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on outsourcing, msps and .net

Outsourcing isn't new. The practice has been around for quite a while. In fact, it has been there since the 18th century, the days of Industrial Revolution, when assembly lines were created for mass production.

Back then, it were the industrialists who outsourced the production of certain components of a final product. The objective was twofold: cut costs and increase productivity. In fact most of these manufacturing companies have perfected the art of outsourcing to the T, so much so that some now outsource the manufacturing of the entire product and just label the products with their brand names.

Then came the high-tech age, and with PC makers outsourcing certain components of a PC, outsourcing remained an ever-popular concept. In fact, the Indian software industry, by being at the other end of the outsourcing spectrum, reaped rich benefits thanks to outsourcing of software projects by multi-nationals. All along, the key driver behind outsourcing has been: cut costs and increase productivity.

Now outsourcing has taken a new name, MSP (or Management Service Provider) companies that manage your backend IT infrastructure. These companies even provide the infrastructure, the resources and skilled manpower for a fixed fee.

In India, MSPs are still coming of age with just one or two 'pure-play' MSPs in the fray. Others, like Satyam, Wipro, are slowly migrating from offering ASP or Web hosting services to managing networks for corporates.

For this month's cover story on Management Services, Brian Pereira, our man of many 'tasks,' talked to few industry analysts, as well as some companies many of whom are in various stages of setting up operations here (refer to page 26 for a detailed list of MSPs and the services they offer) to get a clearer picture of the MSP scenario in India. As Brian puts it: "MSPs have two core issues to tackle trust and proven expertise before they gain acceptability as reliable partners to do business with."

In another section of this issue we dissect .NET, Microsoft's latest initiative to enslave the Web, the last standing bastion of free speech. What is .NET all about? Is it some more hype? Will it really change the way we perceive or experience the Web? Bhavish Sood, our contributing tech writer, delves deep into Microsoft's .NET strategy the framework, the products, the protocols, et al. Brian spoke to key independent software vendors (ISVs) who are participating in Microsoft's .NET partner program. These ISVs are presently developing proof-of-concept applications to showcase their capabilities.

If all this interests you, jump straight ahead to our new Tech Briefing section and indulge yourself in .NET.

Meanwhile, our team here at Network Magazine - The Indian Edition, gets cracking on the next issue.

Do write in and tell us about your likes/dislikes on this one.

Sandeep Ajgaonkar,
Assistant Editor

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