONitoring), network-wide ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) services, VLANs (Virtual Local Area Networks), QoS and Access Control Lists, and ELAN (Emulated Local Area Networks) to VLAN mapping.

The solution uses Web-based interfaces to monitor and configure devices. According to the company, a Web-based interface gives flexibility to manage the network from any remote site across the Internet. The network manager can use any Internet browser to remotely manage, configure, and view statistics for managed devices.

Contact:Tata Telecom Ltd.
Matulya Centre, A Block, 249
Senapati Bapat Marg
Lower Parel (W), Mumbai-400 013
Tel: 22-4930492, Fax: 22-4930644

Switch the SWITCH
3Com Corporation has announced a new 48-port switch called SuperStack 3 Switch 4400. It allows Layer 4 traffic classification for better business application. 3Com also announced Version 2.0 software for the SuperStack 3 Switch 4400 family. The new switch helps to seek higher densities and traffic control using advanced traffic classification. According to the company, the switch is reliable because of the support provided by the IEEE standard 802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol. Switch installation is quick due to a feature that automatically sets the device's IP address, and a 'Webcache redirection' capability in the free-to-download Version 2.0 software. This feature facilitates network integration of a SuperStack 3 Webcache device and speeds up Web access.

Contact 3Com India Pvt. Ltd.
Bengal Chemical Bhavan,
3rd Floor, Veer Savarkar Marg,
Prabhadevi, Mumbai - 400 025
Tel: 22- 4301043/ 46, Fax: 22- 4300949

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