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Net4Nuts offers consolidation of online services

In a world where information is gleaned from various online services, consolidation becomes essential. That's what Net4Nuts is offering through its URM application. According to the company, Universal Resource Management (URM) has the ability to integrate resources at all levels by creating an application scalable enough to be able to connect to resources from service providers, enterprises or individuals.

"Our product brings in integration and automation. It will allow all these services to collaborate and exchange data," says Chirag Patel, Founder and MD, Net4Nuts.

The URM application consolidates user information like e-mail, stock quotes, calendaring & scheduling information, etc and presents it in consolidated form through a variety of mediums (SMS, Web, WAP, IVR etc) and on various devices. It enables users to access their e-mail and other information from mobile phones, landline phones, PDAs, through the Web, etc.

Net4Nuts will work with providers of wireless services, online service providers, and telecom companies to facilitate consolidation of information at a personal level for the end user. "The service provider can customise our URM application in accordance with the requirements of its user base," informs Patel.


With dangerous worms like Code Red doing the rounds, it's a breather to have another antivirus appliance. McAfee, providers of antivirus solutions have come up with an antivirus appliance named WebShield e500 to safeguard enterprises from new-age Internet viruses.

The appliance scans for viruses and malicious code within all major Internet Protocols, including SMTP protocol (which is recognized by the ICSA as being responsible for 87% of virus infections such as Sircam and HTTP protocol used by the Code Red worm to infect Web servers world wide).

WebShield e500 combines high performance hardware and antivirus software in an integrated appliance. It has the ability to scan large volumes of Internet traffic, scanning in excess of 120,000 SMTP messages per hour. The appliance resides at the Internet gateway & scans SMTP, FTP, POP3 and HTTP protocols for viruses and malicious Java, ActiveX or JavaScript code.

The features of the appliance include content scanning, remote manageability, alert notification, SPAM blocking, reporting capabilities and McAfee's antivirus scanning engine.


Veritas Software Corporation, the storage software company has joined hands with the Storage Networking Industry Association's (SNIA) Supported Solutions Forum (SSF). The newly formed initiative aims to develop multi-vendor storage networking solutions that are jointly qualified & mutually supported.

The SSF will promote customer adoption of storage networking solutions by registering configurations that are jointly qualified and supported by SSF members.

Red Hat Introduces Red Hat E-Commerce Suite

Red Hat, a market leader in developing, deploying and managing open source solutions, recently announced the launch of Red Hat E-Commerce Suite. The company claims, the e-commerce suite, an open source offering, will help mid-sized businesses build and manage their e-commerce applications more rapidly, more cost effectively and with greater reliability and customizability.

The Red Hat E-Commerce Suite, based on the integration of proven open source technologies, provides a fresh option to businesses and offers rapid deployment for companies needing to migrate or just getting started in e-commerce. Red Hat E-commerce Suite includes Interchange 4.8, a mature and robust open source e-commerce platform.

Interchange delivers robust functionality, reliability and performance. The company also provides host of Web-based tools, which reduces cost of deploying and managing an infrastructure through continuous software update and management services for open source offerings.


Aptech Online have tied up with HCL Comnet for managing availability & content distribution for their e-learning site www.onlinevarsity.com.

HCL Comnet, though its online performance management product www.indiainternetindex.com, will offer mission critical, real time website performance, availability & diagnostic information to Aptech Online Varsity.

The Aptech Online e-learning site will be monitored on 24x7 basis from HCL Comnet's Network Operations Center (NOC). HCL will also provide complete analytical reports on all the parameters of the site along with the corrective measures to ensure increased uptime and enhanced performance. The next generation Content Delivery Network services offered in alliance with Speedera would utilize a world wide network of catching servers deployed on all major back box-e-networks throughout the Internet. The services would move the content from original sites to catching servers at the edge of the Internet bringing it much closer to users resulting in faster downloads and a better learning experience.


DAX has introduces WL-3550 & WAP-2000 wireless LAN products in India. WL-3550 is a PCMCIA Type II wireless PC cards which can be used in the laptop's PCMCIA slot & connect to the wired LAN through the WAP-2000 access points. DAX wireless LAN products operate on 2.4 GHz band & follow the industry standard DSSS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum) RF technology.

They work seamlessly with IEEE 802.11/ IEEE 802.11b compliant devices and support WEP (wireless encryption protocol).


Samsung Electronics India Information and Telecommunication Ltd. (SEIIT), has launched the SGH-A200, a folder style WAP phone with a dual LCD.

Priced at Rs 20,955, this simple ergonomic designed phone with an aqua blue display weighs only 77g.

The external LCD window allows a user to verify the caller ID along with various other details at a glance without opening the phone.


To address the growing use of Linux for businesses, Internet applications and enterprise network functionality, Red Hat in association with Compaq is offering Linux certification & training program.

Compaq's line of certification includes ASE (Accredited System Engineer) and API (Accredited Platform Integrator). The ASE and API certificate programs will provide industry professionals the background & skills required to drive further the adoption of Linux Enterprise solutions.

API is designed to provide certification in basic network system integration.

ASE is designed to provide certification in advanced networking systems integration & support skills. The content is focused around the integration of an operating system with a hardware platform.


The government of West Bengal signed a memorandum of understanding with Microsoft India to jointly develop and deploy technology solutions in the state. A Center of Excellence for E-Governance in the state capital is also being set up in collaboration with Microsoft. This venture will give the state government the opportunity to improve both, the delivery of services to the citizens as well as improve internal efficiencies. The government will identify and appoint an entity which will play the role of a Strategic Microsoft Technology Partner for the West Bengal government and will assist in consulting, developing and executing systems integration projects on Microsoft technologies. As part of the agreement, Microsoft will invest in skills transfer to the Strategic Microsoft Technology Partner. It will also offer assistance in computerization of various departments and organizations as identified by the government.

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