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Great work

Hello Brian,
I read your article on NMS (Network Management System) in the September issue of Network Magazine India. The article was excellent and provided precise and useful information. I want to congratulate you for writing such an informative article. Keep up the good work.

Ashish Khurana
Senior Systems Engineer
Infrastructure Outsourcing
National Computer Systems Private Ltd
(A member of the Singapore Telecom Group)

Dear Ashish Khurana,
Brian and the entire Network Magazine India team thank you very much for appreciating the article. We will continue to publish many more informative articles about other aspects in enterprise computing that you will find useful.

Leased lines

Dear Editor,
The article on leased lines in the October issue was very useful and easy to understand. But I have a query. The article says that 64 Kbps leased lines are currently used for Internet access, whereas our college uses 128 Kbps. Please tell me how that is possible. Also tell me the kinds of businesses will benefit from the use of such leased lines.


Dear Sreedharan,
Thank you very much for appreciating the article on leased lines. The article says that, currently 64 Kbps and 2 Mbps leased lines are commonly used for access. It does not say that these are the only choices available. The service provider offers multiple options of leased line bandwidth. The user only has to use a compatible modem.

Any industry that requires to share data between offices and locations, download data from the Web, use e-mail and messaging services, and real-time information sharing can benefit from the use of high bandwidth leased lines.

unix file system

Dear Editor,
Just like Unix supports a file system, does Windows support file systems? And if so, what is the main difference?

Anil Mohan

Dear Anil Mohan,
Yes, Windows 95/98/2000 and XP do support file systems. A file system is a file organization method that stores data in a top-to-bottom organization structure. All internal access to the data starts at the top and proceeds throughout the levels of the hierarchy. Most operating systems use hierarchical file systems to store data and programs, including DOS, OS/2, Windows NT/95/98, Unix and the Macintosh. FAT, FAT32, VFAT, NTFS and MFT are some file systems supported on Windows-based environment.

Unix and Windows 95/98/NT/2000 file systems all perform the same function, i.e. organize the data on the disk. However the process in each case is slightly different. In fact, it'll take a full article to cover the topic. For all practical purposes, the end result of the file systems functions are the same.

how many hubs?

Dear Editor,
I am a student of Computer Science and would like to know how many hubs can be uplinked before you need a switch.

Robert Wells, (Boston, USA)

Dear Robert Wells,
The decision to use a switch depends on factors like number of users, type of applications, and geographical distance. A small LAN of eight users can do with an eight-port hub. But if the number is large, or you want to run rich multimedia applications a switch will be needed. What really matters is whether you need the features offered by a switch.

growing stage

Dear Editor,
In my opinion, networking in India is still in a growing stage and has a long way to go. But with informative and good magazines like yours there is no doubt we will have skilled and technically sound people in the industry.

Hem Raj Sharma
Systems Administrator
Excellent Softech Limited, Chandigarh

Dear Hem Raj Sharma,
Thank you for your interesting opinion and compliments. I sincerely hope that the knowledge provided in Network Magazine India, will continue to add value to the IT community in our country.

leased line hacker

Dear Mr. Mahesh,
I am a subscriber of Network Magazine and read your article on the basics of (LL) Leased Line. The article was well written and gave a lot of information on LL. In your section on disadvantages you wrote about threats to LL connectivity. If you could provide me with more information on these threats, like how a hacker manages to break into a LL network? How can he insert Trojans or viruses in a LL network?


Dear Mr. Venkatesh,
Mahesh thanks you for your wishes. While you have requested specific details on hacking into a leased lined network with good intentions, this very information can also be potentially used in a destructive manner. So we will refrain from providing such details.

networking elements

Dear Mr. Mahesh,
Your articles in Network Magazine are very good. You have presented the articles with good diagrams and the content is simple to understand. I am working with Tata Teleservices as a Manager-Network. If you could let me know where can I get symbols of all telecom and networking elements to prepare for effective presentations on MS Power Point. Also if you could forward any file containing the same.

Raghava Rao G V

Dear Mr. Raghava GV,
There are plenty of websites offering free clipart images. You can use a popular search engine to locate what you need. If you have the original copy of your MS Office CD-ROM, browse through the clipart libraries and search for suitable cliparts.

broadband technologies

Dear Mr. Rathod,
I am doing a project titled 'Broadband technologies in India and its future' on behalf of Lucent Technologies. For this project I need to analyze the emerging patterns of Broadband technologies in the Indian market and advise Lucent Technologies about product development and the product improvement activities. Could you kindly give suggestions on, how I should go about this project.

Vivek Pandey

Dear Vivek Pandey,
For the project you are doing, I would suggest that you do a lot of reading. Get hold of back issues of Network Magazines that have done cover stories on this topic. You could get these from the local library or buy them from roadside stalls.

I would also suggest that you use your contacts to get in touch with broadband specialists in the country. Talk to them about the course of events and ask for future directions.

meeting the chief minister

To The Editor
Network Magazine,

In our meeting with the Chief Minister (CM) S.M.Krishna in October we suggested that India should play a vital role in assisting medium and small business (SMBs) in America. After what the terrible economic crisis Americas business is going through we at India should offer a helpful hand and invite companies from New York and rest of America to make use of our IT companies and do business as usual. We would like to know if you see possibility of any business takers in India. We are initiating a huge network throughout India, asking IT (both software and hardware) companies to contact and collaborate with us. We will find the SMBs but there is a strong need of networking. This is where we feel your magazine could be of great help.

Vinanti Sarkar

Dear Vinanti Sarkar,
I am very pleased that you are taking such a good initiative to promote the IT industry in India, at the same time taking into consideration the Septemper 11 tragedy in New York.

I wish your efforts will be sucesfull and this will translate into a golden oppurtunity for the down Indian IT sector.

Our magazine reaches out to thousands of readers in India. I am sure after reading your letter, they will be interested in collaborating on the venture.

Interested persons can get in touch with the Editor at editor@networkmagazineindia.com and we will be glad to forward the mail to the concerned person.

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