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Change is good

Change is the only constant. This is very true when it comes to Information Technology. In fact, Information Technology is the most dynamic and ever-changing space, one that is always in a state of flux. Consider this: you have a new processor being launched every two months, and a new operating system almost every two years sometimes even at lesser intervals. In fact, this industry churns up new stuff much faster than most consumers either home or corporate can keep up with.

We at Network Magazine also believe in the power of change. Network Magazine has been going through many revisions lately. This month's issue of Network Magazine epitomes the changes that have been going on here. We have a new logo, new fonts, and a reader-friendly layout everything to give you a better reading experience. We also have the right mix of content case studies, interviews, technology features, market trends, buying tips and hands-on workshops making this purposeful reading material for both networking professionals and technology decision makers.

Coming back to this month's cover story, which is on wireless LANs (WLANs). WLANs offer many benefits over wired LANs, they extend into places where you can't install a cable and offer mobility.

There are several competing WLAN technologies that more or less do the same thing transmit data wirelessly in as many different ways. This often gives rise to incompatibilities. Of the many WLAN standards in existence, 802.11b is the most widely accepted standard. Then there are the new upcoming standards like 802.11a, 802.11e, 802.11g and 802.11i, each is in a stage of being defined or ratified, much less implemented. Our correspondents Brian Pereira and Soutiman Dasgupta report on the various technology and market trends in the WLAN space. So will we be seeing more wireless in Indian enterprises? Turn to page 20 to learn what's happening now.

The server segment is perhaps the fastest growing one in the IT industry. Sun vs IBM vs Compaq vs HP, the action on this front is really getting hot. Each of these players is aggressively trying to capture a larger chunk of the server market. Our correspondent Brian Pereira goes into the trenches to investigate a strategic viewpoint of the server market in India.

In other parts of this issue we discuss how Monsanto, the global biotech giant, shunned the big boys of ERP for a lesser known ERP solution and reaped rich benefits.

Finally, as we close one more issue of Network Magazine, we would like to know what you would like to see more of in this magazine. Do write in and tell us what you feel about the content, the design, et al.

Sandeep Ajgaonkar,
Assistant Editor

Note: The focus for the December issue is Network Security in the Enterprise. Our correspondents will get in touch with vendors and consultant companies dealing in Security solutions. So do write to us if your business is Security.
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