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  December 2001 Issue  

Cover Story
Enterprise Security: Chinks in the armor
Digitized information is a highly valued asset for most enterprises, but how serious are companies about information security?

Security Assessment Methodology
Enterprise security software

Case Study
BMC gets SMART-er
The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation has adopted e-governance to manage its ever-increasing workload and provide hassle-free civic administration.


Other Features  

Wired for Wireless
Although wireless is a great way to connect, the implementation issues can be daunting. A look at the key challenges for wireless deployments. by Graeme K. Le Roux
Fraud in the mobile industry
It is a safe bet that when the first 3G wireless systems open for business, the first incidents of 3G fraud will follow close behind. by CK Mah
802.11b Update: Stepping Up Your WLAN Security
We revisit the pitfalls of WEP and explore best practices for wireless security using 802.1x and the emerging 802.11i specification, for a safer wireless network. by Seamus Phan
Halt! Who goes there?
An intrusion detection procedure is vital to any organization that wants to keep unwanted access at bay. Awareness and policy guidelines can do the trick. by Rakesh Raghudharan


VPNs: Beyond basic connectivity
'Security and connectivity' are key concern areas for most CIOs and CTOs. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) solution is the likely answer to both these problems.
Powering processors for Unix
Five years ago, IBM set out to build a system that would change the way one looked at conventional Unix servers. The result is the pSeries 690 server (code named Regatta) which was launched in October. With a new processor called POWER4 and features borrowed from its mainframe systems, Regatta might just be a threat to Sun Microsystems, which has for long been dominant in the server market. Dr. Joel Tendler, Program Director, Technology Assessment, Enterprise Systems Group, IBM has been one of the architects of this system.

RAID your network
Are you serious about your data. Investing in a RAID system can help keep your data safe and sound.

Troubleshooting techniques
Terminologies Simplified
Illegal ISP ...


VPN - A Very Personal Network
VPN's can offer you the benefit of a private network while riding on a public infrastructure. Other benefits are thrown in as well

Fax over IP is alive and kicking
Is fax still relevant in today's e-mail dominated world? G B Kumar, General Manager, Internet Solutions Group and Business Development, Intel thinks fax over IP may be the next big booster for this dying technology


IBM devices for your storage
Securing with Symantec
Ways to get alerts
McAfee's security range
Ace servers from Acer
SNMP application
Switch the SWITCH

New WLAN standard gets IEEE nod
Cisco announces Mobile IP functionality
Vulnerable Unix GUI
One Flavor NetWare
Patch that security hole in IE
Ethernet switch market down 8 percent
Hitachi Commands


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