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Tivoli solutions to manage Microsoft environments

Tivoli Software from IBM has announced four new products. They are Tivoli Management Solution for Exchange, Tivoli Distributed Monitoring for Active Directory, Tivoli Management Solution for Microsoft SQL, and Tivoli Distributed Monitoring version 3.7 for managing Windows based servers.

Tivoli Management solution for Exchange utilizes a new and advanced rules engine which helps minimize time consuming activities by detecting critical Exchange events and initiating automated corrective actions. Practice monitors are configured for vital statistics with an easy to use rules engine and reporting toolkit. Emphasis has been on areas like end-to-end connectivity, resource consumption, exchange services, performance counters, mail queues, and number and size of mailboxes.

Tivoli Manager for SQL Server provides proactive monitoring and problem resolution for any SQL Server environment. It works on small business servers or multi-processor clusters to perform e-business. According to the company, problems can be corrected on the spot using an event console, and central monitoring location can be informed using e-mail or pager messages. Automation and preset smart thresholds are provided out-of-the box with an integrated set of rules and an easily customizable rules engine. These correct problems before users can experience failures or slowdowns.

Tivoli Distributed Monitoring for Active Directory provides a leading active directory monitoring solution, which ensures that critical directory components are available, functional and healthy. It provides a set of pre-configured automated practices that proactively manage the directory by monitoring essential resources that detect and prevent potential problems. Active directory, the directory service for Windows 2000 Server, stores information about objects on the network and makes this information easy to access for administrators and users.

Tivoli Distributed Monitoring version 3.7 helps in managing large Windows implementations. Automated practices help provide time-to-value by identifying the root problems, checking for persistency, locally correlating problems on the server, and taking corrective action. With an automatic distribution and installation function, administrative time and effort can be reduced. It also includes a workbench that provides an integrated environment specifically designed for creating, debugging, and packaging either new automated practices or those pre-packaged and pre-configured with the product.

IBM India Ltd
23rd Floor, Express Towers,
Nariman Point,
Tel: 022-2322020
Fax: 022-2022496
Website: www.ibm.com/in

Dynamite PCs are ready for industrial environments
Dynalog India limited has launched a range of low-cost industrial PCs under the brand name 'Dynamite'. The series is designed to withstand environmental extremes such as shock, vibration, high temperature, EMI (Electromagnetic interference) and EMC.

The design supports Windows NT 4.0. It features an Intel P III 800 MHz processor and 256 MB SDRAM. It also has 256 Kb full-speed cache for faster processing and 815E Intel chipset motherboard that supports 133 MHz FSB (Front Side Bus). It has nine ISA, four PCI and one extra CPU slot for upgradation and expansion. There is also a watchdog timer feature, which can generate a system reset, which is programmable from one second to 63 seconds. According to the company, the heavy-duty steel construction and push-pull cooling system with a cooling fan and air filter and other fans in the power supply make the PC sturdy and resistant to high temperatures.

Dynalog India limited
Kailash Vaibhav,
(Behind Godrej Colony),
Parksite, Vikhroli (W),
Tel: 022-5181900
Fax: 022-5181930
E-mail: sales@dynalogindia.com
Website: www.dynalogindia.com

Open source mail server and firewall
SuSE eMail Server II is an open source server solution, which complies with Internet standards like SMTP, IMAP4, POP3, or LDAP. The number of e-mail users is not limited per server and depends on the server hardware. This keeps expenses low and provides a high level of investment security.

SuSE eMail Server II integrates an entire range of e-mail protocols of the Internet world and facilitates supervision of large e-mail pools. The mail server centrally administrates all mail on one server in accordance with the IMAP standard. Any location or e-mail client user can access their message and folders via the Internet or the company LAN.

SuSE Linux Firewall on CD is a security service that checks, monitors, analyzes, and logs ongoing data transfer to prevent attacks before they cause any damage. The product combines security standards of hardware solutions with a software firewall. Being a read-only live CD, the firewall is not installed on the hard disk, but booted directly from the CD-ROM.

The configuration floppy is created with the FAS (Firewall Administration System). The interface enables administration and configuration of unlimited number of SuSE Linux Firewalls. It protects the network against external access or defines limits for various divisions within the company depending on your requirements.

The CD also offers the possibility of filtering content on HTML pages. This allows you to recognize and block unwanted content and transfer only approved elements. The product logs internal and external data continuously, facilitating hints indicating misuse.

Vikas Birla
Seascope Infotech Pvt Ltd.
158/33 Laxmi Industrial Estate,
New Link Road, Andheri (W),
Mumbai 400053
Tel: 022-6338484
Fax: 022-6331074
E-mail: vikas@seascope.co.in
Website: www.seascope.co.in

E-mail in all Indian languages
iNabling technologies, more popularly known as iNablers, has launched iStation, a device for sending and receiving text based e-mail. According to the company, the iStation is more accessible, approachable, and affordable, compared to an average assembled or branded PC. iStation can disseminate and deliver messages anywhere anytime at the touch of a button. The company says the product is simple, inexpensive, and is the first to facilitate communication in Indian languages. The company has plans to set up 70 servers covering the country.

