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Hitachi Freedom Storage Lightning 9900 series

In today's Internet-driven world, the Lightning 9900 family from Hitachi offers the most advanced enterprise storage systems. Specifically designed to meet the challenges of the New Economy, the Lightning 9900 Series models 9960 and 9910 will help you meet all your business needs. They provide multi point-to-point data and control paths and up to 32 GB of data catch. They also support concurrent operation of Unix, Windows NT/ 2000, Linux, NetWare and S/390.

Here are some highlights of the Freedom Storage Lightning 9900 series:

  • Instant access to data around the clock
  • 100 percent data availability guarantee
  • o single point of failure
  • Highly resilient multi-path fibre architecture
  • Fully redundant, hot-swappable components
  • Global dynamic hot sparing
  • Duplex write cache with battery backup
  • RAID-1+ and/or RAID-5 arrays within the same system

Compex DynaStack DS2216--16Port 10/100 Mbps desktop switch

Compex DynaStack DS2216 is a 16-port 10/100Mbps fast Ethernet switch that supports advanced switch configurations.

DynaStack DS2216 is a desktop switch catered for small to medium enterprise (SME) with advanced features like priority setting and port trunking.

Full band with switching and collision-free switching is also supported. While most desktop switches allow only single-port cascading, in DS2216, up to 4 port each can be used to cascade 2 units of DS2216 to increase the bandwidth of normal cascading.

The port can be configured for higher priority for bandwidth critical application.

Port speed and duplex mode can also be forced or auto-negotiated with specific settings on each port. Featured with priority queuing, you can support bandwidth-sensitive applications such as video streaming and VoIP. DS2216 is an ideal solution for small offices to incorporate Switched Ethernet LAN.

The Compex DynaStack DS2216 offers numerous features and benefits.

Features and benefits

  • Advanced features configurable via power buttons accessible from the front panel
  • 16-10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet ports
  • Full bandwidth non-blocking switch architecture
  • Full/half duplex with flow control
  • N-Way Auto-Negotiation or Forced Mode
  • Port Trunking enables 4-port cascading between 2 units of DS2216
  • Supports port based Priority Setting

Compex products are available in India through Neoteric.

Compex Systems Pte Ltd,
8-01 PM Industrial Building,
135, Joo Seng Road,
Singapore 368363
Ph: 65-2862086 Fax: 65-280994

AXC 711 and AXC 627 Tigris MultiService Access Platform

AXC 711

For fixed and mobile network service providers requiring high-density, high-performance, fault-tolerant network access, the AXC 711 Tigris MultiService Access Platform is unmatched. The AXC 711 delivers carrier class attributes with modular scalability, redundant architecture, unequalled DSP density, and the richest feature set in the industry. The 11-slot AXC 711 enables carriers and ISPs to implement a variety of applications including dial-in, wireless, dedicated and broadband access on a single, integrated edge platform that minimizes usage of premium central office space. The Ericsson unique Call-by-Call and Virtual Port Service Manager (VPSM) software makes it easy for service providers to expand their addressable markets, generate new revenue and build greater brand awareness; while lowering operational costs. An ideal intelligent POP solution, the AXC 711 is 19" rack-mountable, and can scale to meet customer requirements.

AXC 627

Built on the same compact platform as the AXC 711 11-slots MultiService Access Platform, the AXC 627 Tigris 7-slot delivers carrier-class features and performance in a cost effective, midsize platform. The Ericsson exclusive Call-by-Call software assigns call attributes such as connect speed, compression and voice quality on a per call basis, eliminating the need to dedicate ports to specific service profiles or applications. With AXC MultiService Access Platforms, it's easy to gracefully migrate from entry-level Tigris 7-slot to the higher density Tigris 11-slot. Service providers can grow their multi service network as their user base grows, while protecting their initial infrastructure investment. The AXC 627 Tigris is also an ideal enterprise solution for multinational companies with large numbers of remote offices and users that need to dial in to access enterprise network services.

Ericsson Communications Limited,
The Great Eastern Plaza,
2-A, Bhikaji Cama Place,
New Delhi - 110 066
Ph: 6180808 Fax: 6187878

ProConnect CPU Switches from Linksys

The ProConnect 2, 4, and 8-station KVM Switches from Linksys let you to take instant command over multiple desktop or notebook PCs. Ready to run right out of the box with no software required, the ProConnect KVM Switches let(s) you connect multiple CPUs to a single keyboard, monitor and mouse.

Switch between PCs with the press of a key or use the switch's cycling feature to switch automatically at time intervals that you select. Got a notebook PC? Plug it into the switch and control it from your desktop PC's full-sized keyboard, monitor and mouse- it's like having your own docking station.

One can save on money, energy and hardware costs. The ProConnect 2, 4, and 8-station KVM Switch virtually eliminates cable-swapping while saving you hundreds of dollars in storage space and hardware costs.

Linksys (India Liaison Office),
1C & 2C, Alsa Glenridge, 32,
Langford Road,
Bangalore - 560 025
Ph: 2273130/31/32
Fax: 2273129

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