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Symmetrix 8000 enterprise storage family

EMC Corporation introduces the Symmetrix 8000 enterprise storage family. The three models in the family are Symmetrix 8830, 8530 and 8230. They feature the Symmetrix MOSAIC architecture, which is the foundation of the storage platform.

Symmetrix 8830 stores upto 69.5 TB in a single 17.5 square foot Symmetrix cabinet. It offers enterprise consolidation with increased cache, connectivity and processing power. Symmetrix 8530 provides upto 17.4 TB of capacity in a 6 square-foot single bay Symmetrix cabinet. Symmetrix 8230 offers upto 3.5 TB of capacity and flexible connectivity options.

The following products can be plugged in with the Symmetrix 8000 enterprise storage family products.

The EMC Enginuity Operating Environment version 5568 can be added to support 64 GB global cache and upto 8000 Symmetrix addresses. A Symmetrix Global Cache Directory with CacheStorm technology reduces the contention for shared cache memory by partitioning the global cache memory into 16 memory regions, delivering an 'offload engine' that frees incoming channels and cache, and implementing an optimizing engine.

A 12-port fibre channel director code named 'Spider' provides open systems connectivity to 96 host connections in a single Symmetrix unit. Customers needing a large number of server connections but not a SAN (Storage Area Network) can use the channel director. A 4-port fibre channel director is also designed for customers who use fewer servers but require high availability and direct attachment to storage systems.

In a mainframe environment, GDPSO (Geographically Dispersed Parallel SysplexO) support enables customers to implement IBM's proprietary mainframe clustering solution using Symmetrix and SRDF (Symmetrix Remote Data Facility).

EMC Computer Systems
India Branch Office
Units 805 & 806 Prestige Meridian II
29 MG Road Bangalore 560 001
Ph: 5095822/23 Fax: 5095840

PGP 1000 e-ppliance

With 30 percent of the global economy driven by e-business, attacks on networks are becoming more frequent, more varied, and more costly. The need for increased protection of your information assets in storage, in transit, and during access has driven PGP security to provide a solution set to ensure that your privacy is protected.

The PGP 1000 e-ppliance is designed for an "always on" broadband connection to the Internet.

The PGP e-ppliances combine firewall and VPN capabilities to offer customers a cost-effective way for protecting their internal networks and communicating securely through the Internet with remote users, offices, home users, and partners via IPsec VPN. This appliance is designed for large enterprises, service providers and electronic commerce companies that have high traffic requirements.

A central logging and reporting feature enables an administrator to quickly monitor information from several PGP e-ppliances.

The PGP 1000 e-ppliance has 1-gigabit capacity and offers a firewall integrated with IPsec VPN capabilities, authentication, anti-virus protection, content management, and IP address management all in one powerful security solution. It allows the user the flexibility of mixing packet filtering, application proxy, or adaptive proxy rules within a single

application. The e-ppliance supports high performance VPN tunnels to handle site-to-site connections, telecommuters using xDSL or cable modem, and mobile workers using dialup links.

Network Associates
Emgeen Chambers, 4th Floor
10 Vidyanagri Marg
Kalina Santacruz (E)
Mumbai - 400 098
Ph: 6935278 Fax: 6147078

Rainmail Intranet server

Rainmail, a Linux-based Intranet server integrates the existing LAN into the Internet using dialup lines. The various servers that constitute Rainmail are Rainmail proxy server for connectivity, Qmail based e-mail server to maintain e-mail addresses, SAMBA based file server to store data, and Apache Web server to build your Intranet Web.

A GUI based installation allows you to, protect the network from viruses, send and receive e-mail when not connected to the Internet, and provide firewall security. The proxy server can handle multiple ISP's and enables you to browse even when offline. Additionally, Rainmail server works with FTP, IRC, Real Audio, and other IP-based protocols. You can connect to the Internet using analog and cable modems, ISDN, DSL or a leased line and switch back to dialup if the connection to the Internet fails.

The file server provides password access to confidential data and public access to company-wide public data. The server also provides a minimum of 10 MB space for your website, unlimited client connections, upgrades and technical support for the licensing period with comprehensive online help.

6, Sharmila Street, Kamatchi Colony,
Tambaram Sanatorium,
Chennai - 600 047
Ph: 2415977/9

Webshield e500

The new trend of virus distribution through the Net especially via e-mail, have made the companies aware of the need to curb these malicious mutants at the gateway itself.

