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Novell NetWare 6 launched in India

Novell, a leading provider of networking software and e-business solutions, is all set to regain its lost footing in the market with its new operating system NetWare 6. Novell launched its new operating system in India on 18 September 2001 saying the product will be available for installations globally around mid-October.

NetWare 6, the latest version of the NetWare operating system gives corporates the facility of making their data available on the Net for all their customers, partners and employees, regardless of location and device. NetWare WebAccess, a component of NetWare 6, enables the user to access files, printers, e-mail, calendar, corporate address book, etc via a Web browser with help of a customizable portal. It can be installed on any existing network.

The client does not need to install any special software to run the program or access the facility thus reducing end-user installation to a few clicks in a Web browser.

By populating a single password the company can let its customers, partners or employees, access the information anytime, anywhere through any device having access to the Net. The system allows Windows, Macintosh, Unix, Linux, and Web-based client workstations to connect to, and store files and data on centrally managed servers and storage area networks without Novell client software on their workstation.

"The user could be working on a laptop and move to a mobile or some other handheld device and still get the same output", said Robert Spearman, VP-Market Development, Novell.

Taking its 'One Net' initiative further Novell has integrated Internet centric features like eDirectory, iPrint, iFolder and NetWare WebAccess into the product which enables the user to get the best of the 'One Net' vision.

"The One Net vision is an initiative by Novell in which all types of networks intranets and extranets, corporate and public, wired to wireless work together as one network to simplify the complexities of e-business and provide the power and flexibility needed to succeed in Net economy," said Spearman.

Explaining the objectives for Novell's One Net initiative Spearman said, in the world of e-business people want access to network services from a variety of devices ranging from the desktops and laptop computers (in mixed client environments) to cell phones and other handheld devices. They want the flexibility to make the best choices of directories, security technologies, portals and devices that are most compatible for a given task.

According to Novell, the directory-enabled features make NetWare 6 a desirable NOS for managing the enterprise. E-directory has the capability of storing user profiles, policies and rules. It is a tool through which the company can control the access and the flow of information.

Novell is also introducing Novell Small Business Suite 6 for the SME segment in India. The Novell Small Business Suite 6 will let customers integrate their local networks with the Internet, creating a unified network One Net.

A key component of Novell's strategy for promoting NetWare 6 in India is the bridge promotion program, whereby the corporate on updating the existing NetWare solution gets a free update for a year.

- Brian Pereira & Minu Sirsalewala

Cisco's IP-based PABX solution

Cisco has launched an IP-based PABX solution. The Telecommunications Engineering Centre of the DoT has given Cisco an Interface Approval Certificate. Cisco's IP-based products are now allowed to be directly connected to BSNL/MTNL networks and can carry voice traffic from the internal enterprise PABX to anywhere in the world. Since it's an IP-based solution, companies can use video conferencing and value-added services like directory integration, XML integration, application prioritizing calls received, calling party name and number, calls received, missed calls, and dialed calls. The company says that the device is easy to use and runs on a simple platform.

The solution is backed with standard CAT-5 LAN cabling. IP-PBX an open standard solution gives an enterprise the liberty, not to be tied to one vendor for application integration. Cisco also offers an entire IP-based multiple-box solution with various scalability options. The solution comprises combinations of hardware and software elements. The hardware that may be used are AS5300, Catalyst 6500, Cisco 3600, and Catalyst 2900XL. The software used may be Cisco Call Manager Software, Cisco IP IVR (Interactive Voice Response), and Cisco IP AA (Automated Attendant).

PGP wireless for WINDOWS CE

PGP security, a division of Network Associates, has introduced PGP wireless for Microsoft Windows CE. By doing so, the company has extended its existing PGP wireless product line that supported only Palm OS devices.

PGP wireless provides security for data in storage and during synchronization on growing computing platforms. An encryption-based solution protects the information stored on the handheld devices. This allows only the owner to access the data. According to the company, the product also furnishes a privacy solution to exchange data securely between a broad range of devices like handhelds and mainframes.

The user can decrypt and verify e-mail messages or files on their handhelds without worrying about tampering. One can encrypt, sign, and encrypt and sign any e-mail message or file on a handheld. This enables a user to e-mail and store files securely on their handhelds.

PGP wireless for Windows CE lets you beam any public key that you have on your handheld to another PGP wireless for Windows CE user. Conversely, you can receive a public key via beaming from another PGP wireless for Windows CE user.

The user can wipe any file from the handheld. Wiped files cannot be recovered by any means, thus ensuring that your sensitive data is safe from, prying eyes.

IBM launches 8-way SMP eServer pSeries

IBM launched the pSeries 660 Model 6M1, an 8-way SMP (Symmetric Multi-Processor) server in India. These servers can be used for commercial transaction processing, Web serving, and Java processing. The server offers 2 to 8, 750 MHz RS 64 IV copper-based, silicon-on-insulator cache, upto 64 GB of memory, and is rack mountable. It allows more than one and a half times the commercial processing power of its predecessor RS/6000 Model M80 and provides a broad range of mainframe-inspired self managing features. The built-in service processor monitors system operations and takes preventive or corrective action.

