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  November 2001 Issue  

Cover Story
Wireless LANs can be implemented fast, and provide mobility and easy access. Here's how you can make it work for your enterprise.

Explaining 802.11b
Wireless computing comes to Indian corporates


Workshop Wisdom
C# vs Java
C#, the new programming language from Microsoft, promises to deliver everything Java does and more. A look at how they compare.
Other Features  

Switching your data
Here you serious about running your network to its maximum potential? Then you need to replace your hub with a switch. Here are few guidelines to follow when buying a switch.

Terminologies Simplified
Quality of Service (QoS) A phrase describing how overall transmission quality, speed, and reliability improve as data transmission, error, and missing data packet rates are measured and then modified to eliminate problems.

Crafting the Service Level Agreement
Creating wireless security without WEP
Evading the evils of e-mail
Enforcing a corporate security policy

Frame your data
There are numerous technology options like leased lines, VSAT links or VPNs that offer high-speed, reliable and secure connectivity between multiple geographically distinct locations.

Processing the enterprise
The Itanium represents a major shift for Intel, away from its 32-bit (IA-32) design into the world of 64-bit (IA-64) computing


C# vs Java
C#, the new programming language from Microsoft, promises to deliver everything Java does and more. A look at how they compare.

Troubleshooting Techniques
We are a co-operative bank having 122 branches over Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar city. We want all our branches to be interconnected.


Broadband through copper
DSL offers high-speed Net access over existing copper wire. Here’s a peak into DSL and its varients.

Great Work
I read your article on NMS (Network Management System) in the September issue of Network Magazine India. The article was excellent and provided precise and useful information. I want to congratulate you for writing such an informative article. Keep up the good work.


Tivoli solutions to manage Microsoft environments
Dynamite PCs are ready for industrial environments
Open source mail server and firewall
E-mail in all Indian languages
Cisco 7000 family of Internet routers
Stellar Phoenix 8.0: new data recovery solution
Multiprotocol router for SMEs

Global roaming from HCL InfiNet
Microsoft releases Visual J#.NET beta
iSCSI gets vendor support
Storage Switching Tracks?
NOW ISP with NEW Skies Satellites
Sun Microsystems increases market share
i-flex and Fujitsu partners in Asia-Pacific
Adieu PGP


Harvesting the ERP crop
Here's how Monsanto, the biotechnology giant reaped the rich benefits of BPCS, a lesser known ERP solution.

Unix server market hots up
The world may be on the brink of war, but on the Unix server front, it's a battle of different sorts. Server vendors strive to capture more market share by launching new hi-tech servers.


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