The product can be connected to a standard telephone jack and is available with a full function keyboard with easy to use function keys. It has 256Kb memory capacity, in-built modem, a backlit LCD panel for night-time viewing and a 9V UM9 back-up battery. Users can have private e-mail IDs through the iStation's exclusive system allowing up to five family members to share a single unit. It has a capacity to store up to 250 e-mail addresses.

According to the company, the device is affordable and the service charge for sending unlimited number of e-mails for a year is Rs 1,200 the cost of sending and receiving e-mail is within the cost of one local call. The device is available in two models called Premier and Classic. The Premier version comes with enhanced features like printer and PC ports. It is targeted at people, who would like to take printouts of their mail or would like to uplink to the PC. The Classic model is for those who require the basic e-mail facility without the additional features. Other utilities like calculator, calendar, and address book are also incorporated for both the models.

A specific model targeted towards PCOs has been developed, to enable executives on the move to send and receive e-mail through these booths.

iStation is available in Hindi, English, Kannada, Telegu and Tamil. It will be available in Marathi and Gujarati soon.

iNabling Technologies
#1199-63/1, CV Naidu Chambers,
18th 'A' Main,
5th Block, Rajajinagar,
Tel: 080-3104686
Fax: 080-3104688
Website: www.inablers.com

Cisco 7000 family of Internet routers
Cisco has launched 7300 and 7600 series routers to enhance its 7000 family of routers. The company says it will offer multiprotocol routing capability with OC-48 scalability. The new products are capable of delivering high-performance application combinations and services for enterprise and service provider customers. The multiprotocol routing feature is a part of Cisco's AVVID (Architecture for Voice, Video and Integrated Data for enterprise customers).

The 7300, 7603 and 7606 routers help service providers offer high value differentiated services for enterprises to develop advanced network infrastructure. These midrange routers help enterprises reduce network complexity and total cost of ownership, by consolidating delivery of multiple applications. The applications that can be delivered simultaneously are VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), VPNs (Virtual Private Networks), and layer 7 content recognition and switching.

Cisco 7300 uses a centralized routing engine called NSE-100 to deliver hardware-accelerated Cisco IOS-based services and protocols over a range of modular interface offerings. The Cisco 7300 utilises Cisco patented PXF (Parallel Express Forwarding) IP services processing technology, with a robust high-availability design.

The Cisco 7603 and 7606 are small-form-factor, high-performance routers that deliver optical speed local area, wide area, and metropolitan-area networking with high-touch IP services. The services can be implemented at the network edge and in the IDC (Internet Data Center).

Cisco Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd.
IL&FS Financial Center, 2nd Floor,
C22, G-Block,
Bandra-Kurla Complex
Bandra (E), Mumbai 400051
Tel: 022-6533430
Fax: 022-6533703
Website: www.cisco.com

Stellar Phoenix 8.0: new data recovery solution
Stellar Phoenix 8.0 a product of Stellar Information Systems Ltd, can aid you in recovering your all-important lost data. You could lose your data due to accidental format, partition loss, virus-related corruption, file/directory deletion or even total loss of systems area. Stellar Phoenix can recover your data by examining the inaccessible hard drive for damages and corruption. It analyses the nature and amount of damage and shows the data present in the hard disk where you can select the files and directories and copy it to a secondary media or working partition. It is designed primarily to help simple computer users in recovering their data while requiring little or no technical skill. Stellar Phoenix 8.0 - 'non-destructive and read-only' software is automated and all modes are integrated, doing away with technical inputs and screens. The software can locate, recover and restore data, as the removal of files does not result in physical removal. The data can be brought back as the software finds the footprints and displays the list of all files and folders, even lost partitions.

304, Deepali Building,
92, Nehru Place, New Delhi-110019
Tel: 011-6418809, 6418810
Fax: 011-6411810
E-mail: recovery@nde.vsnl.net.in
Website: www.stellarinfo.com

Multiprotocol router for SMEs
BinTec Communications has introduced the X4000, a multiprotocol router. The router can be used for WAN access, as a RAS (Remote Access Server), a fax gateway, a remote CAPI server or as a regular router for LANs. Additional resource cards can extend the router to 30 digital modems.

A BinTec Man-Machine-Interface (MMI) guides the user through the configuration steps. The device communicates directly with the user over a back-lit graphics display and four input keys. The product supports Windows 95/98/NT, and Unix.

It supports modular ISDN routing over TCP/IP, IPX, and X.25 protocols. It can bridge other protocols. The interface has eight bearer channels and two PRI interfaces. Enterprises can use PPP (Point to Point Protocol) to have access to ADSL broadband networks.

The product can be configured and managed remotely using a browser from any location. It uses SNMP and supports a DIME user interface. Bandwidth is adjustable and ISDN channels can be bundled dynamically depending on data throughput.

WANLAND Datacom India Pvt. Ltd.
58, Ardeshir Dadi Street
CP Tank, Mumbai 400 004
Tel: 022-3828246, 3863589 Fax: 022-3871790

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