An application called Dynamic Processor Deallocation, which can run on an AIX platform, automatically reassigns tasks for a potentially failing processor, so that applications continue to run. Hot plug PCI slots and redundant hot plug power and cooling fans allow concurrent maintenance without interruption.

The pSeries 660 Model 6M1 is designed to meet NEBS (Network Equipment Building System) Level3 standards and is loaded with mainframe features to maximize availability. A high availability clustering solution provides the required hardware for system redundancy and configuration options to meet individual needs. The pSeries servers can be deployed using IBM's HACMP software. The customer can also get an eight processor installed for a fee, with two or four processors initially disabled. They may be enabled when the need for additional capacity arises. To enable full optimization of system resources, AIX Workload Manager ensures that system resources are allocated to accommodate the newly activated processors.

i-flex enters banking space

i-flex solutions limited, providers of banking software world wide will implement their FLEXCUBE Universal Banking Solution for TEBA bank, Midland, South Africa, across all branches.

FLEXCUBE Retail will offer the bank functionalities in retail banking, which according to i-flex will provide the customers with value added services. Features include multiple delivery channel options, capacity to handle larger volumes of transactions, anywhere banking through centralized operations. FLEXCUBE whis is deployed in financial institutions across the world has been ranked among the top three retail back office banking systems by the London based Retail Banking Systems (RBS) for the year 2000.

HP enters technology development partnership with Aalayance

Aalayance has joint handswith HP to develop ISM (Integrated Solution Management) products.

The software will be developed using integrated management tools and enterprise applications using EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) technologies.

The application class to be integrated includes CRM, Asset Management, Network Manage-ment, SLA Management and Web server tools.

The partnership will give added value to the strategic productsfrom HP.

Troj_nimda treads into the open

Troj_nimda, a high risk worm has spread across the globe. It spreads through three modes; e-mail, network-shared drives, and servers running Microsoft's IIS. The worm sends an attachment via mail named 'readme.exe.', and has extensions like .wav and .com.

The worm is capable of propagating via e-mail using its own SMTP engine, through additional messaging application program interfaces, APIs, and shared-network drives.

Trend Micro has created a virus pattern file No. 941 to detect and remove Troj-_nimda. This file can be downloaded from Trend Micro's Website www.antivirus.com. Desktop users can use an online free virus scanner called Housecall.

The McAfee AVERT Website now offers an online cure to the worm at http://vil.nai.com/vil/virussummary.asp?virus_k=99209. The cure features multi-tiered protection products that scan e-mail and Internet traffic.

Symantec, developers of the popular set of Norton tools have also come up with Nimda detection and removal kit that can be downloaded at www.symantec.com.

Cheetah in India

Accton Technologies Corporation has launched Cheetah EN1408-T, a Gigabit Ethernet card, specifically targeted at high bandwidth users like R&D labs, ISPs, and graphics and multimedia designers.

EN1408-T is a plug-and-play 32-bit card that fits on PCI slots and auto-configures when powered up. It supports advanced features like VLAN tagging and has eight levels of priority for delivering desired service quality. It allows priority queuing, supports full duplex control flow to ensure data integrity under heavy loading, and has jumbo frames to boost throughput by 300 percent. It is Windows 2000/98/95/NT/ME, NetWare, and Linux compatible.

Tata Liebert is now Emerson Network Power

Emerson, $ 15.5 billion collaboration has bought its stake in the Tata Liebert venture at the price of Rs 170 per share. Emerson acquired 50 percent of the stake at a whooping amount of 76.50 crore in Tata Liebert Ltd. and has renamed it Emerson Network Power India Private Ltd.

The initial investment by Tata in the venture formed in 1993 was Rs. 4.5 crore.

Tata Liebert a joint venture of Tata Powers and Liebert Corporation (whose parent company was Emerson); are providers of precision air conditioning and power protection systems in India. Now named Emerson Network Power, the company will bring together technology and engineering to design, install, and maintain complete power networks.

The key reason for the development was, Tata being a heavy power player is more into services whereas Tata Liebert was more inclined towards products. Emerson and Tata will continue to maintain amiable business relations with each other.

Emerson Network Power will offer services in key areas like mobile and fixed line telecommunications, data centres and computer networks, Internet infrastructure and services, power generation, process and industrial applications and medical electronics.

Ramco systems tie up with webMethods Inc, USA

Ramco systems limited has entered into a strategic relationship with webMethods Inc, providers of integration software. The two companies have got together to meet the growing demand for enterprise application integration (EAI).

Ramco systems limited will include webMethods integration platform with the solutions they provide to their customers; to increase business performances.

SAPMarkets in India

SAPMarkets, the SAP AG subsidiary; that provides exchange-based solutions for private and public exchanges has formally launched its services in the Indian market.

SAPMarkets' B2B processes allow an organisation to manage the relationship between its business units and trading partners. SAPMarkets helps companies transform their business within and beyond company boundaries, providing a single and open architecture solution for heterogeneous complex business value chains.

An organisation can set up its exchange and integrate it with its existing systems. This does not add new costs. A company can connect its business ecosystem through a private exchange to perform collaborative demand planning with retailers and distributors. It also allows collaborative supply planning with suppliers to manage growth and complexity, economic slowdown, competitive pressures, and innovation.

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