McAfee managed WebShield e500 AsaP appliance provides the much-needed security by combining hardware, anti-virus software and service in an integrated solution.

The e500 has the ability to scan 120,000 SMTP messages per hour. The appliance resides at the Internet gateway and scans SMTP, FTP, POP3, and HTTP protocols for viruses and also protects against malicious Java, ActiveX, or JavaScript code. The other features include SPAM blocking, remote management functionality, alert notification, disclaimers, reporting capabilities and the anti-virus scanning machine.

Thus with the rich features like self manageability and continuous updates, companies can now focus their resources on creating and implementing strategies that differentiate their e-business.

Network Associates
Emgeen Chambers, 4th Floor
10 Vidyanagri Marg
Kalina Santacruz (E)
Mumbai - 400 098
Ph: 6935278 Fax: 6147078

Apcom's broadband Internet access device

Apcom Computers has introduced DX-7014BR, an Internet broadband router for broadband users. The router can be quickly installed and provides Internet access which can be shared by multiple users in the LAN. It allows browser-based management to make it user friendly.

The router has one 10 Mbps WAN port for connecting xDSL/cable modem and four 10/100 Ethernet switch ports. DX-7014BR can act as a DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server for devices on a local LAN providing IP addresses to PC's and other devices. With a multi-segment LAN and NAT (Network Address Translation) support it allows you to use the Internet with just one IP address.

On the WAN port, DX-7014BR can act as a PPP client which allows allocation of IP addresses by the ISP. It includes support for virtual server with which you can access specific services like, HTTP/FTP available on the local server. You can also opt for password protection to prevent unauthorized modification of the router configuration.

Apcom Computers
Ph: 044-4323588

PGP wireless for Windows CE

PGP security, a division of Network Associates, the creators of the popular Mcafee's anti-virus introduced PGP wireless for Microsoft Windows CE. By doing so, the company has extended its existing PGP wireless product line that initially used to support only Palm OS-based devices.

PGP wireless provides security for data in storage and during synchronization on growing computing platforms. An encryption-based solution protects the information stored on the handheld devices allowing only the user with appropriate rights to access data. According to the company, the product also furnishes a privacy solution to exchange data securely between a broad range of devices like handhelds and mainframes.

The user can decrypt and verify e-mail messages or files on their handhelds without worrying about tampering. One can also encrypt, sign, and encrypt and sign any email message or file.

PGP wireless for Windows CE lets you beam any public key on your handheld to another PGP wireless for Windows CE user. Conversely, you can receive a public key via beaming from another PGP wireless for Windows CE user.

The user can wipe any file from the handheld. Wiped files cannot be recovered by any means, thus ensuring that sensitive data is safe from prying eyes.

Network Associates
Emgeen Chambers, 4th Floor,
10, Vidyanagri Marg, Kalina,
Santacruz (E) Mumbai 400 098
Ph: 6935278 Fax: 6147078

Epo 2.0—Epolicy Orchestrator

Having just an anti-virus protection solution is not enough, one also needs to manage the solution effectively. McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator claims to be one of the first tools for managing anti-virus protection tools. With the help of this tool administrators can keep an update on their protection, manage policies and generate detailed reports as and when required. Not only that, Virus Scan and Net Shield can be deployed to all workstations and servers in the organization. It is easy to deploy as it is a single server model and all the operations can be handled by using a remote console from anywhere within the organization. You need not be connected to the corporate network; an Internet connection will allow the agent and the server to communicate. An important feature of the tool is the ability to identify which network segment is most frequently infected and generate reports to pinpoint entry points, as also identify a pattern of propagation.

The centralized policy configuration save administrators time in deploying corporate anti-virus policies company wide by nullifying the need to physically visit each machine. It also eliminates the chance of virus infection due to inadequate configuration of anti-virus software. With the help of centralized policy enforcement, monitoring of the entire network becomes easier. The tool can manage up to 100,000 nodes thus requiring only one server to manage the entire enterprise. It also compares infections and cleanings year on year across all desktops, servers, GroupWare and gateway machines. Epolicy

configures common policies to all machines in the organization and unique policies to specific groups and end-user machines.

Network Associates
Emgeen Chambers, 4th Floor
10 Vidyanagri Marg
Kalina Santacruz (E) Mumbai - 400 098
Ph: 6935278 Fax: 6147078

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